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  1. Yes, I am humble and so happy to be in the NHL. And yes I love Vancouver so much, I do plan to live here forever. But you know I do need an upgrade on my Audi, and I would like to actually buy my own condo in Yaletown instead of renting, a real nice place with a view so I can pick up more girls. So to be honest I really do want a very big contract for next year which is why I switched agents. So you really don't know me that well after all...
  2. Tampa got Savard for basically the same price. They didn't even need him really as their defence is stacked. The Leafs on the other hand have an AHL defence. They should have went for Savard not Foligno. Tampa beat them to the punch and with Kucherov coming back right on time for the first playoff game they are the favourites to win the Cup.
  3. Yup. He also represents Myers. I think Benning has a good relationship with him. With Loui robbing Aquilini out of $36 million maybe Barry will give us a break on the two kids...
  4. Elisa Steakhouse. Great steaks but unfortunately you walk out of the restaurant with COVID.
  5. But then Judd must have drafted Jake then. So doesn’t Judd suck?
  6. Yes I think height matters to a certain degree but when you are on the ice your weight makes a bigger difference. Guys like Domi and Crosby are short but are built like tanks. They can survive the pounding. That why I like Hoglander. At 190 pounds he can withstand the punishment and still play his game. The guys that are 165 pounds need to be very elusive and need to be sheltered to some degree on the ice. That’s why I’m surprised Caulfield went in the first round. Even Gaudreau with better numbers in college didn’t get drafted until the 4th round.
  7. Yes I’m happy with our small guy. He’s 190 pounds though so he isn’t really small just short. Big difference. And we took him in the second round not the first round. We saved the first round for a guy who will play at 210-220 pounds.
  8. Yes 3 players over the last 20+ years to make some sort of an impact in the NHL. Ask Calgary fans how they like Little Johnny’s play in the playoffs. Today’s NHL is still a big man’s game. There may be the odd exception. Also those 3 players you mentioned were not drafted very high. Little Johnny was a 4th round pick. Martin St. Louis was never even drafted. DeBrincat with his amazing junior numbers went in the second round. Not sure why Montreal took Caulfield in the first round. That’s a big gamble to take in the first round. Let’s see what happens.
  9. I also think Lowry will get 4x4. It’s possible Benning can squeeze that contract in. But Beagle would have to go on LTIR and Aquilini would have to agree to 2 buyouts. Lowry would be a huge upgrade on anyone we have. And he’s a heavyweight fighter to boot. I’d do a 4x4 for him no problem. I’m hoping Pearson’s deal doesn’t screw up our summer. I guess we will have to have faith in Benning that he knows things that we don’t. Maybe Loui has agreed to retire. Maybe Aquilini is okay with some buyouts. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. It just seems weird that sign
  10. True enough. Every once in a while a small guy comes along. It’s a long shot but I guess there’s always a chance.
  11. This kid is smaller than little Johnny, another Hobey Baker winner. Good luck to him but at that size unfortunately he’s going to be eaten alive in the NHL.
  12. I'm sure Montreal will have as much success with their Hobey Baker Award winner as we have been having with ours...
  13. I'd be in favour of a trade to get a legit 3C. Lowry is probably unreachable because of our cap space so most likely we'd have to trade for one. Gaudette is never going to be our 4th line centre, but on another team he could be a winger on the 2nd or 3rd line, and Motte probably has the most trade value of anyone worth trading. Gaudette is cheap and tradeable and Motte is on a great contract so I'd do a Motte and Gaudette deal to get a legit 3C. Not sure who is out there but I'd be looking. Especially with Beagle maybe being done we definitely will need a 3C/4C for next year.
  14. Podkolzin could be a Russian Trevor Linden...
  15. On the surface it's not a good deal. But behind the scenes we don't know what is going on. So we will need to see what else transpires. For all we know Loui has already agreed to retire as long as he can collect his bonus in the summer. And Holtby might be bought out as well. If those two things happen that frees up almost $10 million in cap space. Enough to sign Petey and Hughes plus go shopping for a legit 3C.
  16. Nobody is offer sheeting Petey $9 million. Is there even one team that has the cap space to do it? And no Ottawa and Detroit aren’t gonna do it.
  17. Well with Pearson signed at over $3 million I think they will either play Podkolzin in his natural position at RW across from BO and Pearson and bump Hoglander down to the 3rd line, or they will keep Hoglander on his off wing and bump Podkolzin down to the 3rd line. I think Podkolzin is set to play with BO from day one so Hoglander will probably anchor the 3rd line. At least we will have a stud on our 3rd line. That's the only positive I get out of this.
  18. You've obviously never watched him play. Podkolzin might be our best defensive forward as early as next year...
  19. Loui must be retiring and Aquilini must have given the green light on some buyouts, specifically Holtby. That's the only thing that makes sense to sign Pearson so early and at that deal. Aquilini had to approve this deal, no way Benning signs Pearson to a 3 year deal prior to the summer without Aquilini's approval. Which tells me Benning isn't going anywhere.
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