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  1. If we can get Hammer back cheap this is a good defence!
  2. Not that we need another smaller Mini Mite like Hogy but ya gotta say Melmacian, Caulfield's looking pretty good in this "little" bit he's shown us here
  3. Outstanding question......Petey yes to a NTC NMC...Quinn neither.
  4. JB being like full hair dyed Bela Lugosi..."I Van't to suck yourrr blud" https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canucks-move-virtanen-tumultuous-disappointing-six-years/ Gotta love IMac....he's a quadruple threat.
  5. Maybe the number's claimed already Welcome to the Canucks young DK
  6. Even off the board a bit T-3 looks just fine too!!
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2943315-why-aleksander-barkov-might-be-a-better-fit-for-some-nhl-teams-than-jack-eichel Just spitballing here.
  8. The obvious escapes me often and undoubtedly we all like to armchair and speculate but here goes! Say they trade the #9 and go "big gaming" for OEL, Reinhart or Barkov, then how do we pay their salaries?
  9. Till now holding the pick was all I wanted. This move feels like a win. Three spots down we still get a good player. Zadorov in Vancouver with the group to meet and greet the Pod's (wife). Rousell's 3 mil should cover Z'ds salary? Why does Chicago do this to gain three spots and just swap equal salary? Making roster room for Jones?
  10. Annoying...how dare you down play this. This thread's stretched and riffed a bit, best you keep up. I'm talking self immolation or seppuku (which ever is the easiest) at the thought of MM and MK ever in the Canucks orbit again. Look Sid started this then 6of threw gas on the fire. I'm all for drama 8x8 lets go. Oh ya JB's gonna make an announcement tomorrow. Like Alf says....I'm taken my meds. Have a good day.
  11. I'll need that box to wipe up my entrails while my last visions are of Keenan and Messier. Nice life, thanks for coming.
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