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  1. The women players would be making negative integer salaries if it's gonna be based on their team's earnings. Nobody wants to spend enough money on such a poor sports entertainment option. And if it was subsidized by the men, it would eventually be plagued by constant hen nammering and virtue signaling about making the salaries equal. .
  2. I see the same transformation that Markstrom went through. Demko is just hitting it earlier, with a higher future ceiling. Markstrom had Miller during the same phase. Demko's rebound control has improved significantly compared to the first half of his games this season. Even more noticeable is his cross crease speed and read. It looks similar to Markstrom, a big body that had problems with positioning and tight lateral reads. I'm thinking Goalie coach is a big part of this. Demo looks much more composed and quick on the goal line movement. Less wide open nets. Quick to
  3. For all the cancellors here who are talking about blanket penalties for DUI, you are too short for the ride. Someone can be .05 in Canada and get a DUI. A .05 person isn't in the same league as an actual sloshed driver. You people who have been advocating for covid lockdowns and bootlicking on every clamp down stage of civic freedom are more of a harm to the general population than however many DUI assholes are driving on the road. Makes sense that you want to strip people of their jobs and assets. Witch hunting midwits the lot of you. It's a race to the bottom at th
  4. I'll take the asterisk cup. The start of something special.
  5. Concerns are spreading amongst the Vancouver Canucks fanbase and the rest of the league regarding Braden Holtby. Recent revelations have indicated that Holtby no longer has any discernable backbone left. If the theorists are correct, a dissolving backbone might help explain his declining numbers these past two seasons.
  6. So what they're telling me is that I shouldn't wear a sombrero, poncho and ammo belt at a Halloween party. No matter how sober and genuinely respectful I am. One of the uncomfortable facts of history is this, the pioneers and settlement phase of North America was actually the most humane example of mass migration in the recorded past. Made such because of the Christian ethos of the immigrant peoples, who themselves didn't have control of the reigns of power in DC and London. Factually, many atrocities were committed on both sides, as is the nature of war, let alone a 400 year
  7. In other important news, Glamour shots of Braden Holtby's new mask for the upcoming 2021 half-a-season have been released to the media. And despite its attractive and traditional design, it has garnered a lot of attention from the NPC community, that is, the community of non-playable characters. Along with the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community, formerly known simply as LGBT2SQ+ victims of old white men, BLM activists, ADL and SPLC representatives, the Indigenous Members of Parliament, formely preferring to be referred to as Aboriginals of Canada, as well as all of the mothers against drunk driving or ma
  8. this "sky is falling" thread is going to age like milk
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