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  1. Toronto spent their money on the top six. They didn’t spend it on a legit defence that will help them win a cup anytime soon. They will be golfing early.
  2. That was 12 years ago. I’m not stinging from that loss.. I don't think about it
  3. There’s no one left on the Canucks that experienced that loss.
  4. Bruins are still stinging from their game 7 loss against Florida. LOL
  5. Leaf fans are all Giddy right now. Until they lose their first game and see all the new players flaws. Then they will want to run them all out of town, or fire them into the Sun. Nothing new here.
  6. We all know that if Craig Button was GM of the Canucks he wouldn’t make any mistakes. He would be able to trade players that nobody wants. He would be able to get two top four defence men even if they didn’t want to come here. And do it without cap space.
  7. Craig Button didn’t think so. He crapped all over what Alvin did. He said Alvin is cornering the market on 5/6 defence men.
  8. Actually, Button said that the leafs have Massive, Massive problems if they think that Reeves is going to solve their soft play. Total silence from panel until O’Dog said. OK, let’s move on!
  9. Buffalo Sabres Vancouver Canucks San Jose Sharks Florida Panthers Arizona Coyotes Nashville Predators Winnipeg Jets Minnesota Wild Columbus Blue Jackets Ottawa Senators (1992 incarnation) Seattle Kraken Teams that have Not Won the Stanley Cup!
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