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  1. If that was anywhere close to the truth, the team would be better than that right now. If that was anywhere close to the truth, that would mean the Canucks already have a top 10 D corps in the league and OEL would push them at the top. None of that is true, we are a below average and OEL alone doesn't bring you to the top. While OEL is a good player, he his not worth his 8.25M$ and that contract will handcuffed the Canucks when they hit their prime. Not to mention the asset required to acquire him. With the acquisition of Nate Schmidt the OEL is dead IMO, unless JB can magically move Myers.
  2. A baseball player tested positive during the final game of the World Series, are you suggesting they should've cancelled the game? Same goes for Kevin Durant during an NBA games recently. He tested inconclusive, was held out, then allowed to play and pulled midway through the game since another test a returned positive. It's not just hockey happened in every sports. If everyone else tested negative, once the guy is removed I don't there is any additional risk by resuming the game. If Nosek contaminated other players these guys won't know until a few days, but are not a risk to anyone on that night. They are going to keep a close watch, but happened all season long in the NFL. Pretty sure, all these scenario were discussed with NHL, NHLPA and local health authorities before season started and what would be the protocal.
  3. Have you seen our defense? I agree trading him for a pick or washed up has-been would be stupid, but if he can return a similar profile player on the backend, why not. Jones/Johansen on a lesser scale.
  4. I mean, our defense has always been our weakness the past decade after our SCF run, but this is ridiculous. I don't think it's necessarily the players, yes QH is not a defensive specialist, yes Edler and Myers are not what they used to be, but I still think we are better than this on paper. That has to be a coaching/system problem rather than a players problem.
  5. Never liked Green so hope not. He never did anything with Utica, never developed any players and never won anything. Made it to the Finals, only because they stocked pile his team at the deadline with top career AHLers and still couldn't get it done. All of our top prospect either never developed under him (Virtanen, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Jensen) and all of our good one by-passed him in the minors (Boeser, Horvat, EP, Hughes). He never elevated any teams or prospect for this organization. I think Babcock's time has passed, he'll never have the success he had before, so pass as well. But looking at a guy like Gallant who was canned twice for no reason and seeing how the Panthers crumbled after he left and where he brought the Golden Knight elevating guys like Marchessault, Reilly Smith, William Karlsson, etc, I think he's what this team needs. He was a big part of the Habs success too during his 2 years as an assistant there. I'd jump on him.
  6. I If there is as little as 1% truth in this statement, then you can trade them all for a bag of pucks for all I care (including EP, QH and BH). If these losers are crying over losing Marky and Tanev and don't want to give their 100%, then they don't deserve to wear the Canucks uniform or be professional hockey players for that matter. Can they be bum, of course ! But anyone with a bit of self-respect and integrity is going to use that motivation and be hungrier than ever. Especially since these are all young guys, wanting to prove they belong and take their place. Especially since that decision to take a step back this year, of clearing money long term to keep this core (BB, EP, JTM, BH, QH, TD) together and make sure they are not in cap trouble when their contracts are up. They should be thankful. You're criticizing the Holtby signing, but Demko (who should pump more than anyone that Marky left) doesn't have better stats than Holtby. I'm sorry but nothing in your arguments support that stupid theory, in fact, it's actually the opposite. Last playoff was a mirage, this team is not ready yet and we wouldn't be bigger contenders with Marky and Tanev, that's the bottom line.
  7. Pretty sure they said the same thing just before signing Messier... Anyways, Calgary is not going to let Bennett go for cheap and you can make sure if they trade him to Vancouver or Edmonton, the return needs to be over the top crazy. No thanks. As for DeAngelo, he's been a cancer everywhere he played, dating back to junior iirc. There might be a honeymoon phase early on, but just a matter of time before he picks a fight with Horvat, EP or Hughes. Hard pass, not even an option IMO.
  8. The guy is only 24? Seems like he's been around (and disappointed) forever. Guy has a career best 36 pts (his rookie year) and wants to be in the top 6??? Ok he might have had a good playoff performance, in a crazy, shortened/split season with a new playoff format, but that doesn't necessarily earn him top 6 minutes. Does the guy want to win and boost his ego. Pass please.
  9. Give it some times....Tanev will get injured just in time for the playoffs and things will unraveled from there for them. Benning's plan all along. Let them get the higher seed and we'll upset them as the underdog in the playoffs.
  10. There's no denying its a small advantage...but in the end what did it resulted in? 1 Cup since the Cap era for Florida. Look at all the winning team of the past 15 years All the other winner are from state with mid to high tax rates 3 California 3 Illinois 1 Missouri 1 Massachussets 1 DC 1 NC Only Pittsburgh and Detroit we're from a low-mid tax state and Tampa in a no state tax. The Panthers have been crap the past 15 years despite being in the same state as Tampa.
  11. Of course, because the Canucks can do no wrong and the other teams no right
  12. Seriously, sad to see people sunking so low around here, wishing bad karma on Boychuk. Some around here have pretty bad memory. First of all, maybe that play was a dirty one, but overall, Boychuk doesn't really have a reputation of being dirty player. 2nd of all, it was the playoff, the SCF nonetheless, people play hard, crosses the line many times, but wishing bad karma on Boychuk is disguting, especially after one of our own and on of the most respected player in the game suffered a similar fate #mannymalhotra. Probably the same people that cheered loudly for our own players antics like Burrows, Kesler, Cooke and Ruutu for many years. I'm pretty sure they all had a few questionnable plays like Boychuk during their career and yet nobody here would wish them any bad karma. Finally, I wasn't around these boards at the time, but i'm pretty sure the same people disgusted by that play, the Bruins fans cheering and calling Raymond a flopper were the same people who defended Bertuzzi, called Moore a flopper and cheered when he got knocked out, like the crowd at GM place did at the time. Can we let it go already, been 10 years almost, get over it. Don't need to congratulate him for his career, but wishing him bad karma, really? This is just sickening, come on!
  13. If Lafrenière was back maybe you could make a case but that comparison have been made many times (pre-tournament) since 2005 and often was a major flop. Not saying this team will flop, actually the opposite, I think it will be a very strong/complete team. And for the first time in many years there will be a lot of returning players, which should make them the heavy favorite again, but I don't an see an obvious offensive game breaking forward on this group. Lots of very good offensive players, but no Crosby, McDavid or Lafreniere.
  14. Man, I know CDC loves to overhype Canucks prospect, but reading this thread make me feel like we won the lottery and we picked up Hoglander #1 overall. It's ok the be excited about our prospect, but can we take a deep breath here before we label Hoglander our next superstar. Brings me back when I used to read the comments in the Anton Rodin thread or when we selected Schroeder who had fallen too and not too long ago Kole Lind as well. Pretty similar comments around here. I'm always wary when a prospect drops. In one way it's nice that he was ranked in the top 30 and we got him where we did....but on the flip side, he was ranked in the top 30 by the media....the cream of the crop is suppose to be the NHL scouts and they kinda of all passed on him in some way, that should tell you something too. Anyways, not saying I don't like him, not saying he's not a good pick, just saying can we lower our expectations a little and let him develop before we put him on a line with Podkolzin and Petey or Horvat already. Lots will happen before we cross that bridge. If it happens great for us, if it doesn't, well the odds say this is the more probable scenario with a 2nd rounder. I feel like some people here would be ready to bet their house on him becoming a superstar.