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  1. I do wonder if JB is finished yet. Still think they sign Leivo, so with Loui and Baer sent down, somebody will still have to be moved. Either that or they have inside knowledge of where Michael Ferland is at as far as LTIR or return to play.
  2. So... To make a long story short; AKA cut to the chase.... You're implying that Holtby is a square LOL.
  3. Good point ... I should have done a better job of interpreting what he wrote.
  4. Great story but the math doesn't add up. So; at best you were 21 when hired as a department head.
  5. His actual salary after his bonus was paid is 5 mil not 12.
  6. I think that JB will have to make a business decision about Loui given the team cap situation and his declining abilities. This happens to many players in there twilight hockey years; it is not simply a Canucks issue. If he is not legitimately good enough to make the roster come the end of training camp then he should be waived to Utica if the AHL is up and running or loaned to a team in Sweden assuming they can still get some cap relief by doing that. Either way it will force Loui to make a decision on whether to report to the designated team; refuse to report and have his contract terminated so he can play elsewhere at a more reasonable contract, or retire. One way or another this Loui saga needs to come to a resolution.
  7. I would also prefer them to be getting a lot of playing time in the AHL but with a flat cap there is a very real possibility that a lot of AHL players on a lot of teams will be playing in the NHL. In Vancouver's case a lot depends on whether JB can make a few more roster moves to make room for another quality D man under the cap. I'm not sure that is going to be achievable. Still; I think at least two of.. Juolevi, Sautner, Chatfield, Brisbois and Rafferty will be suiting up for the Canucks this coming season
  8. Chatfield and Rafferty are total opposites IMO. Chatfield plays a style similar to what Tanev did. Very little in the way of offense but reasonably sound defensively. Rafferty, on the other hand, is much more offensively minded and appears to be a fluid skater that can either pass or carry the puck up ice with ease (at least in the AHL) I suppose it all comes down to who will fit the best in the new defensive core. In this new pandemic reality we just might see three rookies slotting in 6th,7th and 8th spots and getting limited playing time this season; especially if there is no AHL season.
  9. I'm still waiting on him to deliver us a point / post lol.
  10. I'm hoping that they waive him and force him to make a decision on whether to report to Utica; not report and have his contract terminated so he can sign with another team at a more reasonable price, or retire. The Loui saga needs to come to an end. I have no hard feelings towards him but as a business decision this needs to be done.
  11. The Canucks have a number of players headed for UFA status next season; that is if they are not traded beforehand. IMO they will be better off next year than they were this year cap wise even though they will be looking at big paydays for Petey and Quinn.
  12. I think that was / is true for a lot of the GM's this year. There are not very many contracts being given out that are for longer than 3 years. Exceptions to that like Markstrom and a couple of others were likely due to very high demand for their services. From looking at what has transpired so far, it appears that most of the contracts are for minor league salaries in the 700k to 800k range and two year terms.
  13. I'm more curious as to what might transpire if there is no AHL season and the Canucks do not loan him out to a team in Sweden?