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  1. Obviously it’s still early, but... Oliver-Ekman Larsson after 6 games is on pace for 27 points. Last season Edler got 8 points. The year before that Edler got 33 points. Conor Garland after 6 games is on pace for 109 points. There really isn’t a comparable player for him. Cost: 2021 1st round pick aka Dylan Guenther 2022 2nd round pick TBD 2023 7th round pick TBD Bonus: Shed $12m of dead weight cap space Extra bonus: AZ retains 12% of OEL’s cap hit Forget highway robbery, GM Jim Benning committed multi-freeway robbery.
  2. I think people are more aware when it’s named, which is why winter storms have started getting names. When there’s a weather alert for a rain storm most don’t pay attention. It’s a way to try to get people to take the weather threat more seriously. Whether or not it works as intended is a big ?
  3. Not until evidence comes out to show that possibility. Speculating that someone potentially committed a murder with zero evidence is quite frankly disgusting and completely uncalled for. Be a better person than this. Personally I’m going to wait until an investigation is done before forming any opinion. One thing though that should be done is banning prop guns and using CGI or special effects to create the illusion of a gun being fired. We have the technology to make an entire movie on a computer so I don’t see how this can’t be done to ensure this never happens again.
  4. My hypothesis is gophers are hard workers digging deep holes in the ground daily so anyone named Burrows is an automatic hard working player. Make good sense yeah?
  5. 3-2 Canucks Bo Horvat GWG Boeser 1st goal against Kraken
  6. First I love that we won, Chicago Blackhawks are an awful franchise for so many reasons. It feels great to beat them in their own building. That said I’m still seeing the same mistakes made in positioning on the PP, PK, defensive zone and offensive zone. Even Hirsch was puzzled by how the Canucks defended. Giveaways, bad passes and timing is off, but that’s because no one’s played together in preseason and we added a whole bunch of new faces. That can be fixed over time as guys learn the tendencies of the other players. The other problems are consistently present everywhere on the ice and it’s yet another game we could have got another too many men penalty. I think that’s on coaching. I want Green to make me look like an idiot as we go on a win streak, make the playoffs and win against a team or two. I’m just skeptical he’s the right guy to do that with.
  7. There’s only 1 country in the world that’s crazy about the NFL and that’s why it’ll never grow as a sport. The only people I know who watch/go to games are old white men. I can definitely see it folding like the USFL Trump disaster eventually.
  8. To be honest anyone who is living through COVID should have expected this. Vaccinations only started earlier this year. Up until that point a whole lotta people were social distancing and staying at home for the greater good to protect others from sickness or death. People did that for over a year. Putting off purchases, not going out, millions of us did this. Now imagine a year’s worth of demand for services, new purchases, travel, food etc. all coming back instantaneously. Demand outstrips supply due to a surge and prices rise dramatically. We really hadn’t felt any inflation since COVID because businesses were desperate to keep prices down to coax people to spend money, some prices even dropped. Now businesses are unprepared for the sudden rush and are raising prices to cash in and hire more people. It’s not a crazy number if you take into account the huge dip in demand during the COVID without vaccines year. I don’t know this for sure, but I’d bet this kind of surge in inflation occurred after every war we fought in ended. I’m just thankful that our government put a freeze on rent hikes and next year is only allowing a 1.5% increase. There’s a lot of people that would suffer if landlords could increase rent with no restrictions here in BC. Inflation sucks and definitely hurts people and I feel for those struggling, especially those who live paycheck to paycheck. There’s just not anything that can be done to stop it living in a capitalist supply demand system. Hopefully next year becomes the normal 2-3% average we’re accustomed to after the increased demand is satisfied this year.
  9. All I know is if this guy keeps playing like he is we better draft every single goddamn Burrows from now until eternity.
  10. Benning is the result of our team on paper. Green is the result of our team on the ice. You can’t blame this on the GM for how we play in games. While I’m leaning more toward firing Green then I ever have Benning has created a roster that can win games and compete in the playoffs. Just look at our full uninjured lineup and tell me it’s not the best we’ve had since the Sedins. That takes time to build from scratch. He’s made mistakes like any other GM, but I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to find a move he made that crippled our team at any point during his tenure. Take a look at what other GM’s have done in boneheaded moves. Many teams have worse GM’s than we do. Some of the things he’s done have not only been adequate, but in hindsight look like he scored big time. He’s also improved in contracts and trades since he started. It feels like some people just hold onto the mistakes he made long ago and ignore everything good he did recently. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he’s been a pretty good GM overall for us.
  11. What exactly do you propose when Hamonic is expected to play at some point this season? Get another player in a trade, ok. Which player do we trade for and how much do we have to give up as a team with no leverage? What do we do when Hamonic gets back? Trade away another player? Send down an expensive AHL’er? The reason that Benning is imo making the right move to stick with the 3 he has is that $3m cap hit that is going to hit our roster at some point this season and the fact Burroughs has been a pleasant unexpected surprise the way he’s played. If we didn’t have the emergence of Burroughs JB would likely make a move.
  12. My thoughts that probably won’t please anyone. As someone who is getting more towards the Fire Green sentiment who was a previous supporter the biggest problem is he’s not the type of coach we need. Saying he’s useless or a bad coach isn’t true, but what is true is that he’s the wrong coach for us right now. Even Green’s detractors have to admit he turned a lot of rookies into bonafide NHL’ers. That’s not an easy thing to do and he did a great job. He was the right coach for us when we were building a team with his structure and defensive minded play. He was creating a foundation of knowledge in the players that can grow over the years. But our needs have changed. We now have a core built through the draft/trades and we need to start winning games so we can make the playoffs and build chemistry together. Green is not the coach for winning games as even supporters have to admit his in game management and decisions have been terrible and static. So we’re stuck with a good coach in another area of hockey that doesn’t suit our goal to win and get to the playoffs. If we come back with 2 more losses on the road the pressure will be on and if we come out of our upcoming home stand less then .500 it might be the end of Green. Otherwise I think he gets to 20-30 games and management will decide then whether he’s done enough to continue in the job. I want the Canucks to win, it’s now the time to do so and I hope Green proves me wrong and we go on a streak, but I’m entirely unconvinced he’s right for the needs of our team at this point in the rebuild.
  13. It’s ok, we all go overboard in reacting to a situation sometimes, especially so for one that hits close to home due to our own experiences. It’s a good thing to be able to admit you got it wrong and is a trait more people need to have. I can only speak for myself, but for me I find if I’m ever feeling a strong negative emotion such as fear, anger or sadness (to name a few, there are many more) I tend to not react appropriately to whatever situation has caused that emotion. I do better when I take time to process instead of reacting right away. When I react instantly is usually when I end up being wrong. Like for example the one time I got in a road rage situation being stuck behind someone driving 10-20 km/h below the speed limit. I was late and felt frustrated, but in hindsight potentially putting other people at risk by increasing the likelihood of an accident caused by myself or the other driver was the wrong response and made things worse. I haven’t been in a road rage incident since then. We all make mistakes, as long as we can learn from them that’s the important part and what makes us become better people for it.
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