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  1. I guess my bigger fear is I see Benning overpaying to make any of those moves. Keeping the first this year and next is critical to keeping the cupboards stocked. I always support a real hockey trade. In a flat cap world those won't be easy. I agree there are moves that can be made and should be if they are good value deals. I should have said that in my original post. Trading Ferland is an excellent idea but oddly enough I suspect the Canucks will need that LTIR cap space themselves thus missing out on an opportunity to turn it into something. At the very least Pettersson and Hughes need to be
  2. Building a team is 4 parts skill (draft, trade, free agents and cap management) and 2 parts luck (team chemistry - sum of the whole becomes greater than the parts, and how well your competition does at the same time - e.g. to get past Colorado you need to be better than Colorado). The path is not linear and there is no science as per se. I am in this for as long as it take. I have invested 45 years into being a Canucks fan and I am not pulling the plug on that. I don't think this team is a contender but it has the pieces to become one. I think Benning's time runs out and the next
  3. Well it would not likely have to be much longer except for some of the bad signings, trades that Benning made. If we are optimistic, I think if you look at the Avalanche, they started their rebuild in 2009... so the Canucks are 5 years behind that. I don't see how the damage can be fixed quickly. I would rather see Benning not make knee jerk moves to fix the team only to fail and push the timeline out further. The Canucks are not far off assuming that Benning (or the next GM) doesn't make rash moves. I personally think 3 to 5 more seasons (with progress until then). Again, if the
  4. Hoping Benning is all bluster and nothing turns out to actually happen. While not a popular take, Benning needs to just ride out this offseason and into next season. Don't buy anyone out, don't trade away picks or prospects to protect someone from Seattle or get rid of a LE or Holtby. Just let 21/22 be the year where the bad contracts expire. If he were to just communicate that clearly to the fan base - admit the errors and let people know that 21/22 is going to be a challenging year with the 22/23 offseason being where change can happen. The other reality is making trades - with
  5. Always fun to prognosticate. I see Vegas at the top spot - very good team feasting on a largely weak Pacific. Edmonton in second - the caveat being goaltending - they need a different tandem. I see Smith back but doubt he can replicate this season and Koskinen is a disaster. If they can get an NHL goalie that can play 25 - 35 games and play well - second is theirs. The rest gets tricky - Calgary/Vancouver/LA/Seattle duke it out for 3 to 6th. Calgary is going to make changes - what that does to their team will depend on if it is now or future type deals. I think Gaudreau is gone but
  6. Predicting the Canucks get between 4 and 6 points in the final 5 games. Hoping for zero but the Flames will likely tank better than the Canucks. Hoping for a perfect split with the Flames - 4 points each and a loss to the Oilers. Worst case we get 10 points as the players are playing for "pride". I am glad they want to win as that is the right attitude. But at this time of year when having the best possible pick position is critical it will be frustrating to watch the Canucks win away draft positions. Thanks Fanfor42 for the work on where they place depending on points earned in th
  7. I am not techy enough to insert a clip... Lots of good clips on Twitter of the kicking/kneeing motion by MacEwen as he skates by Nurse on the way to the bench. That is what the NHL is looking at. Not saying I think it is worth looking at. But that is what they are. It is not the collision of MacEwen and Nurse that is the issue. Edit: Grabbed a pic off of Twitter. If there is a copyright or other issue, I will remove.
  8. The kneeing motion by MacEwen while Nurse was on the ice was not a smart play - but it does not look like contact was made. Certainly an intentional motion but minimal contact at worse. It was a bad reaction by MacEwen to Nurse's hit (that actually ended up worse for Nurse). The Hamonic hit on Chaisson was worse however. If any play was to get a good look by DoPS I thought that one would. And I would have been ok with that. If they are looking at MacEwen, then that opens us that McDavid's elbow on Schmidt that was just before their second goal should get a look as wel
  9. Last nights loss should be it but still not mathematically out. One more loss... Hoping for no more than 6 points the rest of the season... that and a little luck in the lottery.
  10. Safe to say Canucks and Flames are eliminated. Unless Montreal or Winnipeg want to go on a 5 game losing streak to finish the year... Canucks still need to go 9/1 and the Flames need to go 6/0. The math on where the Canucks will finish in the standings is a bit trickier. I would think the Canucks manage 6 points in the last 10 games which will put them at 47. Depending on how Columbus, LA, Detroit, Ottawa and San Jose finish will determine the standings (goes without saying I know). So I don't see a bottom 3 finish (Buffalo, Anaheim and Jersey have those spots locked up). Seattle
  11. Dropping the bar to 59 given how crappy Montreal is. At 59, Montreal needs to finish out at 500 (4 and 4). Vancouver still needs to go 9 and 4 (and as mentioned they still lose on the tie break so they actually need one more point so 9-3-1) 9 of the Canucks remaining 13 are against Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton... that's a tough schedule. Not eliminated mathematically but not promising at all. Oddly enough if Ottawa wins all 6 remaining and Montreal loses all their games, it is possible Ottawa could make the playoffs (if Calgary and Vancouver crap the
  12. I moved the playoff bar from 63 down to 61 points. Toronto is in. Ottawa is out. Edmonton and Winnipeg are in (barring epic meltdowns). Calgary pretty much eliminated (8 games left and have to win them all). Montreal has to go 5 and 4 with their remaining 9 games. Vancouver has to go 10 and 4 with their remaining games. So the Canucks still are not officially eliminated. But 5 games left against the Oilers, 2 each against Toronto and Winnipeg certainly pushes the odds not in their favour. This is the same story for the last couple month. Playoffs have
  13. Update on the wins/losses needed to get to 63 points: Montreal with their win last night needs to go 12/12 Vancouver needs to go 14/5 Calgary needs to go 14/5 I do not predict Montreal will do much better than 12/12 but I just don't see Vancouver going 14/5.
  14. Forget about Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg. The Canucks are concerned with how Montreal (and to a lesser extent Calgary) does. Assuming a 62 point 4th spot: Montreal needs to go 13 and 12 for 26 points more points Calgary needs to go 15 and 9 for 30 points more points Vancouver needs to go 14 and 7 for 28 points more points The points are based on games up to March 21. If you look at the points required it looks so close, but looking at the records to get there the Canucks do not have a lot of leeway. It will become a lot clearer during the
  15. If you assume 62 points to get in - the Canucks now need to go 22/33 - 66.7% or almost a 110 pt pace on a full 82 game season. Again, it boils down to the Canadiens and Flames - if the Canucks get in it is because those two teams struggle the rest of the season. But I just don't see that happening enough for Vancouver to squeak in. Montreal just made a coaching change so it would appear their ownership/management has no tolerance for mediocre play. I can't see Vancouver doing anything personnel wise. Acquilini does not have the money to pay for 2 GMs or 2 coaches. I hope Benning'
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