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  1. I'm convinced Benning could cure cancer and you'd have these same people complaining about why it wasn't diabetes or some other ailment
  2. I'm glad you have the police report which displays the child exactly 50 ft from the lake. Again, don't hurt yourself with all the jumping
  3. Hope you dont hurt yourself peteyboi, with the jumping to conclusions and all Pretty easy to tell who has kids and who doesn't, and also that certain people seem to have never met a 3 year old before, given their statements and comparisons to locking a child in a car cmonnn man
  4. The team does not owe gamblers anything. The team does not owe fantasy players anything. The fans are the only ones who the team owes, and even then, they don't owe the fans an exact timeline for his return, especially when it may be unknown to even them.
  5. Who cares though? What difference does knowing when he will be back make for you? Are you planning on going to a game and want to see him play? Like DeNiro said, had they presented a time line and it became longer, a certain segment of this fan base who are up in arms over anything, would be doing so. He will be back when you see #40 on the ice.
  6. ooof, this is a bad take. People who say this are likely the same ones who would be calling for JB's head had he simply re signed Louie Domingue, or a goalie of his ilk, instead of Holtby. Demko simply was not proven enough to be anointed the starting goalie in the off season. 2 years of Holtby at 4mil and that is now the next gripe with JB? smh
  7. Whether you'd like to acknowledge it or not, in the next 1-2 years we would be searching for this type of player that we traded away for a mere 2nd round pick Why would you sell now, only to need that same player as early a next season? Heck, we need that player this season too.
  8. Motte for a 2nd is not 'selling high' on a player. Hope you get a clue
  9. Your Benning hate definitely doesn't shine through in every single post you make. Motte for a 2nd? You'd have to be incredibly short sighted to do this trade. Motte for a 1st? Yea, lets talk.
  10. Are you concerned at all on the amount of the deal HZON holders will get? ala UWMC
  11. My SL was raided early on in CCIV, walked out with a profit ,but would be 5x my buy in by now had I not set any! I have not set a SL on an SPAC since
  12. I bought a million DRNK shares a few weeks back because I liked the ticker 'DRNK', well I found out that they're merging with another company (SNNC) and there will be no reverse split upon merger. SNNC is currently $0.13 Be interested to see how this one plays out, DRNK is currently .0022 vs SNNC .013
  13. What amazes me the most about NNDM is that after every single offering, it immediately goes back up. And their offerings seem to happen once a month lately I have wanted to get into NNDM for awhile but think I'll stick with SPACs for now
  14. I remember thinking on one of his shifts as he dumped the puck into the defensemans corner and gave chase, 'man it would suck to be the guy having to dig that puck out of the corner with this train barreling at you' Need more Mac
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