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  1. Yeah, the amount has pretty much doubled with each lockout/agreement. I believe it was around $2.5M in 2013 and somewhere around $1M in 2005.
  2. The only thing that changes is the specific dollar amount. When "walk away rights" were introduced in 1995, the amount was $550,000. from the 1995 agreement: The walk away number "shall be increased on an annual basis at the same percentage rate of increase as the Average League Salary." Today, that number is up to $4,538,958. Goes to show just how much average salary has increased since 1995.
  3. Yeah, I’d much rather have Schmidt and those assets than make that trade for OEL. Would still be nice to dump some salary, though. EDIT: I still have to wonder why Benning is so dead set against using sweeteners to move bad contracts? With that package he was willing to spend on OEL, he’d probably have been able to dump both Sutter and Eriksson. $10M+ of cap space would sure be fun to spend in this buyer’s market. Could go shopping for some very reasonable UFAs. Or just re-sign Gaudette, Leivo, and Virtanen, and then take Tyler Johnson off Tampa’s books and make them throw in Cal Foote for the privilege?
  4. Yeah, it’s a bit of a weird one. Ottawa didn’t qualify him, for some reason. I don’t really follow them too much, and Dorion never really makes much sense to me, so I dunno why they didn’t bother. His QO would have been under 1M, and while he had arbitration rights, a guy with 68 career NHL game isn’t going to be pulling down a big award (regardless of his 7 points in 11GP with Ottawa). Seems like a player worth keeping around for ~$1M, even just for depth purposes, but it’s the Sens, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Myers can be the backup. Petey is our clear cut #1 goalie:
  6. Surprised to find this isn’t a Joni Jurmo thread.
  7. It’s tricky with the COVID-19 stuff and all the dates changing, but here’s how it usually works. Players become undrafted free agents after going through 3 drafts of eligibility and not being picked. However, undrafted players can be invited to NHL team camps, and there is a short window in which they can be signed, even if they are still draft eligible. They just need to be signed before their next season starts, and IIRC, they need to be invited to the NHL team’s camp, for them to be signed during that window. This is what we did with Evan McEneny. He had gone undrafted, and was still draft eligible. But we invited him to camp, and signed him on September 12th, 2012, when he was still only 18 years old. So, in the case of Tag Bertuzzi, I believe he has one more year of draft eligibility, so he’s not an undrafted free agent. What I don’t know is if there’s a delayed window this year, in which he could be signed (similar to McEneny). We don’t know exactly when NHL training camps will be held (but November 17th appears to be the plan). And it looks like the OHL wants to start their 2020-21 season on December 1st. So, it’s possible there could be a signing window for undrafted NHL camp invites sometime in late November, but I’ve seen nothing definitive on this.
  8. Is your BFF on CDC? Otherwise, I’d suggest apologizing to your friend directly, rather than posting a thread here. As far as the question goes: every day. I’m a married guy with kids. Giving and receiving forgiveness is pretty much what keeps my family together.
  9. Definitely C and P, but maybe even G (guy seems angry) and K (gotta rake those forests).
  10. Open up Twitter today. Why’s PT Cruiser trending? Oh, that’s why.
  11. And Benn was also signed from a much weaker UFA class, when it came to the defencemen actually available in 2019.
  12. Has there been any news to this effect, or is this just speculation? I haven’t seen anything suggesting that a Tryamkin return is imminent. Would make a tonne of sense, however. There’s basically a hole right now on the D order that looks tailor made for a player like Nik.
  13. Former Canuck Gino Odjick is fighting heart disease again The Maniwaki Mauler says he's confident he'll be able to beat amyloidosis again. He first suffered from the heart ailment in 2014. Author of the article: Patrick Johnston Oct 17, 2020 Six years after Gino Odjick was at death’s door, the heart ailment that had doctors telling him he had just a year to live at best has returned. The former Canucks enforcer, nicknamed the Maniwaki Mauler, told Ottawa francophone newspaper Le Droit his doctors determined about a month ago that he was once again dealing with amyloidosis, a rare condition that produces protein deposits in the heart. A bout with the disease in 2014 reduced his heart function to just 25 per cent of its usual power and doctors told him he should prepare for the end. A last-ditch attempt at chemotheraphy at an Ottawa hospital reversed his condition. The hope then was that he wouldn’t have a recurrence of the disease for another 20 years. “It came back about a month ago,” he told Le Droit. “They (his doctors) found it early, so I am very confident that I will be able to get rid of it. It was a shock, but what can you do? … There were several treatment options, but I asked to follow the same one I had in Ottawa as it had worked. I’m on chemo for the next six months.” Just gutted tonight to learn that Gino’s amyloidosis has returned, and far sooner than anyone expected. Thankfully, it sounds like they caught this early and there’s reason to be optimistic that Gino should respond well to the chemotherapy. Sending all my best wishes and good vibes Gino’s way, as once again, he undergoes treatment for this heart ailment.
  14. Yeah, the only “retiring” Loui is gonna do is putting better snow tires on his car for the Utica winters.
  15. And here I thought forking inside your family tree was what made you a redneck.