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  1. Funny reading people talk about the Nedvad Jagr draft as he fell to fifth after leaking that he wasn't coming to NA for sometime but told Pittsburgh he would if they drafted him . That's all I kept thinking when Podkolzin kept getting closer to the Canucks in his draft . as each pick went by it " OK one more " . I was so Excited when he didn't go 9th than it was just " OK don't screw this up " . I compared what little I had seen and heard of him to the rookie winger drafted 2 overall Treavor Linden who was dominating along the boards had tons of skill and was future captain material
  2. Larionov had to leave because something to do with resigning him the Canucks would have had to fork over money to the Russin Hockey Fed and Igor was totally against that . if I remember correctly
  3. Glad to hear Petey is back in town . Both sides are doing the things that they do . they should get signed soon . But I would love to know what the holdups are . Have to think the total amount of dollars isn't an issue as Benning went and signed everyone else So ..... Last year of deals . Bonuses or length of contracts , does the agent or Benning want the same term for both or is separating a stumbling block . Canucks seem to need Petey Signed first so is that something the agent using to sweeten things up . Sorry not sure how to word all this just the thoughts in my noggin
  4. If or when PodKolzin is able to play first line minutes this year with Pettersson and Boeser . than you have you next 2 lines with Miller [Garland and Dickerson ] on one line and Horvat [ Pearson and hogs] on the other . Both lines should be able to put up lots of points . if you're the opposition who do you play against who ? your top line against Petey but than what . miller and Horvat should have a fun year
  5. Maybe I have this backwards but wouldn't it be JB trying to sign both EP an Hughes to long term contracts after last year not being either of their best ? Wouldn't their agent want a Long contract singed wright after a stellar season at a potentially higher amount long term ? I can only see either wanting a bridge deal this year . I also think they must be close money wise as JB went ahead and signed everyone else knowing how much he could spend and still get his biggest contracts done . Just hate all the waiting .
  6. I am all for Vaccine passports or anything that helps get this under control . not sure how enforcement will work . Lots of fines probably some business's might even get shut down . I do have empathy for the business's that have to make a choice but it comes down to the bottom dollar in the end . But after this all gets up and running and I am sure there will be a lot of things that will need to be sorted out . I for one Won't support a business that doesn't at least TRY to ensure everyone's safety . if the 80plus % that want passports follow this than it will make a difference
  7. it has to be a smaller version of Fin only in a diaper
  8. any trade talk about QH or Petty is just rubbish . yes i know just summertime fun but get real . Petty is better at his age than either Henrik or Daniel were at the same age and not just by a little either . For those that don't remember or were not old enough to hear all the crap those two went though in their early years . I believe Petty will become the best player to ever put on a Canucks jersey [ I don't count Messier as he played like a street pylon when he was here , never left the Canucks end when he was in ED and NY but wouldn't go in it for the 18 mill he was getting while he played
  9. There are so many people for medical reasons can never get the vaccine that would do anything in the world to be able to . So everyone Man woman and Child [ that for now is over 12 ] should be Fighting to get both shots . Not being selfish and making up reasons for NOT being a decent human being ! i am 59 fairly heathy and have both shots and will get as many as it takes to help those who can't !!! To be clear so there is NO misunderstanding I Believe the Gov'ts are not going far enough to protect the vulnerable .
  10. 11 million doesn't happen but just for conversation sake . If it was a team that was going to be a good chance to be bottom 3 the next 4 years you would have to take it . If it was a Cup contender always picking 28-32 in the draft than no-way even at 11 mill
  11. Nooo .... LOL I think EP is better at his age than Henrik Sedin was at the same age and if he continues to get better and fill out he will become the best ever player to wear a Canucks uniform [ I don't count Messier he wasn't great here OK not even good OKOK he sucked ] . If I was a GM on another team and had the space I would be throwing a huge offer sheet at him . TL was my favorite player but I think Henrik was the best with Daniel and Bure close second . sorry for the long answer ....bored
  12. I totally agree with that . Sorry I was trying to say that EP's agent might just not get the offer sheet he is looking for if that's his goal
  13. yeah but that wouldn't change the fact that it was a low offer sheet and not a high one . A high offer sheet does his agents job and gives a ton of leverage weather EP would sign it or not a low one says other team wouldn't give up the picks So no extra leverage
  14. Really like to see these contracts get done asap But I would rather see them get done where both EP , Hughes as well as the JB are all satisfied . There could be so many things holding the signings up and yet still be close . Outside of the obvious How long each contract is for along with money amounts for the different lengths . You have things like Signing and performance bonuses . How are the contracts set up in the last year leading to their next contracts . No trade clause's [ seems like a no brainer but I am sure JB would want something in return ] . there must be so many other possible
  15. Hughes reminds me of ME sitting on my couch watching my TV and Cheering !!!
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