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  1. I liked him in the AHL Playoffs last season, he was pleasant surprise. Hopefully he gets one or two games with the big club next season
  2. No those guys are connected. They have mega projects going in every major city across Canada. Even on native reserves.
  3. Hot seat and warm seat are fine. but cold seat is Demko over Hughes.
  4. One Injury to one of our Main players and its game over. If we stay healthy then its another story
  5. Probably getting his mind right. social media detox
  6. Ok but if you look at Vegas and their history. being loyal isn't worth it. everybody needs to put themselves first. Management and Players
  7. Hes overpaid. But he's basically a Hall of famer already. 1x Calder 2x Rocket Richard 1X Ted Lindsey 1X Hart
  8. tavares contract expires after next season. 3 years before matthews is ufa
  9. we make it as a wildcard, if we make it at all.
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