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  1. His season had nothing to do with teams learning anything they didn't already know. Ovie has been doing the same things forever and still scores non stop. It had to do with a serious wrist injury that made him hesitant to shoot.
  2. Hmmm. Ok then . Dhaliwal has some of the deepest contacts in the business . It was also tweeted a few days ago from another insider that montreal is planning on it .
  3. It wasn't taj reporting it. He retweeted it from Dhaliwal. 100% legit source
  4. So, Pettersson has to want to sign. That's not rocket science either
  5. Yep. It's a great way for a player to get every penny he can in negotiations, but not a great team move .
  6. And something tells me petey is going to wait to use it as leverage.
  7. Ya, but why? Is Pettersson holding out to see what the offer sheet might be ? They wouldn't be concerned if they were close to a deal right now. Not a good sign .
  8. Could be one of the best value contracts in the league in a year or two
  9. I agree he's used allot of cash for seemingly no reason, but he has from the start. The only way a GM like that keeps his job is if the owner has been in on those decisions and approves whatever reason they internally have for them. Aqua is not an absent owner. It's no secret he wants to have more to do with the team than signing cheques. Just ask Mike Gillis
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