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  1. He's had enough games now like that ( if u include last year) to be a little concerned for sure
  2. I'm not buying the training camp excuse either. Doesn't seem to have effected Hughes. Plus Pettersson struggled last season at times as well. Sure hope this isn't going to be a career trend for him.
  3. Well, seeing as nobody will actually answer , I'll assume he played like crap
  4. I waz actually asking.... I missed the game ....how did Pettersson play?
  5. He is still by far the consensus redraft first overall pick that year. Common. Pump the breaks
  6. Pettersson played like that for a good portion of last season as well. I'm not going to sit here and give him a pass personally and put it on Jim Benning. It's Pettersson's responsibility to be ready to play. If he hadn't played like this last season for long stretches as well, I'd say u might have a point
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