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  1. It does seem a bit unusual that they would not track that data as it becomes available. Perhaps they do not have adequate resources to track it properly and have decided to focus on the current covid transmission data vs serious side effects data. I suspect that at some point they will start taking that side effects data input but maybe not before the vaccines have had an effect in reducing the outbreak.
  2. I would love to see that as well but does not appear likely to happen. If the warming trend continues our water resources in Canada are going to be in great demand and that could become a big problem.
  3. Glad to see him able to sign and play. He is a decent person, IMO, just to passive to be a really successful hockey player.
  4. That really sucks. I just hope that you are able to get past it but we are charting new territory when it comes to how this virus affects people in different ways. Probably going to see a lot more case like what you are experiencing as we move into the spring and summer months. My wife's twin sister is a part time teacher in Alberta and she opted to not continue on after March. Said it is the best decision she has ever made as the school she was working at has had many cases of both students and teachers. Fortunately they are in pretty good shape financially so she was able to do that; some are not so lucky and have to work.
  5. Covid? Or something else that you caught?
  6. Showing it getting colder out here in the Kootenay's too but nothing really out of the normal for this time of year. I'm just hoping that once the cold weather passes that we get a couple of decent snow events to increase the snow pack levels for our area. That is vital to many of the lakes and streams in our area that many in the area fish and boat on
  7. Hard to judge from just a two game sample but if true; he still brings other attributes that Tanev lacked. Overall, I like this move and others by JB as it freed up cap space to go after the likes of Nate Schmidt. Don't get me wrong, Tanev was a warrior on the Canucks team and I liked his compete but hockey is a business and sometimes the business end has to make some tough decisions and unfortunately he was a casualty of those decisions as was Stetcher, Toffoli and Markstrom.
  8. You are right about that; there is not enough data yet to fully understand any long term effects this might have on individuals and if some of the long term effects are permanent.
  9. Top line is out of sync with the data below shift it to the right if you can to make it less confusing. A very good site for world wide statistics is www.worldometers.info> coronavirus .
  10. The Cam Neely trade was the one that really teed me off. Probably the worst trade ever by the Canucks.
  11. Have to agree that most of the GM's will be better prepared for this expansion. Still irks me that the Canucks and Sabers just got scraps when they joined so many years ago
  12. I thought that Hamonic played a pretty decent game for a guy who basically had no training camp and hasn't played in months. Once he gets up to speed and familiar with the Canucks systems, he will prove to be a great addition at a very reasonable price.