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  1. Exactly why there are warning labels on everything. “Do not drink bleach”. “Do not use hair dryer in the shower”. I say take the labels off and let nature run its course.
  2. Anyone else feel like OJ is one of those Christmas presents you asked for, but got a few years late? giggity .....but remembered why you asked for it when you opened it?
  3. I dunno. Eriksson looks to be having his best year on vancouver to date.
  4. I like green. Im not sold on brown and baumgartner. Still not sure why they rehired newell brown. Baumgartner was a good ahl defenseman, mediocre in the nhl. I see the same with his coaching.
  5. I would play one of the “guys” from a table hockey game before him. Weeeee up the ice, weeeee down the ice.....spin spin spin....weeeeeeee up the ice....spinnny spin spin!
  6. Since when has Edmonton had a system other than “give the puck to that player, we win dynasty, cocaine for everyone!”
  7. No problems whining about it though. Them. Those two. They whine when they arent allowed to score. Thats what im saying. Does saddle dryness whine though? Maybe coddle mcdonald does it for him.
  8. I watch that incident every once in a while. Even poor quality it curdles my blood.
  9. Much nicer gdt than that awful meme infested, meaningless number abomination we’ve had to suffer for far too long.
  10. I cant help but feel that Trump is being held accountable as a scapegoat, and years from now, admittedly “some number” of years, he might be looked at as a president that tried his best to give the people what they wanted. Sadly, none of them knew what it was. Or at least half the country was full of idiots for voting him in. Omg omg. Iq2000 trump already knew the country was stupid. Makes sense now.
  11. I thought this was going to be a montage of him whipping out his ref wee wee and making his mark on the first game of the season. Nope. Still a big queef.
  12. Jeebus i just want the highlights. Scrolled like fifteen pages. Off to i go
  13. Clearly you aren’t understanding what im saying. The problem seems to be quite a lot more than trump.