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  1. 200,000 people then. There's enough people in bc with that kind of money. Canadas almost as rich as Saudis and has more billionaires, majority of their families live in vancouver
  2. You can do this anywhere in Northern bc or yukon or Idaho with an existing town. Look at Surrey in the last 25 years, used to be a small town.
  3. I can think whatever I want. Thats my choice. Ban me from your restaurants and gatherings, It's all good. Ill play by those rules
  4. Low white blood cell count. What if my immune system can't handle a weaker version of the virus, Why would I inject a virus into myself when i know I'll probably get sick from it. I can wear a mask and socially distance myself from others without it being an issue for anyone
  5. He deserves credit for both cups, he added grit to skill without sacrificing skill. Yzerman was instrumental in building around the core he was given and building the organization with all the executives he bought with him from Detroit, he didn't draft Stamkos or Hedman though. Stevie Y going pretty good with detroit right now but he didn't have anything to work with when got there other than Larkin, its gunna take him bit to get Detroit to same level.
  6. Best Defensemen- Hughes Breakout Candidate-DiPietro Bounce Back Candidate- Brock Decline- Hoglander/Miller- due to more forward depth and ice time not playing ability
  7. this would make oilers a legit team in the same window as us. hard no to this. good trade otherwise
  8. Fleurys a lock. 5 stanley cup finals, 3 wins, vezina. Letting and staal should get in but i dunno about kessel giroux.
  9. i was under the impression its a backup if the tempe arena plan doesn't go as planned. basically a brand new franchise ready for relocation with no anchor contracts
  10. no, probably matthews to arizona for Keller/Chychrun and 2 firsts and 4 seconds, seems like thats whats arizona might be up to
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