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  1. This is an example of actual name calling. If you are implying that I don't have empathy for a victim of a sexual assault crime, because I'm simply advocating for due process, well you must be borderline _______ something. To presume that I'm ignorant of such trauma is telling of your own arrogant self righteous, snotty idiocy. My sister has been raped, and no I didnt, haven't, and am not inclined to victim blame. But to jump to, "we gotta believe all women" is one of the most detestable leaps when it comes to concepts of equality. You are posturing as if your protective sensibility is more sincere and respectable than the declarative defense of all peoples in society to be treated fairly. Sounds like you're a product of rhetorical feminist intersectional propaganda that I'm very well acquainted with. And some of those college boys you malign without your own research into the individual case's nuance killed themselves. But, good riddance am I right? Your ingrained concepts of privilege are revolting. To call someone a victim blamer for simply standing up to mob justice is cancer. Don't act or presume that others haven't experienced extreme trauma. I get that most of you are at least semi literate, being on a logocentric online community, but you are acting like it's spelled ad Hamonic. Victim blaming! Some pigs are more equal than others I guess. Have you even read more than one Eric Blair book? Your lack of a classical education is palpable, let alone your devoid understanding of 20th century history and basic power dynamics. Sit down son, and please refrain from insinuating nonsense about my father, who you, by comparison, are a grease spot both morally and physically. Jerk
  2. More sour puss nothings. Yeah I'm calling names cuz someone has to instill just a bit of shame into this mess of a condemning, Orwellian movement. Wake up
  3. You feel better after that whispered nothing? Sounds like you need to clean off your chest I'll feel better when this franchise' fanbase resembles more of a polite, rule of law society instead of a bunch of envious, entitled, indoor-cat city slicking rejects with nothin better to do than Karen crusade over matters of due process which precedent made, may totally ruin their own lives some day. Imagine if this happened while the nucks were on a playoff run? It'd be like Aaron Rome injustice times a thousand. You guys remember the Gomeshi case? Yeah he was/is a total douchebag, but Lucy from trailer park boys was totally into her interaction (s) with him as proven in, wait for it, a court of law. Jake isn't a gamma schmoozer, he's a stud NHL hockey player. He's also a human being and a Canadian citizen, born into hundreds of years of common law and magna carta heritage. The speed in which you all seem ready to fold into some semblance of a Chinese communist citizen rat parade, similar to Stazi Germany, is unnerving. Karma gonna come around one of these days for all y'all
  4. The fact that a professional hockey player will get put on leave simply because someone somewhere makes an accusation, is a disgusting perversion of due process and indicative of a larger regressive trend in our society. They started this in the state colleges where males were being automatically expelled because of a rape allegation. Lots of those rape allegations were proven false. All you midwits who think the organization did the right thing should be ashamed, and aware that the same thing could strip you of your ability to pay your bills, your mortgage, your rent, and literally destroy your life. Shame on all of you witch hunting, cancel-culture nazis. Just going along to get along eh Pathetic It's beyond ridiculous. Going to hotel rooms with Chad hockey stars and then making this accusation years later is suspect. Maybe Jake was inappropriate, maybe he wasn't. The most inappropriate thing to occur here is the rapidity in which a converged league will throw one of its players under the bus without due process. Corporate cancer trendy nonsense. YOU PEOPLE deserve a left field accusation in your life if you're pitchforking on this issue. Bunch of reeeeeeeeee tarts
  5. The women players would be making negative integer salaries if it's gonna be based on their team's earnings. Nobody wants to spend enough money on such a poor sports entertainment option. And if it was subsidized by the men, it would eventually be plagued by constant hen nammering and virtue signaling about making the salaries equal. .
  6. I see the same transformation that Markstrom went through. Demko is just hitting it earlier, with a higher future ceiling. Markstrom had Miller during the same phase. Demko's rebound control has improved significantly compared to the first half of his games this season. Even more noticeable is his cross crease speed and read. It looks similar to Markstrom, a big body that had problems with positioning and tight lateral reads. I'm thinking Goalie coach is a big part of this. Demo looks much more composed and quick on the goal line movement. Less wide open nets. Quick to his feet while staying aware of the puck movement.
  7. For all the cancellors here who are talking about blanket penalties for DUI, you are too short for the ride. Someone can be .05 in Canada and get a DUI. A .05 person isn't in the same league as an actual sloshed driver. You people who have been advocating for covid lockdowns and bootlicking on every clamp down stage of civic freedom are more of a harm to the general population than however many DUI assholes are driving on the road. Makes sense that you want to strip people of their jobs and assets. Witch hunting midwits the lot of you. It's a race to the bottom at this point. And Bert was right about Biden. Rhetoric guzzling simps actually think it wasn't a stolen result.
  8. I'll take the asterisk cup. The start of something special.
  9. Concerns are spreading amongst the Vancouver Canucks fanbase and the rest of the league regarding Braden Holtby. Recent revelations have indicated that Holtby no longer has any discernable backbone left. If the theorists are correct, a dissolving backbone might help explain his declining numbers these past two seasons.
  10. So what they're telling me is that I shouldn't wear a sombrero, poncho and ammo belt at a Halloween party. No matter how sober and genuinely respectful I am. One of the uncomfortable facts of history is this, the pioneers and settlement phase of North America was actually the most humane example of mass migration in the recorded past. Made such because of the Christian ethos of the immigrant peoples, who themselves didn't have control of the reigns of power in DC and London. Factually, many atrocities were committed on both sides, as is the nature of war, let alone a 400 year conflict. Also, the violence between indigenous peoples was extreme and shocking to the colonists upon arrival. So bitter and hating of neighboring nations they were, the native-Euro alliances were entirely welcomed by less powerful tribes in order to keep them protected from the genocidal practices of their warring neighbors. The "Mexicans" hated the Apache and the documented violence between those two peoples is interesting to find out about. Their "war-time" actions were similar in harshness to the shocking tit-for-tat that we still see today between Hindus and Muslims. And to qualify myself and my privilege, I have family members who went through the abusive residential school system. My cousin is an indigenous artist. I have complete respect for their culture and blood ties. But this topic of reparations theology is a tricky one. How many generations removed does it take for other people who are generations removed from past events to finish paying for an ongoing perceived victim hood. I'd like to have this conversation, in this country without being attacked ad hominem. My grandmother immigrated to Saskatchewn from Brazil, by oxcart, in the year 1900. My dad had dirt floors and no electricity. He worked harder in his life than anyone on this message board has or will. Privilege is everywhere. Its also a gradient concept that shouodnt be used to play identity politics.
  11. In other important news, Glamour shots of Braden Holtby's new mask for the upcoming 2021 half-a-season have been released to the media. And despite its attractive and traditional design, it has garnered a lot of attention from the NPC community, that is, the community of non-playable characters. Along with the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community, formerly known simply as LGBT2SQ+ victims of old white men, BLM activists, ADL and SPLC representatives, the Indigenous Members of Parliament, formely preferring to be referred to as Aboriginals of Canada, as well as all of the mothers against drunk driving or madada, have all voiced there unanimous concern about the appropriative mask's problematic existence in the current year 2020. To make matters worse, Braden Holtby, while being the first NHL player to march in the DC Pride Parade, is unmistakably white. But that's not all folks. Holtby's long time friend and artist who created the aggro symbol of oppression, eerily similar to masks worn by colonialist war criminals, is also himself a non-Indigenous occupier. Don't let his Swedish name of Gunnarson fool you into thinking he's a safe and subdued man. While indigenous to Sunniweden, he has spent much of his life in occupied, Indigenous-American land. And there's more. Gunnarson didn't consult any Indigenous artists before stealing from an entire nation's cultural identity. That nation in particular being comprised of a group of warring tribes from a loosely defined geographical area in the occupied PNW. Who's to say how this controversy will end. The Vancouver Canucks owner, Francesco Aquilini has already tried to commit seppuka, a public ritual-suicide in an effort to decolonize himself and restore his team's honor after Holtby's macro aggression woke the Canuck's ownership to its own appropriative Orca logo. Details have emerged however that Aquilini survived the attempt, having his chosen second swap his wetted Japanese katana for a composite hockey stick at the last second, in an effort to demonstrate complete remorse by not appropriating yet another nation's culture... from the other side of the globe. He is now on life support at Vancouver's BC Children's Hospital and expected to fully be given a second opportunity to end his shame.
  12. I have a close family member who's been in the scene for over 15 years. I just want to emphasize that legalizing and controlling substances isn't the magic fix that some wish it to be. Just because a prescription is written out at the clinic doesn't mean people's appetite for it is somehow more controlled. A dose is a dose, its nice to have it regulated for purity, but purity and ease of access doesn't curb the chemical reality of the addict. Families will still fall apart and people will still run out of money even if the regulated market is cheaper and more reliable. Also, I think its a mistake to say legalize everything. Cocaine is like coffee, meth is another level and opiates are another beast in regards to addictive quality. Its true that drug abuse and addiction have an economic correlation, but simply putting more resources into safe injection sites and providing pharmaceutical grade options isn't a grand fix. In fact I would suggest that there are multitudes of unintended consequences that crop up over time in a society that tries to fix a problem, using empathy and 'common sense' as a rudder. There's an entire generation in our society who have been turned into rentiers with no chance of ever owning their own little home. Its maybe hard for those of us who have the boomer and gen x inheritance hope to understand what is driving this systemic shift towards drug dependency. Sometimes its one bad decision that snowballs into speedballs and hopelessness. "Legalize everything" is about as effective an answer to a temporal problem as is a needle in the arm.
  13. Nice word play. Props I think we all acknowledge that the league makes calls within context of the score, period, and 50/50 penalty balance. I'm not sure what the 2 game penalty balance is at but it validates the criticism being raised against this series' officiating. The Sutter and Myers non-calls are border line egregious (ending up down a man w Beagle's response). High stick on Edler is one of those non-calls that happens often. Whether or not it results in a goal is somewhat besides the point. All of that said, there does seem to be a biased eye towards Vancouver ever since the Burrows drama. Maybe even Bert and Moore. Sedin getting speed punched by Marchand and then getting a 10 min misconduct is disconcerting (did that actually happen or am I mistaken?)... Keith's elbow. All the other instances involving injury. I'm definitely biased. League seems to have favouritism that protects star players on one team and exposes other teams' stars to injury.
  14. I'm waiting for that classic open ice hit from Edler. Keep it clean and mean. Remind the viewers what this sport is about.
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