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  1. Remember this when you're on your 15th Pfizer subscription, er Booster
  2. Ah yes, they're the ones being manipulated. Disgusting overreach of power by governments. Give an inch, take a mile.
  3. Why would anyone be worried about who a player is friends with back in Sweden? Dahlen proved that not only is he not NHL caliber, but his attitude/drive is so far below what is a base requirement that he doesn't stand a chance unless he changes a lot
  4. Excellent read. Timrafan is likely just upset that you wrote all of that and left out his idol, Jonathan Dahlen
  5. I'd like to say that Poolman playing over his contract would make specific people in this thread eat their words, however, they'd just find their next target to complain about. Benning has had an amazing offseason, time to cap it off with the two biggest signings for this franchise
  6. Almost as if, depth matters? Who would've thunk
  7. Sweet, between him and OEL, the fancy stats card has them at 10% combined Glad this card is a crock of ****
  8. You should sign up for the forum of the team you actually like. Clearly that ain't Vancouver
  9. I actually personally heard that Petey is willing to sign under market value, I will not supply a source though, I prefer to create rumors out of thin air.
  10. Surprise surprise, @AV. could not produce a source after spewing more of his incessant bs
  11. I just want to know what JB did to this guy at some point in his life lol, he relentlessly hates on him and never acknowledges any positives This team is taking shape, and I really like what I see
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