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  1. Is Rathbone playing today? For some reason, I have a really good feeling about this kid.
  2. LOL literally. I hate Toronto media so much, hate the leafs in general. Like no one wants to see a Foligno replay 35 times
  3. it’s not always about getting a player that’s better than the usual 4th/5th pick, it’s about leveraging draft picks to use for trades when trying to clear cap space. We have a lot of $&!#ty contracts that we need to get rid of, and I feel like if we stocked up on draft picks, it makes it much easier to get rid of these large contracts and sign better players in free agency with the available cap space we free up. But yes, I do agree that I’d rather just have Bowey than a 4th round pick, but specifically for the canucks, we need as many picks as we can get.
  4. JT Miller has been such a treat to watch over the last few games, especially since Petey has been out. He took that role of being that offensive force and man he's taken full advantage of it. Still gives up the puck at times but he's been dominating in the offensive zone as of late, glad to have him on the team.
  5. Agreed, but I was shocked to see him, and even Sutter play over Hogz in OT. It was pretty shocking tbh
  6. Agreed. Myers has been one of our best DMen this year, but people keep using him as a scapegoat. I'd be terrified if he were to get hurt, not sure how bad we'd be without him.
  7. I honestly don't think NT is coming back. He's doing well in Russia and things are going well for him, not too sure if he's going to want to leave a comfortable life there to play in Van. Hope i'm wrong though.
  8. I agree, but I don't think we'll even have enough cap space to retain all those guys... that's the real issue. Unless our core takes substantial pay cuts to remain intact, we really need to start competing soon and hopefully become contenders.
  9. Hughes isn't going anywhere. Shocked that people are actually considering this, especially for a kid who isn't proven at all.
  10. Hughes and Petey are getting at-least 7M. I'd be shook if they get anything less.
  11. We can't rely on Marky forever. I think JB made the right move to let Marky go, especially with the expansion draft coming around the corner. I don't think goaltending is currently the issue right now, the defense is terrible and I guess a lot of it is due to the tough schedule and the lack of practice time. I do agree though that Toffoli should've been resigned, especially at 4.25 M. And Stetcher of course.
  12. Seems like as soon as he got more playing time, his stats just keep going up and up. Looking like an absolute star right now, can't wait to see him in a Canucks jersey soon.
  13. When do you guys think nightclubs will open up? I feel like even after the vaccine roll out, I highly doubt these clubs will open up immediately and a lot of people are saying that we won't see these places open till the end of 2022.
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