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  1. Sadly enough, like a lot of societal behaviour and opinion posts here, this one's verging on going sideways bezerkish way fast. Good luck Bert. We all make mistakes and the smart learn from them they shall. Look forward to hearing you again Tuesday on 650's Bertuesday's segment.
  2. A tough group of warriors all who jettisoned their dead overboard.......rather than eating their own
  3. He lifted his skate appearing to go for an achilles cut!!!! Replays over and over on that incident, the talking media heads more or less split. Paul Maurice livid, Lames blow it off as ANOTHER non incident.
  4. Could be the tenth time I've watched this clip. Brings a smile everytime. What was with Edler letting MT face wash/speed bag him in the scrum at games end? Alex please find some payback. GCG
  5. A pre contest celebration of a sporting event..angered gods I can't say. Warm goat's blood spilling on the ice. In place of an an anthem. Interesting I'm into it. Without a doubt though a 60 minute effort by our team will start us away from despair.
  6. #1 "Please make this end. It's depressing I didn't have to change the W/L text at all" #2 Payback for Bailey's boarding. #3 Less scoring by unintended deflections caused by a cold prairie bitter wind shift. #4 A horrid need to "Research the Calgary Flames" #5 Zack's Mom is going to stop posting Canuck's business. #6 On top of all these reasons pointing to a Canuck's of my cats told really...he's the oldest and wisest of the pride
  7. This the place...and time (losing streak) to let a Canucks rant fly...keeping in mind never expect all to agree. Benning didn't mishandle the offseasonbut your opinion is heard and you surely added to the conversation.
  8. The breadth... holy going down a rabbit hole of denial .
  9. For sure.... being a different rich owner in a southern land the injustice issue is all. A little chance for us also to reflect perhaps?
  10. Scaredy cat...dip you're toe in the water of change.
  11. Sure but the boundaries need to be stretched and pushed. Us plebs not much we can accomplish unless we mass! A new OCCUPY of some sorts soon..fingers crossed. Cuban one of a few of the TOO many billionaires above/amongst/surrounding/exerting and 1% ing us whom I'll get behind and is worthy of a quote.
  12. Don't know much of Timothy Ferris. Not sure how to read your response? If you like we can grind this into to a my flag/AK 47 bigger than your's demonstration of patriotism?
  13. on country or a significant day for all to embrace.