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  1. Let's see if Jake misses playing at home and making the big bucks. Damn. Just realized Hunter Shinkaruk is doing better than Virtanen in both the NHL and AHL. I am aware that Shink was drafted a year before Virtanen. But Jake really needs to pick it up or else he will be traded. I just hope Virtanen has a beast inside of him ready to take over and BEAST-MODE it up. Mathematically, 18>17. Therefore, Virtanen > Kesler.
  2. Michael Grabner is tied for 2nd in goals with Sidney Crosby.

    1. Devon Jade

      Devon Jade

      We sure could use a top 6 scorer like Grabner. 


      We should have drafted him...


      Oh wait.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Whatever. Had he stayed here he likely would have retired by now. 

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