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  1. Quinn was actually trending towards out pointing Makar actually. Hughes was just starting to rack up points at a higher pace when the season paused.
  2. Not "we", more like "some" think of Jake as still "just getting it". I have never been a fan of Jake's.
  3. Pretty much what I was saying. I don't think the kid really wants to put in the effort or even cares about being a top player. Some guys just dont have that drive. Can't win them all at the draft I guess.
  4. Virtanen was a mistake at where he was picked obviously. I dont have any time for a player that cant stay in shape, and kinda seems like just making the NHL was ultimately enough for him. Never been a fan of his at all after the world juniors.
  5. It was 3 games. Yes , big games , but still three games. Teams are not going to necessarily go "all in" with that sample size and assume he is the next Patrick Roy.
  6. You would not get even close to that return. That is basically what it would take to get rid of Erriksson. U would get almost nothing back in that trade.