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  1. Gotta feel bad for Marky and Tanny on this one... That's a lot of icing upcoming and major PK's for the 2 games a year he decides to actually throw a badly timed hit or two.
  2. Carolina done us all a favour here and they really made a statement that just because they are in a small market they won't be bullied by other teams trying to price them out of keeping their own talent. Of course this was an owner pushed move - doesn't really makes sense for their team on the ice if KK signs - but does from a strategic business POV, likely saves them money in the long run as it will scare a few teams off from looking stupid again by trying to inflate contracts of their RFAs . . Just old BargainBin who was bulging out his pink shirt with pride after the massively underwhelming offer sheet on Aho is now doing. Now Carolina is reallllly making him look like a chump. He now has to overpay for a RFA who isn't worth it or lose a #3 overall pick for what could be a underwhelming return if its a late 1 & 3. In a flat cap era these offer sheets are dangerous AF. As this is exactly what happens down the line - payback gets dropped hard when u can least afford it and end up losing a valuable asset for magic beans. If we had made the offersheet on Aho - you could have been dam sure they would have done the same in offering Garland a 6M deal, meaning they get a good player a bit more expensive in AAV but cheaper in assets than we likely paid ( depending on how u view the value of the other pieces in that deal ). That's how u really get hurt - Teams are always going to match on franchise players. So what's the point. If those idiot Vegas fans plan played out - we would still match on Petey and resign hughes to big money, if they had to, but then have to trade out another piece or asset to make the room. Then watch out Vegas on any future RFA's - and lets be honest they are one of the most cap challenged team around. Big risk to take for something with little chance of succeeding in the first place. Benning as even said he will match any O.S on Petey.
  3. Ooofff - a little rich for me for what Sam brings. I'm even happier now we went the Garland route and i've always been a big Sam Fan.
  4. Really hope that Jett can develop into a solid 2nd pair or better D - i really liked what i saw of him last year in Utica - clearly very raw still but hopefully another year in the A will smooth some of that out. On the topic of the other D - it does trouble me we have thus far failed to develop any of our D picks in the last 10 years - which has ultimately lead to us overpaying for players like Myers, Poolman etc in free agency. I don't count us having developed Quinn as he came onto the team straight from college. If we could have hit on one of the many, many D we have drafted and even auditioned in recent memory we would probably have another 5M to spend on impact players. Not sure if its a drafting issue or development issue but its pretty depressing. Lets just hope Oli and Jack both can turn into players, Missing on Oli as well as a top 10 pick would make it even more dire, tho i accept the injury problems that have held him back thus far were outside the control for management. One has to just hope they are now in the past as he did look like a player at times last year.
  5. Thanks for this post !! This was the exact analytical deep dive I was looking for on OEL's recent performance and makes me feel that bit better about the signing for sure. JB's press conferences have worried since he never has been able to articulate why he took the 'gamble' on this signing for me. It was all just 'Wellllll .... he's a good player blah' but, he couldn't really articulate why he felt the slide in form could be turned around and why it had happened in the first place, despite being directly asked by several members of the press. Really hope OEL can turn it around for us. Would love to get his jersey and add it to the collection of other great Swedish players I have over the years Sadly Loui never made that cut. For those making that comp tho, i think its worth to remember that he was coming off a career year in Boston, not on the decline when we signed him. I also think his play style was ultimately a bad fit offensively for the team when he first arrived - Not a great fit with the twins, and below that he really thrived in a high shot generating team, We just didn't really have that fire power for him to thrive on for the first few years of his career - then he had visibly given up and slowed down by the time the new guard arrived. OEL can play whatever role needed on the blue line and i think he will be much more defensively responsible than Nate last year - at least i hope sooo.
  6. I think a shortish term deal 1yr pref - 2yr max 1-1.5M - Bridge our C vaccum in the hope that we can fill from within by the 2 yr mark. No problems bringing Sutter back if he will take pay in that region. Tho his injury history probably means we need a backup C and i'm not really sure who that is looking at the Abby roster - organization C depth is still a huge problem - losing Lind and Jasek no working out Getzlaf sounds interesting - haven't seen much of him in the past 2 years so not sure how much of a cliff he has fallen off. His size would great back there tho. Actually really liked what i saw from the short stint of Graovac this year - can he make it through a whole season and maintain that end of season play ? If so i'm good !
  7. Keep the factory rolling Clarkie boy !
  8. Would be super interested to see him in Abby - get him into the system and close to home with the best coaches on tap. He's already playing against men in Belarus, and last time i was there the average dude was not small.
  9. Also reading about and watching some video of his skating. If we could get him into training with one of the staking coaches that has helped Bo and Gadj over the years there could be a gold mine of easy improvements to make there just on the general dynamics of his movement - if he fixes a few of those things the kid will absolutely fly I think.
  10. I realllllly LOVE this pick !! Klimovich was highly noticeable in the U18's as the driving of a dark horse team. He has Hoglander++ kinda upside for a pick in this range. Big, Mean, Smart, wicked goal scorer - Ovie lite comparisons are a thing. I feel if we had more picks we would probably have made a different one. Was surprised we didn't take Stankoven or Raty, but I guess the size and game fit for us of Stank, and the persistent concerns about personality and attitude on Raty put them off. The Virtanen comparison is a complete miss-representation. The problem with Klimovich is his temper, he plays with a ton of fire and needs to temper some of that. Still way less than L'Hereux in my opinon who was taken in the first round. Watch his positioning on the ice and tell me he is a dummy, Kid has great smarts, and while not as fast as Jake he has better hands and is no slouch himself. There's always some hate when you don't take the well known Canadian kid. Great to see the tweet from his agent - the kid still looks like he is very raw - If we can control and assist his development he could be an impact player in 2 years of less I think.
  11. Yeah i'm pretty happy with the trade - as previously mentioned i wasn't high on Guenther. I think McTavish, Johnson or one of the D could have huuuge upside. Don't see it with him. So allll good with OEL and Garland ! Winners for me today : Columbus - what a draft ! If those players hit their ceiling they will have rebuilt the core of their team in one draft + adding Boqvist. Mini - Bold moves - Trading up for Walstetd ( EDM Whyyyyy ?!) and getting Lambos at 26 - really bold job of reshaping that franchise this year. Winnipeg - Lucius gonna fit in like a glove with their other skill players at 18 Boston - Lysell a great pickup for them that far down. Arizona - Add a key empty net specialist and 3 time faceoff winner via trade.
  12. When this first broke i absolutely hated it. Now, post draft, i'm actually pretty happy with it. Zona took Guenther at 9th - Watched a lot of minutes of him this year and I see a lot of things I didn't like. He does have good upside for sure, but also higher bust potential i think. I didn't feel he would add too much to our core that couldn't be acquired on the open market. Also unlikely to contribute for 2 years at least. I would say there's only a 15% chance that he turns into a better player than Garland, but that's just my opinion of course. Garland is an absolute class player now ! Would have been a little more gutted if we had missed, Johnson, McTavish, Hughes or Clarke who I had felt might be on board if someone had taken a goalie or made a reach - but as it REALLY happy with this trade. Absolutely loved OEL when he was younger. I've seen him frustrate the Sedins and Kes many times in his prime - those who say he's a liability in his own end are not telling the full story there. I haven't seen a lot of him the past 2 years - but he isn't anywhere near as bad as some people are making out. Not an 8M player anymore - but were not paying that right I could have lived with waiting out the bad contracts for one more year, but look what not supporting the core this year did as we saw a huge regression. Was that a big contributing factor to our losing season - who knows for sure, but its a good theory. I'm all for having a winning culture ! I guess the plan is we have a 3 year window to see what happens now - gonna be exciting to see !
  13. Doesn't Washington have a similar ludicrously low tax rate to Florida ? I believe i read that somewhere. If so probably explains this and a lot of other steals to come. Honestly can't believe that both us and EDM wouldn't have gone upto 4.5 for this guy. So possibly the tax break and the lack of absolutely terrible local media must be a thing. Either that or both teams are looking elsewhere...
  14. Couldn't agree more !! I think there are too many other players with really high skill ceilings and floors in the top 5 to blow that pick on McTavish. Most certainly that would be the Hayton / KK effect if he does, a team that is absolutely desperate for a center making that reach - and that team sure as $&!# aint NJ with Hughes and Hischer down the middle. Sure McT would make a great 3rd line center for them - but is that what u wanna waste a #4 on ?! They really gonna pass on one of the big D - like Luke Hughes ? I can see Columbus taking him - specially with if Torts was still there, however again - this is a team with very little skill, especially with Jones and probably Laine outgoing next year. I'm swining for the fence if i'm them as well.
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