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  1. Holtby was the only canuck worth watching tonight. He reminds me of Ryan Miller. Hope they actually put a good team on front of one of these goaltenders for once. 2011 was a decade ago. It's fn time to get out sht together.
  2. At least somebody was impressed tonight. Just sucks demko s own team twitter page was happy he got embarrassed
  3. I guess money doesn't buy u everything. It does however buy u a suit that doesn't fit and shoes that make u look like a penguin apparently.
  4. You would think a guy with hockey vision this good could see his feet. RONALD MC DAVID.
  5. This is the first time I've been ashamed to be a canucks fan. This isn't class to me, it's a disgrace... our official Twitter page? To each their own I guess.
  6. Pretty sure this is an actual pic of Dan riccio after mcdavid s 100th point
  7. He has more important things to worry about then points , like what is he going to do when alberta deems Clearasil non essential
  8. Am I taking crazy pills ? Last time I checked , connor mcdavid wasn't a canuck. What's with all the sportsnet 650 handjobs over his 100th point ?
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