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  1. Not an issue. Where he’s headed, they generally don’t allow shoes with laces.
  2. And JT just wears normal shoes and not the elevator shoes Trump uses.
  3. Don’t know, but probably something fitting with her overall pateryn of bad behaviour. (I’ll see myself out)
  4. Wake me up when we’re ten games in, and I’ll check the results and decide whether or not it’s time for panicky changes to the roster and coaching staff. Just a reminder: the 2020 Presidents’ Trophy winning Bruins lost three in a row twice, four in a row, and five in a row, during the 2019-20 season. The Cup winning Lightning lost three in a row and four in a row. It happens. To good teams, and to bad teams. We don’t know which the Canucks are yet. What I do see: a lot of our forwards look snakebitten and we’ve had some really bad puck luck. A few goals here or there can dramatically change fortunes. Take last game. If we score on those first period chances, we likely blow the Flames out, and possibly chase Marky from the net. Instead, the Flames survive the first period, win the second, and we ultimately lose the game. Just about every NHL game has these storylines. If you don’t score on your chances, you usually lose. And we haven’t been putting the puck in the net. This allows for huge momentum shifts, when opponents score, and we’ve seen opponent having pretty good puck luck. They get a decent chance, they score. We don’t. And the game shifts. That’s not to say that we’ve looked good and deserve a lot better. We’re around where we deserve to be, as far as record. Maybe should be 2 and 2 (last game would’ve been won in the first period on most nights), but 1 and 3 feels about right. But our guys aren’t scoring on “gift” level scoring chances, and you can’t win that way. You also can’t expect that kind of puck luck to last for a whole season. Also, Petey just doesn’t look right. He’s struggling to find his game. His passes are inconsistent, his positioning and reads on the flow of play are off, and his shot (when he uses it) isn’t up to his standards yet, for whatever reason. Probably a combination of mental/confidence issues, bad luck, and just rusty. Demko is also off his game. He’s made mental errors that you don’t normally see from him. Again, probably just adjusting to the higher expectations and he needs to settle down. Schmidt has played well, but he’s still feeling his way out with the new team, and at times he seems a little lost reading from his teammates and doesn’t have that comfort and familiarity yet. It’ll come. Horvat hasn’t really dominated yet (other than on faceoffs), but he will. Hughes is playing well, but he looks like he’s the only one sometimes, and he can’t do it by himself. JT Miller had the Covid thing and is just one game back. And overall, the team just looks like they’re still in preseason form, and haven’t clicked yet. We need a lucky game with lots of pucks going in, to build confidence, and get the boys feeling good about themselves, and the team rolling. It’ll come. Will we be a “good” team? That remains to be seen. I agree with the overall roster changes and direction (even if some of it was forced by bad cap decisions earlier into JB’s tenure), but this was always going to be a transition year, due to the glut of overpriced veteran contracts, forced salary reduction from ownership, having to let good players walk, and not being about to move out overpriced contracts, especially in the bottom-six (and taxi squad). We’ve lost some key components and big time leaders and locker room guys. We’ve also added some new ones, and they’re going to help. But we need to gel again, have the new pieces really slot in, our young guys to continue to develop and progress, and for many of our star players to find their games. We will not be as bad as we’ve looked so far. But at the same time, it’s hard to know exactly how much better we can be. Hopefully better enough to be relevant in the playoff hunt, but it was always going to be a coin flip whether or not we’d have a chance to return to the postseason this year. I think some criticism for the coaching staff is fair, even at this early stage. The boys really haven’t come out looking ready, and that’s on the coaches and preparation, regardless of the challenges of this season, with a delayed start, training camp being different, and no preseason. Every team was in the same boat, and Green looks to have been a step behind other coaches, as far as doing what was needed to really hit the ground running. Even little things like no power play practice during the scrimmages is looking like a mistake right now. Seems like they expected last year’s playoff version of the PP would just magically reappear, without having to actually work on it, which hasn’t panned out too well. But there’s too much talent on the team for the power play to struggle like this. And same goes for the PK. Special teams will eventually come around, and that’s been the different between wins and losses so far. So anyway, sorry for the long rambling post, but I’m just going to wait and see. Ten games in, we can start to look at the results and the trends, and then decide how “good” or “bad” we are. I expect by then, the boys will finally start looking like they’re in regular season form, and we’ll see how well this group can compete, in its current form, or if adjustments need to be made to the roster or coaches (or management eventually, as JB ultimately owns whatever happens with this team, and he’s hardly immune from criticism).
  5. Gaudette could have already won somebody the $1 million on score and win, with his chances in the first period alone. Hope he gets one (or two) in the next 40 minutes. He deserves it.
  6. Agree with everyone who thinks this sounds super sketch. If it’s not a hack (which seems very likely), then it’s probably addictive behaviour. Just too weird for someone to reach out this deep into their contacts list to address a hunger/poverty issue. If the guy hasn’t eaten for three days, you’d think he’d have friends and family to call on, or could access government services, food bank, charities, etc. But going three days without eating and then facebooking an old work acquaintance from nearly a decade ago, and asking for cash—all seems a bit weird. I suspect many other people on his contacts have received similar messages, so maybe start by checking with your mutuals. Most likely, either it’s a hacker and they’re just hoping a small percentage of the people contacted will pay money, or it’s actually the guy and he has an addiction issue, and he’s just hitting everyone up everyone he knows for money, and seeing what he can pull together to support his habit. But, I suppose it could be legitimate, so probably no harm in reaching out to the guy and seeing what he says. If he sounds sincere, it’s easy enough to have him write out a grocery list, and then just order the food from one of the stores that does home delivery, or just use Instacart (or similar) and have groceries shopped and delivered to him within an hour or two. Also, and this may be a little controversial, but if the guy actually has a habit, and is looking for money to support his addiction, personally, I might just throw him a few bucks anyway, if I really cared about him. You’re not going to fix his addiction today (he has to want that for himself), but you can make his day significantly better, especially if he’s really desperate and/or dopesick. If that’s what’s going on, he’s probably going to try to sell or return any food (or other non-cash help) you send him, likely for cents on the dollar, so that he can scrape together the cash he needs for a fix. And a few dollars might save him (at least for today) from having to consider other, more harmful/criminal ways, to support his habit. It’s definitely not a long term solution, and I’d set a clear limit (both for him and myself), but for today, helping him score might actually be the clearest way to help him out. Again, I know this is controversial to say, and many would disagree, but that’s just my personal take (based on some experience with these issues).
  7. Not a lot of talk about Jack Malone, but he’s quietly putting up a decent season in the USHL. The RH shot W/C has been alternating between LW and RW in the middle six of the Youngstown Phantoms. He has 14 points (2G 12A) in 13 USHL games this season. That’s good for 3rd place in scoring on his team, and tied for 37th league wide. Admittedly, for a 20 year old, those stats are nothing to write home about, but also nothing to write off completely. Malone was drafted as a long term project, and remains so. But he’s coming along, developmentally, despite starting his freshman year on a stacked team at Cornell where there wasn’t much of an opportunity to break in, and then having to move back to the USHL this year, because of Covid-19 and his season getting cancelled at the college level. Malone remains as a long term project who might still have a chance as a 4th line/bottom six utility C/W, who brings a solid 200ft game, good intelligence on and off the ice, has decent size (6’1”, 190ish lbs), is very strong on the puck, can play all situations, works hard, has a high motor, and can chip in a little scoring, especially on the playmaking side.
  8. Apparently the fire started under a bridge at a homeless camp. Doesn’t appear to be a major security breach, but just a coincidental event that triggered an evacuation under security protocols. (However, have to wonder if the “homeless” were actually no fly list MAGAs burning down their new places of residence. )
  9. Well, at least he’s playing now, albeit at Swedish 3rd tier, which is a little far from optimal. Beats sitting on the bench, I suppose, as he hasn’t seen SHL icetime ice since around November. But hopefully he moves up at Allsvenskan (2nd tier) eventually, if he’s not going to get to play SHL.
  10. His parents nicknamed him “Bugaboo” when he was little, got shortened to Boo, and just stuck. As to why the parents nicknamed him Bugaboo to start with, your guess is as good as mine.
  11. Looking at what’s trending today: and thinking, wow, Trump’s remains were found in the Oval Office, and the inauguration has been postponed, so that a State Funeral can be held? (But no, it’s just Russian bots up to their usual tricks trying to convince people that Trump isn’t leaving and will remain President.)
  12. Expecting a big game from Petey. He doesn’t like losing, and he hates losing while watching another elite talent have a big night. I see him responding both on a team level, and an individual level, after watching McD put up 4 points, and getting held of the sheet himself, in a 5-2 loss.
  13. Yeah, that was a rough PK for him. Not so much the goal (although he could’ve done better) but several dodgy moments leading up to it where he looked a bit lost. Hopefully he gets better with more reps.