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  1. Benning's trades and free agent history is abysmal and I think the only reason he's not been canned is the owners reluctance to fork out the money he has to pay him and then pay a huge amount to a new GM! Let's hope he doesn't screw up this upcoming draft by going on a crazy deal to impress the owner who continues to meddle as he did with Trevor Linden who was stabbed in the back as Trevor's assessments have been shown to be the correct course to take!!! At least coach Green and keeping Ian Clarke the goalie coach was a positive move!
  2. I agree keeping our 9th pick is a wise move unless some crazy GM loses his mind and makes us an offer we can't refuse as per Don Corleone!!! If you look at all the rankings from those so called experts you'll find a wide ranking system that some players are at the high end dropping lower and even out of the top ten! We'll get a quality player at 9 but might be a pick that will be at least a year or two away!
  3. If I could laugh like Jameson I would as this so called trade is a pipe dream!
  4. I agree this is laughable we need to keep our pick and get a whole lot better in our draft picks!
  5. Wow somebody must be in dreamland or smoking some wacky tobbacky! Lol I'm sorry but Ferland's career is over, Ericksson's contract is too steep so no one in their right mind will touch these players! I've always liked Jake but now that his legal situation has been resolved he needs a fresh start but it would be foolish if the Canucks just give him away and not getting a decent return! Also I'm puzzled in how many players in the top ten are rated high or even out of the top ten by so many different draft experts!! There's no consensus who'll be number 1 or even if top 5 or even top10!!! I guess it'll be what teams needs or priorities might be!
  6. Will Hughes get drafted by New Jersey to play alongside his brother as I doubt he'll be available at 9!? Canucks need need a right shot defenseman and that I hope is Brandt Clarke, but that's a pipe dream! Keep the pick and draft the best player available!!! For some reason I've got a funny feeling he's about to make a big splash at the draft!
  7. Got to keep Miller with Petey! Miller as a 3rd line centre is a waste!
  8. I'm curious who might be available for the Canucks at the 9th spot and I'll bet it'll be a Swede! Lol! I'm hoping Brandt Clarke will be the player they covet but he should be long gone! It all depends on the teams ahead of the Canucks whom they like and their needs but don't y'all think best player available when the Canucks pick!? Does Benning move up or drop down or trade the pick for a player that is young enough and talented that fills a need?
  9. I still like the Spitfires for the Abbotsford team!
  10. There are some silly rules that need to be changed! What do y'all think and which ones you'd like to address! The Trapezoid is just ridiculous! Plus get the referees to apply the rules in a consistent manner and the abuses players are getting away with in the playoffs but the ticky tack ones could be ignored! Say yall!
  11. Well nice to read these comments about the pros and cons about the possibility of pursing Hamilton as the need to draft/sign a RD defenseman I believe is a.priority! Brandt Clarke may not be available and the remaining top remaining defensemen are all LD's! Then Canucks must draft the best player at number 9! A reminder that the Canucks in 2022 get relief in cap space which will help immensely!
  12. Should the Canucks pursue Doug Hamilton?
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