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  1. Overpays being made on D. Jones and Nurse are not worth those contracts.
  2. Dreger reporting a 4yr x $6 million deal for Hall to stay with Boston. Will include trade protection.
  3. Friedman reporting return is a 2022 2nd and 7th (St Louis' pick). (WRONG WAY AROUND.... edit - those picks are PLUS... Philly gets future considerations). Canucks better just hang on to their bad contracts!!
  4. As an Edmonton season ticket holder, I am most baffled by this move. It seems like it is about mentoring - Broberg, Bouchard, Lagesson, Bear. Perhaps Keith gets to play with Bouchard? I suspect it has a lot to do with Klefbom being out long term as well so the cap issue is minor. I just figure there would have been better deals to make than that - especially with no cap retention. Certainly does not help the Oilers from a cap perspective but I suspect that Neal and Koskinen are on buyouts soon. Time will tell what the other moves will be to sort this out. But like I said, baffling.
  5. Can't see how Keith fits in Vancouver... or Edmonton, or Calgary. If the deal was sweet enough but I can't see how trading bad contracts with one year left for a bad contract with 2 years left makes sense. If Edler was not being re-signed then maybe if Chicago retained 50% for cap purposes and threw in a high pick. But even that seems like a bad move. The contract is buy out proof... so unless it's Calgary and they are getting Chicago's first I just can't see it being Western Canada. Edmonton can't waste their cap on him and does not need picks or prospects. And why Calgary would want a 38 year old d-man in serious decline when they already have that in Giordano makes no sense. Has to be Seattle with a sweetener for the expansion draft.
  6. Wonder if the Flames would pursue Tarasenko? Gaudreau? Plus? Or is there a plus?? Certainly a direction the Flames need to pursue, just not sure the Blues want Gaudreau. Mind you Johnny Hockey could be reinvigorated there and maybe Tarasenko can mesh with Monahan (or maybe Monahan is flipped for Eichel or another center). I would suspect the Flames want to keep Tkachuk but he would be the perfect flip back the other way... home town and all. I think St Louis has to add (at least from the Flames perspective) if Tkachuk is being moved. While the Canucks need his skill set, I can't see how they can give up the assets to get him nor then afford to keep him long term with all the other players that will need raises over the next few seasons.
  7. Head to a meeting and miss the official announcement. Thanks to those that picked up the official details. Not really surprised it is essentially buyout proof. I am surprised that GM's keep getting forced into contracts like this. Good for RNH, bad for the Oilers. Oilers window is the next 5 years by the looks of it (which was predictable before this contract anyway). I really did think this contract would be more front loaded with signing bonuses to allow the salary to be low towards the end. Not as team friendly as I thought it might be. How many others are thinking that Horvat's next deal is going to be very similar to this? Can the Canucks keep the cap hit under between 6 and 6.5?
  8. I think RNH being off the market makes Buffalo happy with Reinhart being available. RNH being signed removes that thought for other GM's. From an off season fun perspective, RNH being signed helps... curious to see how the dominos start to fall.
  9. I think it is 2 years too long. Be curious to see how the NMC is and how front loaded or signing bonus driven the contract is. Obviously they are using the 8 years to bring down the cap hit but that make it a good value contract. RNH at 6 plus would be tough to take in a flat cap world for the next few seasons.
  10. Elliotte Friedman reporting Nugent Hopkins about to sign 8 yr 40 million contract. (8x5). Good value for Oilers at that price. Might be 2 seasons too long. Sounds like full no move as well. Edit: Ryan Rishaug tweeting it is 8 years 41 million, to be announced today.
  11. We are originally from BC - from the Cariboo. My mom through her involvement in the regional district knew the Price family - an absolutely wonderful family. I have no issue with cheering for Montreal mostly because of Carey Price. But calling them "Canada's team" does irritate me given the hate for the Canucks by the majority of Canada back in 2011. Hoping for an Islanders/Canadiens final. The past few years I figure if the Canucks aren't there to win it, then at least let if be either a team that has never won or a team that has not won in a long time. Ilses and Habs fit that long time no win bill.
  12. Would I take Tkachuk on the Canucks? I am one of the few who would. There are plenty of examples of players that mature and smarten up. Nothing like a trade to smarten a player up. That said, the Flames are not sending him to Vancouver unless the return is stupid good (which I can't see Benning doing). Toronto, Ottawa, St Louis or Buffalo are the likely candidates. I can't see LA getting him unless they have a counselling session for Daughty. Ottawa has the assets and would put the brothers together. I could see Calgary trading with Toronto for Marner with a separate Gaudreau trade for someone else. More likely I see Tkachuk staying put and Giordano and Gaudreau being traded. Calgary should be a better team so Treliving has to do something to fix it. I just hope the off season has some transactions. The salary cap has sure killed the fun in the off season. It would be great to actually see some trades that we can talk about... Hoping for an interesting off season for a change. Tkachuk, Eichel, Marner, Gaudreau, Reinhart... what does Columbus do with Laine? There is so much potential there for some real deals.
  13. I was noticing the "anniversary"... My bad for breaking Rangers news on such a day as this.
  14. Larry Brooks is reporting (on Twitter) that Gerard Gallant has agreed to coach the New York Rangers. Good signing. I am curious to see what Gallant can do with the up and coming talent the Rangers have.
  15. I guess my bigger fear is I see Benning overpaying to make any of those moves. Keeping the first this year and next is critical to keeping the cupboards stocked. I always support a real hockey trade. In a flat cap world those won't be easy. I agree there are moves that can be made and should be if they are good value deals. I should have said that in my original post. Trading Ferland is an excellent idea but oddly enough I suspect the Canucks will need that LTIR cap space themselves thus missing out on an opportunity to turn it into something. At the very least Pettersson and Hughes need to be signed before he makes moves - Benning needs that cap certainty otherwise he will create the same problem he is helping another team with. Also buying out LE doesn't work - his bonus makes it a pointless endeavour (minors saves 1 million, buy out saves 2 so only 1 million difference). Virtanen can be bought out (negligible cap impact and a must do for the obvious reason). Holtby is a maybe to me. Good savings for 21/22 but 1.9 hit the year after plus you still need to sign another backup. Other than Virtanen I still believe just let it go on the bad contracts. I think Holtby can be a "better" goalie next season - assuming Ian Clark is back there is more time to work on his game plus you can pick his starts better. I am not a betting man but I think there will be a Virtanen buyout, a sweetener (one or two of Lind, Gadjovich, Lockwood?) to Seattle to take Roussel or Holtby and some sort of a "hockey" trade (involving Miller or Schmidt?) - possibly getting one of the players you mention. While I don't wish a career ending injury for Beagle, I wonder his status as well. It will be an interesting off season. I just hope for moves at the "safer" end of the spectrum - controlled UFA spending and don't mortgage the future in any trade (keep the firsts).
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