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  1. I doubt that Jake gets qualified if his agent is pushing for 3 mil or plans to go to arbitration. I think this is not only true for him but a lot of other mid level players on many other teams as well. With a flat cap players and their agents are probably going to have to settle for less. With the Canucks having a cap situation they would be more likely to sign Leivo, providing of course that he is fully recovered and mobile.
  2. It's great to have Quinn and possibly Rathbone or Rafferty as puck moving, offensively minded D men but the addition of Tryamkin and perhaps a very defensively sound yet physically imposing and truculent D man to add to the mix would IMO vault the Canucks into serious contention next year to play for the cup. That being said how one goes about that and still stay under the cap is the million dollar question. I hope JB finds a way to make it happen but would likely involve moving the likes of Stetcher, Benn and Fantenberg; possibly even Tanev.
  3. Yeah.. A better choice of words would have been "some good picks"; namely their 1st rounders. For the most part, I like the picks that JB has made in the later rounds but we will not know for sure how they turn out for a few more years.
  4. Not sure I would agree with that Baggins. Toronto made a lot of good picks for sure but failed miserably in managing salaries under the Cap. While they have a top notch forward group they do not have the cap room to add a quality defence to go along with it. Personally; I think the Canucks are closer to being Stanley cup contenders than Toronto is regardless of what the Eastern biased media says
  5. Went back and read the first 5 pages.... Interesting how some posters saw the potential and others had already dismissed him as a bust and that Benning should be fired. Only goes to show that what you post may come back to kick you in the A... butt years later Lol. I think we should all be happy that Benning and the scouts are making the picks and not us. They have done pretty well so far IMO.
  6. If I were a betting man, I think Roussel will be the one traded and Leivo will fill that position at a lesser cost. Also; Virtanin might stick around but with a flat cap and the relative value he might bring in a trade; he could be gone as well. I just don't see him as a top 6 and there are cheaper options to fill the bottom six IMO
  7. If he retires and moves back to Sweden he will get lots of that
  8. The maximum combined signing bonus will be limited to 10% of the player's maximum annual compensation in any year. Entry Level players may negotiate for performance bonuses up to a maximum of $850,000 in individual "Schedule A" bonuses per year (maximum of $212,500 per bonus).
  9. Got to have a bit of a thick skin to be a member on here. Probably better to read up on the postings of each player in order to get a feel for the site.
  10. Welcome to the Canucks CDC chat board. One suggestion I have for you is that you do a bit more research on the players before suggesting a lineup. This is what I would like to see for 2020-21: Miller, Petey, Boesser Pearson, Horvat, Toffoli Leivo, Sutter, Gaudette Motte, Beagle, McEwen Hughes, Tanev Edler, Stetcher Juolevi, Myers two of :Brisbois, Chatfield or Rafferty Markstrom. Demko (one may be traded and backup brought in for both Cap and expansion reasons)
  11. The coaches like to have an eight man D for practice reasons so I would think if your prediction of the lines plays out, Chatfield and Rafferty would be the 7th and 8th D men and slot in when injuries occur. Even if there is an NHL season this winter, there is no guarantee that there will be an AHL one. If that scenario comes to fruition; IMO we might see the NHL increase the number of players allowed on the roster but still limit the game roster to its current state.
  12. I tend to agree on your opinion but I think we need to wait and see how well Leivo recovers from his injury. If he does not lose any speed or mobility due to it; he, IMO, is a better fit cap wise and Virtanen has a better trade value. Certainly points to consider in a flat cap world.
  13. I would include Mattias Ohlund in that conversation as well. Although maybe not the best skater, he could hit like a Mac Truck and gave the Canucks an imposing presence on the back end.