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  1. You "may" be right about better ice time and coaching but do you spend the boss man's money right now in order to bring him over and hope he becomes an NHL player someday; or do you let him develop in his own country for a couple of years (Canucks hold his rights till 1st June 2024) and then make a decision on whether he has continued to develop his overall skills esp. defensively, to warrant spending ~ $2.4 million on a 3yr entry level contract?
  2. That would be my guess too Sid.
  3. Pretty much how I see it too. He would be a good addition on a depleted Canuck farm team but given what he is probably asking in both wage and term, that is not likely going to happen.
  4. I'm not sure at all about it necessarily being an NHL offer but IMO a number of teams may look at him as a good fit, be that in North America or in Europe
  5. There may also be the possibility that they try to re-sign both John Stevens and Tyler Graovac to fill the center position and Vincent Arseneau as a big aggressive LW presence. They are experienced players that have familiarity with coach Cull and a number of returning players. That being said; they will still need a #1 C, IMO, as I doubt that Carson Focht is ready for that role just yet.
  6. Pretty sure that Vesey was just a plug to fill a hole in the lineup to help the Canucks finish out the season. Same holds true for a number of other players that they brought in at the time. The big difference was in their respective cap hits. If Sven's cap hit was only 900K like Vesey's, he probably would have played during the season.
  7. He is a UFA G6 so he could have many offers from other teams for his services. Not sure if he would be willing to re-sign with Vancouver or not.
  8. Definitely a bit of an enigma as to why Rafferty was not given a better look as his AHL performance looked pretty solid, both offensively and defensively. I do think that McEneny was not as good defensively as they had hoped and had perhaps lost a step due to his repeated injuries. Very unfortunate if that was the case.
  9. Not sure how you see it that way. McEneny probably would have made the NHL but repeated injuries took their toll and ultimately ended his career prematurely. The only limiting factor for Rafferty IMO was the fact that he is legally blind in one eye and I am wondering if the Canucks are viewing this in the same way they did when Malhotra sustained that serious eye injury and the team was reluctant to renew his contract. Perhaps it comes down to an insurance liability issue for the team if he plays in the NHL; not sure.
  10. I think he is a UFA G6 this year so he can pick and choose from those interested in him, where he wants to play.
  11. I am wondering if some of those assistants will be travelling back and forth at times between the Canucks and the farm team now that the farm team is close by.
  12. If he was smart (questionable), he would have consulted with his lawyer before speaking out about this allegation.
  13. I am certainly not privy to those alleged text messages so really can not comment one way or the other about their existence and if they do exist just what the messages were. it will be up to the courts to decide the outcome of this and any thing said one way or the other on CDC is just conjecture at this point.
  14. It is but the response from Jake to this very serious allegation was expected. What else is he supposed to say in these circumstances. Hard to say how this all plays out but I do think Jake will be either bought out or moved this off season.
  15. Silovs may be the dark horse in all of this. If Ian Clarke works with him; Silovs could surprise a lot of people with his play.
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