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  1. Some would rather take on the risks of catching covid than be vaccinated. Why is it important for you to make that decision for them? We are safe. The idea that they will be a breeding ground for a superbug seems lame. In the UK not half the population vaccinated yet the virus seems to be toast. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/
  2. I'm vaccinated so there's no reason for me to care if you or John Oliver are vaccinated because I'm fully protected from a serious outcome of Covid. https://www.forbes.com/sites/siladityaray/2021/03/22/astrazeneca-vaccine-100-effective-in-preventing-severe-disease-and-hospitalizations-us-trials-show/?sh=3b95e3e24364
  3. John Oliver is a propaganda point man. He lies about the salient point. Vaccinate vulnerable people are 95% protected and 100% protected from HOSPITALIZATION. Funny how he forgot to mention that. Is he stupid or dishonest?
  4. Weird that the news going to bother to come out with the obvious. Why not just continue with the bs after getting all the fact checkers on board. Will facebook and twitter reinstate all the people they banned. They really have to let free speech prevail instead of pretending they have some special ability or calling to enact censorship. https://www.wsj.com/articles/intelligence-on-sick-staff-at-wuhan-lab-fuels-debate-on-covid-19-origin-11621796228
  5. TheFly


    Good to hear because you weren't ready for this one.
  6. What the holy hell is Biden doing lifting the sanctions for Putin's Nordstream pipeline. What a crazy gift to Putin out of nowhere. Providing a huge market for that environmentally friendly russian gas and taking away potential LNG markets for his own country. Putin must have something worse than pee tapes on Joe. Make Russia great again! What a frickin joke.
  7. Well... I still have my 100 shares. If it rises 10% from here I will be back in black.
  8. Bought 300 ebit at $18.60. Sold 200 Ebit at $17.60. lol Now that's what you call dipping your toe in the water.
  9. Yeah, they definitely have the talent.
  10. Do you think Pettersson and Hughes can lead us to a cup?
  11. I wonder if anyone else here has the guts or brains to admit Gillis's worst mistake was wasting 56 million dollars signing the Sedins for 4 more years. That was suffering. Purely a 4 year delay in a necessary rebuild if winning a Stanley cup was of any interest.
  12. Me too. Always my winger on table hockey. Guevermont on defence.
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