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  1. Are you trying to spell generous or genius? I have a hard time taking any topic seriously, when you cant even take two seconds to google the correct spelling for the key word in the title. Im just going to assume you put the same effort into whatever brain shart you splattered into what is likely a big run on sentence wall of text, and save myself some brain cells by not bothering to “read” it.
  2. Marlies? Here i was expecting him on the leafs 4th line on a three year deal at 3 per. They must not have cap space. Ah who am i kidding. Of course they dont have cap space........but if they did......
  3. Omg. So many ads and webpage reloads. You should be ashamed for linking that god awful mess that redirects you to another god awful mess of ads and cookies. At least we know YOU are evil.
  4. @Provost my point being, if the idea is to make the midseason games more interesting, promote the idea that losing games not only hurts your chances at getting a high pick, but winning games still gets you closer to the playoffs. As it stands, for some teams theres an obvious conflict of interest. Players dont want to lose, but you cant honestly tell me arizona is actively trying to win. I hardly think its a good idea to institute a silly circus act tournament. What happens if an elite player for a bubble team gets injured? So much for that playoff race. Injury/insurance issues aside, a lot of players are playing for bonuses so your bounty system is already flawed, not to mention the teams most likely to win are bubble teams anyway. What happens if the standings are like when the kings or blues won the cup? Kings barely made it in the playoffs and steamrolled to the cup. The blues went on a huge tear as well. Im sorry if you think my “rant wasnt on topic”.
  5. Change the way the lottery works first. Instead of last place getting best odds at #1, give them to the teams that barely missed the playoffs to get them over the hump. That way teams cant outright tank and are forced to make strong business/personnel decisions on their roster. Its getting pretty ridiculous that teams like arizona and buffalo are gifted high draft picks year after year, yet they seem to get worse instead of better. Its no coincidence that the good teams are consistently good, albeit with a bad year or two. Good drafting and development is how you win and stay competitive for long periods of time. Edmonton and buffalo are living proof that first overalls and strings of top five picks mean very little.
  6. Monahan and a 7th? Monahan and a 6th? Monahan and a 5th? Monahan and a 6th and 7th? ”You have not met our needs very well. Perhaps you should look at our trading block.” Monahan, a 5th, 7th, and a 7th in 2028?
  7. I know. Im just saying, if i was gm, i would need to be getting a pretty good price to take on a potential jeff skinner/10 mill in ltir money. Definately no where near the multiple firsts + prospects people are talking about. (Pretty funny that the sabres already have skinner, and that they were the ones that signed him to that abomination of a contract. )
  8. Honestly, i would be extremely hesitant to give up anything for eichel. Sabres being a dumpster fire aside, eichels attitude during the whole situation, his contract, and the uncertainty on his injury just gives me the no feeling. I wouldn’t be surprised if rehab/surgery leaves him a shell of his former self, and he never struck me as that great of a player when he was healthy. Certainly not worth his c(R)ap hit imo. * good gawd 10 mill for five more seasons. Let someone else take that risk, especially at buffalos rumored asking price.
  9. Brodeur was a product of playing in front of a very strict trap team for the majority of his career. I question how “good” he actually was compared to some of the other greats on the list.
  10. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/oilers That defense looks good to Vancouver. oops sorry i meant that defense looks good FOR Vancouver...because thats a lotta cap for some pylons, a block of swiss cheese, and a plastic goalie cutout. Mcdavid counting down the years.... *edit Flames look almost as tasty https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/flames
  11. Yeah thats the thing isnt it? The coil dont even have a starting goalie, and as good as mcdavid and Draisaitl are... i dont think they are as good as crosby and malkin were in their prime. Comparable awards maybe....well except for the cups :p
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