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  1. No to all. My stance on Green hasn't changed since he was in the AHL. He never did anything with the farm team, except for the year JB got him top career AHLers at the deadline and they went to the finals. Green hasn't develop a single players on our roster, they all by-passed him in Utica (Horvat, Boeser, Hutton, Stetcher, Tryamkin) while everyone that went to Utica fell off a cliff (Gaunce, Virtanen, Shinkaruk, Jensen, Cassels, Goldobin). On the other hand with the Canucks, Hoglander, EP and Hughes just showed up in camp and forced Green to put them in the lineup right away by their ear
  2. I mean, unless Buffalo's medical team are complete idiots, every doctors has their opinion on different treatment and procedures. Eichel is allowed to request a 2nd opinion, but again usually that's a decision that's made between the parties. I don't know what happen there, but to me it looks like Eichel is getting out of his way (a la Hogdson) to blame the organization for his disappointing career (based on expectations, team winning % and contract) to date.
  3. Overpaid, entitled and cry baby. That "disconnect" is just a pretext to get out of Buffalo, IMO, which Eichel have been wanting for a while. He's suppose to be the 10M$ man, the face of that franchise. Yes the team could have done better surrounding him, but at the same time, he wanted that big contract and with that come the responsibility of dragging your team on your back, which he hasn't done for them. As talented a hockey player he his, hard pass for me. He's just that, a talented individual, but doesn't appear to be a great leader or making the players around him better.
  4. Convenient or responsible? Maybe other doctors around the NHL ought to be more vocal about players health.
  5. So, who’s going to sacrifice himself and give Eriksson consécutives concussions during practices? Just kidding, not wishing that on anybody, despite how bad I want that contract out.
  6. Mathieu Joseph 28G 22A 50Pts in 151 games Adam Gaudette 21G 31A 52Pts in 153 games pretty damn close if you ask me.
  7. JT was a hockey deal, we paid fair market value for him (even more according to CDC at the time). JT didn't was a cap dump, he was a player we wanted. The same could be said with Palat and Killorn, but the OP seems to suggest we could steal away Cernak and take a supposedly "cap dump" in Killorn, for a mediocre pick. Not going to happen.
  8. A 24 years with identical numbers as Gaudette. I don't want this to turn into a Benning sucks argument, but Gaudette been shopped around for a while with no takers, I'd doubt Tampa will go out of they way to protect him. They might pay a small fee, but Seattle won't get the return Vegas got on these type of players, that's for sure. Aside Johnson, I'm pretty sure there is a market for guys like Palat, Gourde or Killorn. Why would Tampa pay Seattle to take these guys, when they can get other teams to pay for them.
  9. Funny how every year, everyone wants to rip off the Lightning because they are in cap hell. Somehow, they are always fine. Killorn is not a cap dump, he's a decent player with a decent contract. He's a consistent 0.5PPG, not bad for a middle 6 player who can move up and down the lineup. If they want cap space, they could trade Ondrej Palat and his 5.3M$ who has 1 more year left on his deal and is currently having a career year. He could be a cap dump and return decent asset for them. Losing him won't really hurt them. I actually see tampa protecting only 8 player
  10. IMO that would be a compounded mistake. We won't win the Stanley next year. Why waste a good asset to get rid of Eriksson, for just one year. Keep that money/space to sign someone in 2 years. Also, if we are contenders in 2 years, you could use Rathbone and/or that 1st rounder to trade in the following offseason or deadline to add a Miller type player either at forward or on defense. If someone wants Eriksson for a 2nd rounder or lower I'm good with that, but I wouldn't trade a 1st or a good prospect to get rid of him.
  11. Lol, people really wants to rip Benning's head for a deal they say is 1 year too long and not even a 1M$ overpaid? Honestly, if I'm going to call for Benning's head it would be for that COVID outbreak fiasco. Clearly, the team's protocol were deficient and not enforced. No way that the whole team should've been affected if strict protocols were followed. Somebody missed the boat on that one and IMO it's the head of hockey operations that should see to that.
  12. Honestly, if I was a UFA, I'd rather say yes to Hoglander-Horvat-Boeser Miller-Pettersson-Podkolzin ####-####-#### Motte-###-###
  13. Hell no! the Oilers thought the same thing when they traded Hall for Adam Larsson. Yes, it's still really early to call if Dahlin will be a Larsson or Hedman, it's probably a 50/50. But still risk is too great between Stud and Dud, for the reward, that I would have to pass. We know what we got in Hughes, jury still out on Dahlin. I'm also saying this while I was a huge Dahlin fan early on and always wondered about the defensive limitation on Hughes and I still wouldn't do that trade now.
  14. Well if he is, he's a smart asshat, look at where PK and Weber are today. I always said that deal was good short term for Montreal, but turned out it was good long-term too. When asked if that requested by Price or consulted with Price, he said the day he consult his players on GMs move, that's the day he's out the door because as a GM he's paid to make the big decision and not asked his players for advice. So clearly a GM move, but I don't think Price will cry over it. He clearly needs help. Waite was a big help for Price when he came in, but I think 8-9 years later
  15. If that was anywhere close to the truth, the team would be better than that right now. If that was anywhere close to the truth, that would mean the Canucks already have a top 10 D corps in the league and OEL would push them at the top. None of that is true, we are a below average and OEL alone doesn't bring you to the top. While OEL is a good player, he his not worth his 8.25M$ and that contract will handcuffed the Canucks when they hit their prime. Not to mention the asset required to acquire him. With the acquisition of Nate Schmidt the OEL is dead IMO, unless JB can magicall
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