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  1. @stawns Go to, throw a gif out there if you have nothing to offer to a discussion, while also thinking you're somehow offering substance to a conversation @-DLC- Told me derailing threads like this is grounds for warning points, so do that thing you do. Or does that only apply when someone disagrees with you? Vax passports are a joke, and anybody that supports them, I know which side you'd have been on in the 1930s. When has dividing society into 2 classes of people ever worked out well for us as a species?
  2. I have seen businesses announce both directions, on enforcing and not enforcing. Will be interesting to see, I don't think businesses will be able to survive with only accepting one or the other, sadly need both.
  3. Disagree 100% with protesting at a hospital. Also disagree with silencing people with differing views than yours For the record Deb, that is staying on topic. Have we not discussed businesses and the impact on coronavirus in this thread? Have at er though. Could use another warning point for providing a different point of view than yours.
  4. This thread is an echo chamber for a specific group of people, who need constant re-assurance and validations of their own opinions. If anyone so much as brings another perspective/opinion, they're chastised and have people asking for them to be suspended. Can't wait to see all the businesses defy this stupid vaccine passport system
  5. Sounds like the FDA approved BioNTech vaccine will not be available for a bit. The existing Pfizer is still under emergency use
  6. You're identifying an unvaccinated person as your source of angst or potential for catching COVID at an event, concert, restaurant, while omitting the fact you can still catch COVID even if everyone there was 100 vaccinated
  7. Its a really great thing you cannot contract and transmit COVID when you're double vaccinated. Phew. Close one.
  8. Callous would be wanting someone's livelihood taken away because they wouldn't submit to a medical procedure that you deem necessary. Let's not confuse which side of the coin you're on here.
  9. I wonder how many articles Castanet ran with prior to 2019 about citizens dying of the flu? Especially those who had several co-morbidities.
  10. Top story, not propaganda at all. Also mentioned in the story - she had several co-morbidities 'just poor overall health' Have we already forgotten how many died of pneumonia each year on average?
  11. I don't think there is one set answer, just as I don't think vaccination is the answer. I was all for the lockdowns last year, I was of the opinion it should have been a complete 30-60 day lockdown to try and get this before it got too much. How did the Spanish flu end?
  12. Your opinion is that they are sabotaging, that is your opinion. You not being able to see outside that box is what I am talking about. Everyone deserves empathy, you have no idea where they're coming from, nor should you. There is a myriad of reasons to both get vaccinated and not be vaccinated, its not up to you to decide which is right/wrong. How can someone unvaccinated put others health at risk? The virus can still mutate and transmit in both vaccinated/unvaccinated.
  13. The dig was simply due to your attitude of '**** anyone without a vaccine'. As a teacher I'd have thought you'd be able to empathize more with your fellow humans. There is no gotcha moment being attempted. Stating facts that are even found on the CDC website regarding transmission of this virus on specific studies. The virus can still mutate and spread among vaccinated. There is no debating that. We all want the life to get back to the way it was, or at least some semblance of it.
  14. Scary to think you're responsible for molding the brains of elementary aged kids. Glad there are teachers like my wife to counter that. Viral loads being similar in vaccinated/unvaccinated tells us that getting the vaccine is not going to prevent transmission, or even change the level at which you transmit. Question for you, theoretically, if we achieved 95-100% vaccination rates, where does that get us? What does the world look like then? Are we still masking, bubbles, limited capacities? Do you think COVID will disappear?
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