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  1. And Hakanpaa, at age 29, and with all of 62 NHL games played, still got $1.5M x 3 years in this market. And a bunch of “great signing” comments from folks on Twitter. Based on tax rates, a comparable deal in Vancouver would have been around $1.8-1.9M per season. But Poolman, a year younger, twice the NHL games, and a year longer term, at $2.5M is somehow terrible, at least based on reactions from the same Twitter folks. I mean, I’d agree, to a point, the the Poolman contract is a little long and a little high, for my tastes, but I can also e
  2. He’s said that playing in the NHL is his dream and that he hopes to test his skills at the highest level one day. He’s focused right now on taking the next step, which for him is the KHL, but he’s said that he’s had conversations with the Canucks and that his agent is in regular communication with Chris Higgins and Ryan Johnson, regarding his development and longterm career path. Zlodeyev has stated that he’s willing to take the AHL route, if that’s what the Canucks want for him. He also speaks excellent English already, and seems like an outgoing, good-natured kid, who’d handle the transition
  3. I think maybe Russia’s Internet Research Agency (the infamous “Troll Farm”) has stopped hacking elections and is now trolling Canucks fans by changing all our draft picks to 192cm.
  4. I just rewatched some video from the Black Sea Cup in May of this year (the most recent game videos I could find), and there’s just no way Zlodeyev is 192cm, unfortunately. I mean, here’s Z three months ago, scoring a goal assisted by Alexander Pashin (usually listed 5’7” but he may be a little taller now): A 6’3.5” guy should look like a giant beside Pashin, which isn’t the case here. Z is clearly taller than Pashin, and by a good few inches, but clearly he’s not 2/3 of a foot taller.
  5. That was the first thing I noticed as well. Would be wonderful news, if true. And definitely not impossible for someone to have a dramatic growth spurt at age 18/19 (I even grew about two inches at that age) so it’s possible he’s really shot up over the past year. He has looked bigger to me than 5’11”, but I’m not sure about the 6’3”-6’4”. I’m thinking it’s most likely a misprint. I can’t imagine this would be the first time we’d hear about him growing a full 12cm taller (or adding 10kg), if indeed he’d had that drastic a change in his height and weight over th
  6. Agreed. I think Rathbone, barring a completely dominant camp/preseason where he forces the issue, should start the year with Abby. He’ll still get called up for games regardless, even if it’s just for injury relief. And he very well may claim a lineup spot by mid to late season, but there’s really no need to start him on the roster from day one. Especially since that would mean either sitting or waiving Juolevi, which I can’t imagine the Canucks brass would want. They’re already far too invested in OJ to give up now. And they have no reason to, as Juolevi made good progress
  7. Plus, the Kraken went undefeated last season. They have nowhere to go but down. (Weak joke, I know, but couldn’t resist. )
  8. Even though it’s not quite like the good old days, when the NHL didn’t even track usage or SAT, and arbitrators could only look at the most traditional of the counting stats, I think the process still favours the club, when evaluating value on a player like Dickinson. Between his slight drop-off in scoring rate, historically below average faceoff percentage, and the general inability of NHL to keep stats to really quantify defensive value, I think the Canucks can present a fairly good case to keep the value pretty low, or at least at a reasonable AAV. I’d be more worried if the pro
  9. Thankfully, I think with all the changes, Podkolzin is going to get a fair amount of cover, with the fans having lots of other players to focus their attention on, both positively and negatively. If our roster was largely unchanged, and Pod was the only notable new piece, I’d imagine there’d be a much bigger spotlight on him.
  10. Morgan Clark, if memory serves, was maybe 5’11”, about 150lbs soaking wet, and not particularly naturally gifted. Of course, nepotism goes a fair way, especially in terms of his getting drafted, but I’d also imagine that his dad had a fair amount to do with molding such an unlikely candidate into a good enough goaltender to play major junior and CIS. Who knows what he’s have been if the Clark genes actually produced 6’6” monsters with elite levels of natural athleticism?
  11. Nah, it’s a trade, so somebody else signed him, and therefore he’s on a good contract. But if Benning had signed that $800K/105K two-way deal, it would have been an overpay and we’d all be mad about it.
  12. And bumped the Poolman thread from top spot for a while there! Indeed this was a day of legend, and one not soon forgotten.
  13. Nothing comes to mind, as far as future considerations becoming converted into a high draft pick. There have been some significant wins, however, from future considerations. The trade that brought Messier to the Rangers included future considerations, in the form of a trade that was completed one month later that saw the Oilers send Beukeboom to NYR for David Shaw. Beukeboom played the next eight seasons for the Rangers, mostly as Brian Leech’s partner. Shaw only played 12 games for the Oilers.
  14. Agreed on the arrogance of some “analytics” types, especially those on social media. Funny thing is, the most vocal of those guys are also the ones who will likely never get a sniff from NHL teams, or have any chance to get recruited for jobs actually inside the sport. They’ll just remain “hot take” dispensers on Twitter, and part of a very small online community that spends much of their time mocking the people who are actually doing the real work inside hockey ops, laughing at how “dumb” NHL GMs and scouts are, while cyber high-fiving each other from within their self-congratulatory bubble.
  15. Some thunder cells tracking across the south coast this morning. One just over me now, giving some nice booms and some welcome heavy rain and hail.
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