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  1. Time to move this discussion up. I have watched him close last 2 games he played and still not sure what we have in Tyler G? Seems to win battles down low on the boards Not a big hitter or fighter? Speed doesnt stand out, but not noticeably slow Quick release shot, mediocre passing Watching him I think his game needs more urgancy, peddle to metal, in your face attitude with a few good hits here and there. Or is this is it, what you see is what you get? Wonder what motivates him?
  2. I enjoy reading others opinions and can respect the vast majority of them. Often they make me reassess my own based on facts or stats. To each their own Brother
  3. Gentlemen, agree to disagree. Having the maturity to listen to someone else's opinions, express your own and move on. Head butting name calling etc. Because of different opinions is, IMHO, immature We all want the cup, it's why we're here isn't it? Well Canuck 2288 aside
  4. same here, since 1970, ditto on some bad management. IMHO, JB has been adequate, propped up by some decent scouting and drafting. Yes you can point to some bad signings, but every GM can be picked apart. Now that our CORE is supposedly set, IMHO, i think we need change to take the next step. I've just spent my life not obsessively complaining as it's not healthy, not productive and in the end, no one really gives a $&!# about my opinion anyways Cheers Go Canucks Go
  5. absoloutly it's your opinion and we can and should all respect that. But continuously assessing him as poor at his job, over and over and over again, is where your perspective starts to lean towards Obsession. Change is in the winds, change can be good, change will be exciting. Go Canucks Go
  6. IMHO I think Greener has been adequate. Like our young rookie players he has made lots of mistakes and has improved year after year. Has he improved enough? IMHO no. It is time for a change. What i will not stoop to is name calling, thats just immature. Calling them clowns, idiots, incompetent, etc. over and over again is inappropriate. I often wonder how our coaching staff would fair with a line-up like Tampa bay, Avalanche Toronto I believe that a change is in order in the coaching staff and possibly management to give some fresh ideas a chance
  7. Jesus man, i get your point, we all get it, over and over and over. Your hate and disdain for the coaching staff Is clear and continuous......... Its your opinion and as such can respect that. Hopefully it goes both ways in your world Have a bright sunny beautiful day where ever you may be Go Canucks go
  8. your saying that Juolevi is a miss? Virtanen certainly but Joulevi? I guess that's your opinion IMHO it is time for a change and the team i'm seeing last few games is not a competitive nhl team. next year will be interesting
  9. Your example of on ice pushback as defence of your hatred for JB makes no sense. Is he supposed to to the bench and yell them, to go fight? Good lord. There are plenty of off ice management decisions made by JB that were clearly mistakes Changes are coming, and not using any excuses what so ever............. the other North division teams are better than the team we are icing. It's really that simple, the other North teams have improved more than the Canucks. Been a fan since 1970 at 7 years old. Not going to change teams. Not going to hate c
  10. Thank you Jake, I was thirsty I shotgun this beer for you kid!
  11. Come on boys, come out gunning would love to see dirty garbage goal from our bottom 6, crash the net, make life miserable for Ottawa goalie 4-2 Canucks Go Canucks Go
  12. No more Vesey please, i hope that experiment is over Van 4-3 OT
  13. Center the 3rd line with Brandon Sutter moving to wing and mentoring and helping him defensively and with faceoffs when needed. just a thought
  14. We all thought you were his girl friend
  15. What amazing game? Please remind me
  16. You sir are absolutely correct Whats a bag of pucks worth these days?
  17. Soooooooo what are your thoughts on Jakes performane last night? 11:39 of ice time, 5 pim, 1 hit, 1 wrestling match 0 sog Please tell me I didn't watch the game closely again? I'm always ready to shotgun a beer
  18. I sure did, i sure noticed I was pretty surprised by Greener to be honest Whats a bag of pucks worth these days?
  19. Bad isn't it He did have a wrestling match last night... And did anyone notice Jake was out in the last few minutes with the extra skater on? I guess Greener hasnt given up completely on Jake Take note Canuckelhorse
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