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  1. Probably not a fit for Vancouver. While undoubtedly, the Canucks could use some upgrades to their puck moving ability on the backend, they also need to upgrade their in-zone defense, and in that area, especially when it comes to defending the cycle, “Ghost” more than earns his nickname. He’s pretty much a disembodied spirit when it comes to in-zone defense. Puck carriers can see something is trying to defend them, but when they move to make a play, they somehow pass right through like Ghost isn’t even there. Spooky stuff.
  2. Kinda would’ve liked to have seen Benning get in on this one, since a Pirri level asset is a fairly minor cost, so pretty easy to take a flyer on this type of trade. Sikura was magic with Gaudette in college. I’m not sure either will ever replicate that effectiveness at the NHL level, but I’d certainly have enjoyed seeing them given a chance to try. Oh well, hope Dylan finds his groove in Vegas. He still has the potential to be a pretty good NHL player.
  3. If you have a public library card, you should have access to either Hoopla or Kanopy, which will allow you to free stream a pretty decent selection of films, both older ones and new(ish) releases.
  4. Definitely. Glad to see him show a willingness to throw hands. Podz probably needs to work a bit on his fighting technique, but he showed that he has a solid chin (he ate a stiff punch about five seconds in and it didn’t faze him much) and some good strength and balance, staying on his feet, and finishing with the takedown. I don’t know much about his opponent (#86 Nikita Dynyak), but stats say he’s around 6’ 0” and 185 lbs, so he’s not the biggest guy. But he also puts up fairly high PIM numbers, so probably a player who mixes it up fairly regularly.
  5. Big Nik is also listed now at 202cm and 115kg, so he’s 6’ 7.5” (many sites have him rounded to 6’8”) and has slimmed down to 253.5 lbs (from the 265 lbs he weighed when he was in Vancouver). You can also see just looking at him that he’s in much better shape now. Noticeably leaner in his face, and has a more “athletic” overall look to him now (compared to a few years ago when he basically looked like a giant farm boy who was strong as **** but also a little doughy).
  6. Interesting take on Fox News and Tucker Carlson, from a federal judge’s ruling: “This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.” … Given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ …” So basically, Tucker can’t be guilty of defamation because no reasonable person would actually believe anything he says.
  7. He was always going to be a "long term" prospect. Just not sure anyone was predicting quite this long term, lol. Would be a great story if he somehow manages to play his way back into the conversation as a potential NHL player. I certainly wish him all the luck in the world. Long shot (as you said), to be sure, but maybe still too early to have written him off.
  8. It's pretty complex and I can't for the life of me remember exactly how all the rules shake out. Here's my best recollection: IIRC, because Tryamkin is technically considered an RFA, then the December 1st signing deadline applies, as far as whether or not he can join an NHL team in-season. So, I believe he can't simply sign and join the Canucks right after his KHL deal expires. AFAIK, the Canucks can start negotiating a contract with him when this KHL season ends, but they can't actually sign a deal and bring him over for the end of the 2020-21season. They'd have to sign a 2021-22 effective contract. And his rights don't expire until summer 2022, so as far as the 2021-22 season goes, his choices are the Canucks (or whoever holds his rights--if they're traded), or nothing. Interestingly, another wrinkle is that his KHL status actually exempts him from the expansion draft (the Canucks have confirmed this), so at least Seattle can't scoop up his rights. It's basically Vancouver or bust for Nikita (at least until 2022-23), and IIRC the earliest he can actually play for the Canucks is the 2021-22 season. (If others have the straight goods on all this, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just going off the top of my head here and I'm not exactly 100% sure I'm correct.)
  9. Good to learn he's doing well. 5 points in 6 GP in the VHL is pretty solid production for Russia's version of the AHL. Also leads his team and puts him top-20 for that league (albeit very early in the season). Zhukenov is definitely low on the radar, as far as our prospects go. Probably most of us (including me) have pretty much written him off. Would be some big time "found money" if he managed to become a player with legitimate NHL potential. I suppose the first step is him earning a call-up to the KHL level, and then hopefully continuing to put up some numbers. As far as his rights, why would they expire in 2024? AFAIK, we hold them indefinitely, as he's never been signed, so I don't think even the age 27 free agency timeline would actually trigger an end to the Canucks' draft rights.
  10. Just looking over KHL stats, through 8 games so far this season, among defensemen, Tryamkin is 7th in TOI/GP (23:29), 5th in shifts/GP (31), 7th in points (5), 7th in +/- (+5), 6th in hits (17), 2nd in blocked shots (22), 20th in PIM (6), and 21st in shots on goal (15). EDIT: And from earlier today:
  11. Not unless we’re talking a short term deal. Anything longer than maybe 2-3 years (and more likely I’d cap it at two years) at that kind of rate, and it’s a no for me. I love Tanev and would like to find a way to keep him, but for me, it either needs to be short term, if he wants a modest raise in AAV, or if he wants long term and security, he needs to accept a “hometown discount” and a pay cut from his current $4.45M AAV. Otherwise, I’d start looking to trade his rights and salvage some sort of asset. Tanev is one of my favourite Canucks off the ice, and he’s been an absolute warrior for us on the ice. I feel great loyalty to him and have an emotional attachment to the idea of him playing out his career as a Canuck. Honestly, I love the guy, and I know his teammates do too. However, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he will decline over the life of his next contract. If it’s a long term deal (like say 5 years), it’s more than a fair bet that he will fall to “replacement level” or lower before that contract expires. That’s just not something this team can afford. Playing next to Hughes this past season probably masked some of the deficiencies in Tanev’s game, and the underlying numbers already point to him being in the midst of “age related decline.” And while he didn’t miss games in 2019-20, it’s the only season of his career where he’s actually managed this, so it’s really not something we’re likely to see repeated. Tanev has a significant injury history and has put a lot of wear and tear on his body. He’s just not a player I’d bet on remaining healthy and fully effective into his mid 30s. If 5x5M are the kind of numbers we’re talking about for a Tanev extension, I hope he gets it, but I hope it’s somewhere else.
  12. Gotta add this one to the thread: (And yes, both Ryan Walter and Trevor Linden voiced their cartoon versions) Or Bertuzzi on Cold Squad: EDIT: Actually, Drance wrote an article a while back with probably the best list of Canucks reference on film and TV (including Jyrki Lumme on Beachcombers!) Best line ever comes from Stargate: “I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are superior warriors”
  13. Michaelis has been a bit of a forgotten man, after being signed just before the season was cancelled, and kinda just flying under the radar the past several months, but he’s a very interesting player, with the potential to become a bottom-six replacement as soon as next season, should the Canucks find a way to move out some veteran salary. Here’s another video highlight package that was uploaded in July: Michaelis is a very complete player, capable of playing all three positions, and making an impact in all situations. Most likely, his best spot would be 4C (to start anyway), as he’s a solid two-way centreman, with plenty of skill and offensive upside, but also excellent positioning and defensive responsibility. He was a defensive force on the PK at the college level, and a dangerous short handed scoring threat. Also very strong on faceoffs. Skating could use a little work, but hopefully he’s on top of this, and using the time off to improve that element of his game. Michaelis certainly has the basics to his game to play a responsible two-way role in limited minutes, and also the skill to hopefully chip in some scoring at the pro level. He’ll probably start in Utica and hopefully earn some call ups next season. However, if Benning moves out some veteran salary, and there are openings on the bottom six, Michaelis, at 25, is already a very mature and nearly “fully cooked” prospect who could, potentially, lay claim to a contested spot at camp, and force his way into the lineup (and at only 700K AAV, he’d certainly help with the cap). We’ve seen it before with our college guys, and Michaelis is certainly a player who comes close to “ready made” for the pros, with his compete game, character/leadership, skillset, and consistency as a top scorer, and all situations player, over four very impressive college seasons.
  14. Would be very interesting to see test the market for Marner. Before he re-signed, the word was that he turned down two offer sheets from other teams (reportedly Columbus and Minnesota) that were for more money than what he accepted from the Leafs, and would have been in the 4 x 1st round picks compensation range. If teams were willing to pay him even more than his current deal, and sacrifice four first round picks for the privilege, what would his market value be now? I’d imagine COVID-19 and the flat cap have changed the equation, but still, would have to think that if a team had the space to add Marner, they’d still be willing to pony up some considerable assets for a trade. Losing Marner certainly would hurt the Leafs’ offence, but freeing up the cap to add Pietrangelo as a UFA, significantly improve their D, still have additional cap savings to make other improvements, and in the process also add a treasure trove of assets (from the trade return)?