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  1. South Korea like most Asian countries had the past experience of being hit extremely hard by the Spanish Flu and implemented changes in societal behavior that allowed them to better handle the current disease outbreak. Past negative experience creating changes leading to a better outcome the next time. This is how we’ve learned and improved upon our responses during disasters. We don’t have that luxury here. The US is obviously one of those countries I categorize as has handled this worse.
  2. I think you misread what I wrote. No one currently breathing on this planet has ever lived through and dealt with a deadly disease outbreak of this scale. Absolutely we should listen to the guidance given by disease experts like Fauci, never said anything contrary to that.
  3. Also a valid point and one I agree with! It’s not hard to put on a mask, wash your hands and try to limit in person contact as much as possible. Beyond that though it’s a grey world. No one agrees on what does and doesn’t help/hurt the disease outbreak because of just how unheard of and complex a crisis this is that we currently face. Ask is x safe and you can find a point of view you support depending on who you get your information from. It’s hard to expect all people to take any crisis seriously, many ignore orders during disaster, but even harder when it’s something that’s complet
  4. “Coming back to take his lumps” seems like an awfully generous interpretation of someone saying “Sleepy Joe Biden will give away America to Russia for a ham sandwich”, but maybe that’s just me.
  5. I’m going to re-up what I said a few pages ago because I think people’s perspectives/expectations need adjusting. No one currently breathing on this planet has ever lived through and dealt with a deadly disease outbreak of this scale. Let that sink in for a moment: Billions of people on the planet, none to consult on their expertise. No one has the past lived experience either to say “I remember when x happened, no way I’m not taking precautions this time” or “my aunt died in x by doing this, so we won’t do that.” What we are doing now is the equivalent of trying to put a
  6. Crisis reveals character, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  7. There were 200,000 new cases in the US the other day, there’s no way you’re getting front of the line treatment if you’ve travelled there from Canada and get sick, even with a big cheque. Hospitals are already at or near capacity and their leaders are treating this as a partisan issue instead of a health crisis that effects everyone. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go anywhere in the states, why some people not only are wanting to go, but are willing to actually pay in order to do so is beyond me. There better be a mandate for all who go to be in quarantine when/if they come ba
  8. I don’t think there’s enough appreciation/sinking in of the fact that almost no one on this planet has ever lived through what we are experiencing right now. And those few that have were very very young at the time in a completely different local society vs the global one we live in today. We rely on experts with experience from past similar situations to know what to do and what not to do, to guide us through crises, but there are none here to rely upon. We are all flying completely blind here, the political leaders, businesses, experts and the people. You can only expect so much
  9. The really bad news from Italy is the testing they did for every person in a town of 3000 had 25-50% of the positive cases were asymptomatic. Now of course grain of salt and small sample size. If that is anywhere close to the case where many who get this don’t know, it could get very, very ugly fast.
  10. Crisis reveals character, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  11. The person who I responded to was asking about non perishable foods. I put spinach in everything.
  12. Good point, though that is much more fatty, so depending on what your priorities are in food eating it may not be an option for some. That said, I’m going to try that, because it sounds delicious and during this health emergency I’m in don’t give a f mode when it comes to my eating. Never thought of doing that so thanks!
  13. While I hate Tim Hortons myself and never go there it’s important to note that they (like McDonalds and some other fast food places) have franchisee owners for each restaurant under the umbrella Tim Horton’s franchise. So these are individual store decisions, not franchise wide. Anyone choosing to do this are dirtbags.
  14. Not sure if this is a new feature, but Skip The Dishes now has a “contactless delivery” option. Smart of them in any case.
  15. Oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia for market share (also hurts US shale producers) by flooding the market when demand is dropping daily means cheaper gas for us. Might even go lower.
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