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  1. Anyone pick up some ACTC this morning? I snagged warrants after the first halt
  2. Not sure, but I did see they have a backlog of ~2 billion of orders in some capacity, likely needing the capital raised from the SPAC to execute
  3. THBR, semi conductor shortages widely reported this weekend https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Honda-cuts-car-production-on-massive-chip-shortage https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/10/22222166/semiconductor-shortage-ford-idle-kentucky-toyota-nissan-volkswagen https://www.dallasnews.com/business/autos/2021/01/08/toyota-other-automakers-cut-production-as-global-semiconductor-shortage-widens/
  4. Anyone else get in THBR? I picked up some warrants earlier, merging with indie Semiconductor
  5. Waiting for people to be outraged over the Minnesota Vikings. . . . oh wait.... As previously mentioned in this thread, the logo should be changed back to the skate because the Orca is ugly, not because its 2020 and everyone is offended by everything
  6. I don't know about you, but even if/when PLTR fights back to where it was, that money will have been tied up for awhile when it could be making you more elsewhere. That is all I meant by that. It is already almost at his $20 pt
  7. Might be time to exit when Citron shows up, if you haven't already
  8. The virtue signaling is strong with this one. So now you're chastising people who are following the rules and regulations set out by the Provincial Health Office, for not using common sense? Very rich indeed
  9. Merely pointing out the hypocrisy of said guidelines. Pubs and restaurants are full. My wife is a teacher, the schools are full. Just a law abiding rule follower here, carry on
  10. Yes, to follow guidelines set out by our provincial health office. Please tell me more about how I should live my life
  11. This past week one the restaurants in town had a mandatory COVID test for all workers, one worker didn't attend, they got their results back and the girl who didn't take a test received a positive result. Meanwhile my rec basketball league is still running, you just have to wear a mask until you're on the floor and then when you're playing against the same people who you would see outside the floor, you can take it off. I'm sure the B army has an excuse, sorry, reason, for both of these though
  12. I got into TANH on Friday at 1.20 after their 55%+ loss on the news of a DO at 1.65 EV play too. Going to exit around their DO price and look for a re-entry should it dip after
  13. https://globalnews.ca/news/7460952/alberta-influenza-zero-cases-hospitalizations/ I'm just glad that as a society, during these trying times, we have been able to overcome the scourge known as influenza
  14. Please see below from the Juolevi thread. On Hoglander though, he plays the game the right way and isn't afraid of the dirty areas. Kid is a gamer for sure