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  1. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/video/vancouver-canucks-live-stream-6336965085112 https://www.nhl.com/jets/video/winnipeg-jets-live-stream-6336966650112 Live stream links to the 2pm game today. And looks like the YouTube stream also just populated (wasn’t available before):
  2. Haven’t seen him mentioned much, but I thought #13 Jacob Maillet had a really strong game. Looked to me like the best of the Canucks’ invites (Bowman also had some moments and made a mostly positive impression but I thought he was a tad inconsistent shift-to-shift and made a few mistakes). Maillet would probably make my shortlist of standouts from this game (alongside those names already mentioned by others). Even setting aside the goal he scored (which was a nice one), he was quite noticeable and made a lot of smart plays in all three zones. Brought a strong, consistent effort and energy, and he constantly was contesting pucks, anticipating well, and able to disrupt the opposition. Definitely came as advertised, recently named “best defensive forward” and “most underrated player” in the OHL coaches’ poll. Was nice to see his efforts rewarded with the goal, and also generate some chances on offence, but I was even more impressed by his checking/defensive play. If Maillet can maintain this level of two-way performance throughout the tournament, have to think he’ll be kept around on for a longer look at camp and maybe an AHL contract with the Abby Canucks could be in his future.
  3. 7:30 Canucks Flames 4:00 Oilers Jets (stream linked in my post above)
  4. Just noticed the Oilers have 15 camp invites on their roster! That’s out of 25 players. 7/14 of their forwards, 6/8 defencemen, and 2/3 of their goalies, are all invites. Kinda shocking to think that Edmonton only had 2 defencemen in their system that they could bring to the tournament and needed to find 6 invites on D to make their roster. I think we’d be losing our minds here over this team’s prospect pool and system depth if the Canucks announced that 60% of their Young Stars roster, and 75% of the defencemen, were invites.
  5. Not sure if posted yet, but here are the tournament rosters for the 3 other teams (note: the Flames’ “prospects training camp” and the Oilers’ “rookie camp” are also going to be their rosters for Young Stars): Flames: https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/flames-open-2023-prospects-training-camp Oilers: Jets:
  6. Straight apples to apples, just on pure player value, I’d have Pettersson ahead of Jack Hughes. Not by a huge difference, but still a fairly clear and substantial one, IMO. But if we’re looking at age (2 years difference), control (7 years remaining on current contract vs. expiring contract), and then there’s the Quinn Hughes factor (if Jack was here, with Quinn as his captain, it’s pretty much guaranteed the brothers would both continue to extend their deals in Vancouver and play here for their entire careers, and probably they’d push for Luke to join them at the first opportunity. With Petey, there’s no family loyalty/enticement factor, and I think he needs to see the team improving and be convinced the Canucks can actually win, before he commits to Vancouver for longterm/career). Add all that stuff together and I’d probably pick Hughes over Petey (unless an eight year extension get announced in the near future).
  7. Looks like Wags saved me the trouble of writing profiles on the invitees: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/who-are-the-canucks-young-stars-prospect-invitees-7538515 I think Braeden Bowman and Jacob Maillet look like the ones to watch, when it comes to these invitees. I could see either (or both) of them earning contracts with Abby Brock Otten (OHL Prospects) rated Bowman and Maillet the 5th and 11th, respectively, best re-entries (from the OHL) for 2023 NHL draft. http://ohlprospects.blogspot.com/2023/04/sunday-top-10-2023-nhl-draft-re-entries.html?m=1 And the Canucks system could certainly use a RH power forward (Bowman) and, even moreso, a RH centre with defensive ability (Maillet). Maillet was voted the Western Confernece’s best defensive forward in the OHL coaches’ poll, as well as the “most underrated” player. Bowman was voted second most underrated. Bowman (6’2”, 194) had 33 goals and 39 assists (in just 54 games played) last season. Maillet (6’1”, 190 lbs) had 24 goals and 56 assists.
  8. Looks like Dalyn Wakely, Colby Saganiuk, and Braeden Bowman are the only invites. I think the other less familiar names are recent Abbotsford signings. EDIT: oops, missed Jacob Maillet. He’s also an invite. (Literally the first name on the list and I skipped right over him. )
  9. I think some schools do a graduated reentry for the start of the new school year, so maybe those kids are on partial days this week? I know my kids only had one hour of school for their first day back. Or maybe they’re just playing hooky? Or they’re homeschooled? There are also a fair number of families (at least in my neck of the woods) who try to squeeze some extra vacation time out and will have their kids skip the first few days or even the first week back to school. The kids really aren’t missing much the first week. It’s basically just a daycare with very little actual instruction happening. At my kids’ school, they often don’t even start the new classes for a week or two, while the administration figures out the class divisions. My kids are just going back to their old classrooms and old teachers this week, and basically just hanging out with their friends and not actually doing much classwork, while we wait to find out their placements for this school year. One year, it took almost a month before the school finally got their **** together and started the new classes (hopefully they’ll do things a bit quicker this year). If we didn’t need them out of the house (which we do—summer break is too damn long!), it wouldn’t be any real loss, education-wise, to give the kids another week off while the school figures things out.
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