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  1. Stevens, Quenneville, Yeo and now McLellan. No coach should feel safe!

    1. Quantum


      Any professional coaching job will end with your firing. It's gotta be one of the most unstable jobs ever. At least they get paid a few million between the time they get hired and fired. Of those 4, I expect Quenneville and McLellan to return to NHL head coaching jobs. Yeo and Stevens -- I don't see them getting another kick at the can.


      That said, there's now a number of high profile ex-NHL head coaches (Tippett, Quenneville, Vigneault) who are looking for jobs. You have to wonder who will end up where. I'd have to think Quenneville or Vigneault may end up in Florida or Seattle. Seattle is definitely intriguing because if you can replicate the success of Vegas, it'll be a nice boost to one's resume.


      But yeah, I think the next coach on the chopping block is Bob Boughner in Florida. Followed by Blashill in Detroit. And then Carlyle in Anaheim.

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