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  1. I suspect that's because Green has been hell bent on making sure the players "buy in." I've always heard him say that. I think that sentiment applies in terms of player development and maturity, but hopefully he hasn't lost sight of his responsibilities of making sure the strategies he tries to deploy fit well with his players and are effective against opposing teams.
  2. Well, we'll see about that. I previously said that I hope this piss poor defence being amplified with the absence of Markstrom will finally trigger the coaching staff to have a look in the mirror and change things around.
  3. I don't follow. I've pointed out before that the coaching staff need to adjust their strategies, especially on the defensive side.
  4. I'll reserve my judgement until some of those bad contracts he signed start coming off the books at the end of this year. It'll be interesting to see how he manages new, much needed cap space.
  5. I believe the Canucks will turn it around, but to think we're in the clear is delusional. A handful of contracts Benning handed out is coming back to bite us, but at the same time, to claim he's a GM worthy of getting fired is delusional as well. These are growing pains. Acknowledge that the team is by no means perfect, but the Canucks have certainly improved, and there's also a lot of room for improvement as well. It'll also be interesting to see if, and how, Green and his coaching staff adjust.
  6. "I love Fox news" "I was getting my news from Twitter" "I stopped watching Fox because they were going farther and farther to the left" lol ok
  7. It's not a matter of our record. It's the way the Canucks play. Odd man rushes and playing passive defence has been a problem for years and is independent of Markstrom's play. I think the Canucks will turn it around too, but I don't mind if they regress a bit this year either. Rebuilds don't go up in a straight, upward trajectory. Hell, even Colorado had setbacks.
  8. I actually don't mind this slump the Canucks are going through. It finally exposes all the flaws that were covered up by Markstrom's unbelievable goaltending. Whether it be a change in coaching strategies, Benning's approach to (re)signing players, etc hopefully this will convince Benning and Green that there is still a lot more work to do. With or without Markstrom's stellar goaltending, the way the Canucks were playing the past few years was unsustainable and now that Markstrom's left, we can really see why that's the case.
  9. CDC always reminds me why the media point out the Canucks fanbase for being the one that's constantly angry and upset compared to others in the league.
  10. Horvat didn't look too pleased with the defence there. Not sure wtf Schmidt was doing.