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  1. I wonder if the condensed schedule has anything to do with it. I expect the physicality to ramp up later on in the season. Also no pre season could be a reason why too
  2. One of those games. I knew the oil would come out flying today and how many sticks has Petey broke tonight? Sometimes you win sometimes you dont. This team will be resilient
  3. How do you figure that? The lotto line is a ace in the hole Even McDavid has off nights
  4. That guys a freaking robot. How many minutes has he played? Hes all over the ice with no sign of stopping
  5. They might have mcdavid and Draisaitl but our depth has kept us in it. Dog fight games like this we really miss Miller
  6. Could be 5 next year with Pod. He won't play enough games this year if at all to lose rookie status. Just saying :D