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  1. you need to make cap room! you don't wait for cap room, that's wasting another year of our cores ability to move forward.
  2. Because Tampa will also get a second round pick and by taking the LTIR contracts of Ferland and Beagel they in essence will be able to spend another 6.5 million over the cap, which more then covers Schmidts deal.
  3. Savard is to slow, and is not Larson, Hamonic would fit with Rathbone perfectly, and Myers and Edler would be an amazing third pair
  4. Tampa will be able to apply Ferland and Beagels combined salary of 6.5 million as money they are allowed to spend over the cap, so this actually covers Schmidts deal +.
  5. Of course Motte and OJ sweeten the deal to take Ericsson off our hands. A team like Detroit, Columbus, or Ottawa jump at the opportunity at adding two players that will play in their line up for years to come.
  6. On this board, I'll take it, usually people flame away, but if you break it down it makes total sense. We need a legit #1 RD to play Hard minutes along side Hughes, and Larson is a stud, not flashy, just super sound. Granlund fills the need to make our second line much better, and creates winger depth. Cireli is the perfect fit for us moving forward, and stabalizes a line with two very good young players in Hoglander and Podkolzin.
  7. You might have to add OJ, but Im ok with that to, or a 3rd rounder
  8. Oh Ya there's no way Greener is coming back, the team stopped playing for him prior to them getting Covid. They stopped exerting maximum effort, and protecting the puck, the two things Green values most in a team.
  9. That guy is Adam Larson, and if they resign Hamonic he could be that guy to play on the right side, alongside Rathbone who will be our second LD, and bring Edler back at 3.25 million per year times 2 years, and you have a very competent third pair with Edler and Myers. Where is Schmidt you ask, well he gets moved with along with our 2021 2nd rounder, plus Ferland's LTIR, and Beagles LTIR cap helping contracts to Tampa Bay for Anthony Cireli. Your welcome JB, as I just did your job for ya. Oh ya, you'll need to package up a sweetner to move Eriksson and that will have to be Motte (I hate losing
  10. I completely agree, we get two wins and that's it, and finish with 45-46 points to finish 27th. This leaves the Canucks with an 8.5% chance of winning the draft lottery and they finally will win the draft lottery. They will move the 1st overall pick to Columbus for the 5th overall and Patrick Laine. With the 5th overall the Canucks will select Luke Hughes. They will also mover Boeser to Minny for Dumba and their 2021 1st round pick. Virtanen will be moved, and Eriksson plus incentive (!st round pick obtained from Minny). Canucks pick up Adam Larson in the UFA market. New look lines:
  11. You think Sutter will take the league minimum? Who's smoking crack Bro! Your not getting Sutter for less then 3 mil. We already have a bunch of those utility guys killing us at 3 mil. So NO! to Sutter, I'd rather put Boyd their, or move Motte to the middle on the 3rd line.
  12. So this year is a 56 game season, last year was a 72 game season, prior to that he had 64 pts, 54 pts, 61 pts, and was injured for two seasons (but on pace for 65 pts, and 72 pts), and prior to those season had 71 pts and 63 pts per season. Seems pretty damn good to me, trap team and having those types of outputs is better then Horvats 55 pt seasons on a attacking team. You really don't understand how valuable RJ would be to this team, and that's ok. But before you crap on the offer think a little.
  13. Johansen is an awesome player, regularly gets 60 points on a trapping teams. Here in Vancouver in a role with our top line he pushes 75-80. That sucks pretty bad doesn't it canuktravella. What really sucks is the idea of bringing in TJ from Tampa, are you actually thinking of ways to improve the team or straight ruin the team?
  14. exactly, and that's why JB will try and get them for that 4th year.
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