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  1. The fact its not that deadly is why there is so much resistance lol Remember all the toilet paper hoarding lol. Society isn't very smart. If it was more serious everyone would take it seriously
  2. I don't even know what video you're talking about The viral posts all over Twitter and fb are pictures. I don't go on YouTube much
  3. This is just one small tip of the iceberg. Government officials are always corrupt liars. Trudeau probably travelled to the family cottage. Meanwhile on the news they say things like oh bc ferries is shutting down cause people clearly aren't getting the message. There is 2 sets of rules.
  4. Its all over Facebook Twitter etc. I know everything u see online needs to be taken with a grain of salt but when it goes viral like that from so many different sources its real. She was in public maskless going against her orders. Do as I say not as I do. I personally don't care what she was doing.. I'm going to visit my family and I try to wear a mask as little as possible but shes a hypocrite.
  5. Lol I can't stand that orange hair buffoon. You know its possible to critically think and call these people out on their bull without being a Trump supporter. Bankruptcy Bonnie is just a figure head on tv and doesn't give a rats about any of us but keep drinking the delusional kook aid
  6. Preach buddy! These restrictions aren't changing a thing. Just gotta let nature (covid) run its course and be personally diligent. I hate the liberal culture here. Too many protests. Too many sheep. Too many vegans and the borderline socialist government loves it
  7. Unrelated to the Canucks but did any of you see those pictures of Bonnie heading out to visit family on a helicopter no mask on right after she told everyone don't visit your friends and family over the long weekend. Do as I say not as I do. Meanwhile she is killing small business restaurants but wineries like the one she owns can still operate with customers inside. This government has got to go. The bc libs would have handled this better im sure, or a conservative party if there was an option.
  8. To be fair it is sports net not covid net. You're grasping These are young athletes in the prime of their lives and top physical shape. They will be fine. Man games are lost due to sickness every season. And many teams have had covid outbreaks this season and all have recovered
  9. I just read that the Brazil variant has been found in the Canucks case list and the players are very ill. Get well soon boys!
  10. 100%. I have a friend who's grandma had terminal cancer and was on an assisted suicide list living in palliative care and she passed away last year. But months before she passed she contracted covid and they deemed her life a covid death. The numbers are skewed
  11. All the players are safe The league is just being extra careful and vigilant I bet if they allowed social distanced fans it wouldn't affect the numbers. The restrictions are a joke and make no sense. Cactus club is packing people in on the patio where its no different than eating inside. Funny enough, wineries are exempt from the restriction ban and Bonnie owns one... This government has got to go. Covid has highlighted that for sure
  12. Petey and dahlin were the 2 best players on Sweden. Hardly pedestrian.
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