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  1. You literally just proved my point, with what I said in my reply. I guess you knew John Smith who played his whole career for the Dallas Stars.
  2. Easy there champ. Its a legitimate question. Sorry I hit a mommy daddy button for you. Did you see the news report about John Smith retiring from the Coal and Mining sector? Probably not, because no one does the seal dance for “normal” hardworking people, just the ones they can glorify for being on TV for a minute.
  3. Cant help but feel the act of intercourse will become a signed declaration of services rendered, with video tape proof sometime in the near future. I am afraid for my son, and i would be afraid for a daughter if i had one.
  4. I dont think jersey passes on luke hughes to be fair, but if he drops as far as nine and benning doesnt take him i would be very surprised.
  5. Oh Patrick is worth a gamble alright. Virtanen for Patrick straight across, Vancouver gambles whether or not Nolan can be healthy in body. Philly gambles whether or not Virtanen can be healthy in mind. I dont see many better options for an often injured, very under-performing “woopeedoo second overall pick”. For the record, I think Jake is just a dumb rich kid playing in his home town in front of “his homies”. I dont think much will come from his civil suit, except for a hard lesson in life and a kick in the bank account balls.
  6. Mlb game management is “leagues” ahead of Nhl game management.
  7. Sigh. Someone said it already, but if draft pedigree meant anything, Nail Yakupov would be making six mill on, the blues was it? hes had two 30 point seasons, a career full of injuries, and he has missed a year? Hes not worth much.
  8. As far as im concerned, anyone who commits murder has forfeited their right to live. 3 hots and a cot for life, regular sexy time, occasional recreational drugs. I dont see the point of trying to rehabilitate someone who eg. eats people and takes their faces. Quick injection, and we magically come up with tens of thousands of dollars that could be used for mental health research. Seriously, after a 30 year sentence and a serial murder rampage, is the person gonna flip burgers? Become a nurse? Cure cancer? Its not even about the immense waste of time and m
  9. Yuck. I shudder to think of a vegas montreal conference final. Colorado better not poop the bed (again).
  10. His fate was sealed once charges got dropped on his doorstep, guilty or not im afraid. I really wanted the kid to get his sheet together, but he will be lucky to play in the nhl again let alone in Vancouver. @Arrow 1983 you sound like a scorned puck bunny after that very irate drunken rant.
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