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  1. Danielson! Good sized centre...toe drag specialist...just like Bo was.
  2. I never thought you this abrupt. Why would you say I've had a stroke as I've contributed here for years... still to this point my contributions unworthy? Not just yet...anytime though. Strokes in my family my father passing at 65
  3. Where does..Truth...Vague...and Sarcasm clash. Can't say I know.
  4. Sorry not needed. Me too though. Along time ago I heard an illiterate's form of whit is sarscasm.
  5. You miss the point. AJ's post had no valuable context to the OP.
  6. Be moderate. You are a moderator.
  7. So our Allstar goalie during his wedding celebration has a Moderator of our forum make baseless statements on this site.
  8. Explain to me the post's sarcasm rather than vague memes.
  9. But during the wedding photo's to add that post as a MOD?
  10. Sure..I guess the Seth Rogan response makes it clear.
  11. Have I failed to see AJ's sarcasm? I saw no hint.
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