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  1. They did recover a gun at the scene, but the whole thing is pretty dodgy. If the boy had the gun, he definitely tossed it before he was ordered to show his hands, and certainly didn’t have it when he was shot, unarmed, with his hands raised. It might be true the the officer thought the boy had a weapon. I’m expect this will be what the police will claim. Apparently, the call initially was for shots fired, and a 21 year old man, who was with the boy, was firing a gun. Shell casings recovered from the area where the gun was fired by that man matched the gun recovered near
  2. I’ve never followed him much, but checked out the Sekeres and Price podcast the other night (couldn’t sleep so wanted to listen to something) and had to turn it off, just because of the number of lies and disinformation they were spewing about the team, Covid, the Gaudettes, and all the rest of the stuff that’s been dominating the market lately. Just making claim after claim that I knew to be false, but they were passing off as “insider” information. Couldn’t stomach it for more than a few minutes. Was probably the lowest low I’ve seen/heard from hockey media in this city, and that’s really sa
  3. Kinda wish they’d just cancel the 4 games versus the Sens, award each team 4/8 points, for the standings, and then reschedule Edmonton and Toronto for the week of April 22-28, when the 4 Sens games are currently scheduled (Oilers have no games April 22-25, and the Leafs don’t play April 25-27).
  4. Chicago Police body cam footage just released from the fatal shooting of Adam Toledo, an unarmed 13 year old. Warning: extremely sensitive viewing. The video shows the killing of a child by police. Also language warning. Police originally claimed the boy had a gun and fired at police. Video clearly shows him unarmed and raising his hands as ordered. The cop then fatally shoots the boy in the chest.
  5. Yeah, it all just strikes me as extremely short sighted. We’re just developing the knowledge and doing the studies on longterm effects of Covid, and haven’t really got much good data at all on the variants, never mind the developing science on Covid “classic.” We honestly don’t know what kind of impacts this outbreak will have on the careers of these players. But common sense should tell us that pushing players into a ridiculous schedule, that could be risky for healthy individuals with no post-viral condition, doesn’t seem like a smart idea. Taxing a recovering body after a seriou
  6. I’d advise the players to consult with their reps and make sure they have a good understanding of their rights, as laid out in their contracts, the CBA, and the 2020-21 Transition Rules. I’d also advise any player who got sick, to consult with their own doctor, as well as the team docs and league reps. The players have pretty strict protections, written into the actual documents, that safeguard their health and well being. And if they have any concerns about how team or league medical personnel are looking out for their best interests, they can always consult their own doctor, or g
  7. That’s one of his favourite spots on the ice. He rarely misses, when set-up properly, and given an open look from the left faceoff dot. Has scored a bunch of carbon copy goals, at various levels, using his one timer from that exact spot. His wrister can be a little underwhelming, but he knows how to get all of his one timer, and is pretty underrated as a scoring threat, particularly as a PP finisher with a RH shot from the left side. If Jasek makes the NHL, it’ll likely be a bottom-six guy, and probably PK, but he also has some legitimate power play utility, as a scoring
  8. Who’s this Dahlen guy you’re talking about, anyway?
  9. I think they’ll actually go up, lol, but maybe not by too much (well Sv% anyway, GAA hopefully goes down). I’m not a big fan of the situation the team is currently in, but I still think Mikey is ready, and would relish the challenge, even if him playing means he has to stand on his head, while carrying the rest of the team on his back.
  10. He believe that would be former Canucks Army managing editor Ryan Biech. He’s now working for the Canucks in video analysis and hockey analytics. By all accounts, doing a great job. Benning has mentioned Biech a number of times in interviews, and has stated that the scouting team will be relying on his input to an even greater degree, due to the unique circumstances of building a draft list during the pandemic.
  11. Attachment B, Section 2 is also an interesting read: https://media.nhl.com/site/asset/public/ext/2020-21/2020-21TransitionRulesCriticalDates.pdf Basically says that if a player feels the conditions under which the NHL is operating for 2020-21 are unsafe and an unacceptable risk to his family, he can opt out at any time, with no penalty, other than forfeiting the remaining salary payments for this season (but he keeps what he’s earned until then, and his contact remains intact). The player has to allow the league and the club to attempt to make accommodations
  12. Depends on if that 15” laptop helps with the culture in my room. Does it work real good with my printer? Can it provide invaluable leadership experience to my young mobile phone?
  13. He’s in Utica. Here he is scoring a goal last game: He’s played all 12 of the Comets’ games this season, has 9 points, and is wearing an “A” for Utica. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/33591/sven-bartschi
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