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  1. I think firing would have been in order for Bowman in Chicago as he was still there, not stepping aside & out. But I think Chevy and Quenneville will be stepping down shortly as teams want to distance themselves from this discussion as soon as possible. It is already inserting the Panthers and Jets organizations into every article and discussion about this topic. Chevy will not be a big issue or loss imo but Florida with the start they are having, will not benefit from this one no matter what they do.
  2. That was one loud game! Looked bad for a while there and I wasnt sure we’d find a way to come back but Bo led his team and gave us life. I’d like to see Podkolzin back in the line-up and when we get Motte back we’ll have a more entertaining and buzzing bottom-6. I don’t even wanna like Burroughs but his play is slowly growing on me.
  3. Well that was a horrible game by the team. I always try to see the positives but there was just about nothing good to say. First 10-15 minutes was good but that’s it. Pettersson line did nothing. Dickinson looked off again. I have high hopes for him to be solid but so far it hasn’t been the case. Hunt? Was he on the ice? And looked like Poolman played forward more than d. LOL at Canucks being just about last in faceoffs. Not what we were expecting coming into the season. That was supposed to be our strength early on.
  4. What on earth is Zadina going on about? Garland was gonna play the puck regardless, Garland was gonna hit Zadina regardless. Garland had his back to Zadina while playing the puck and Zadina as the only one with eyes on the situation put his head down even when he saw the hit coming a mile away. Things happen fast but he knows his head hit the numbers so why cry about it after the game. I can understand heated feeling in the moment on the ice but afterwards with a situation clear as daylight. Jeez. Other than that, good looks but Greiss was a wall. PP needs to execute and my lord, reffing at the highest level simply cannot be that difficult! 3rd period vs Philly was tough to swallow but this was even worse. Both ways. Calls were off by a coutry mile, soft ones called and proper ones missed all game. Sidenote, do you have to be toothless to play for the Wings? Not many seem to have a full set.
  5. Oh well. Too bad but not too bad. I hope he gets a shot to play there. Canucks depth is regarded with much affection it seems. Surprising to many CDC memebers?
  6. Has anyone got anything positive to say to start the year btw? Weak d, AHL roster, spotty lineup, Jim making bad choices, TG making even worse choices, zero pushback… this will definitely be a season lost by CDC standards..? Nevermind. I’m excited!
  7. I just hope they add this vaccination rule to the new NHL22 so the game can automatically suspend your player if not vaccinated when teams cross the border in be a player. #augmentedreality
  8. Good job. Hope he can get his game going there.
  9. This has be one of the strangest offseasons and starts to a season / camp I can recall with so many both exciting and uncomfortable situations around the league. From injuries, gambling accusations to holding out for contracts and anti-vaxxers etc. - Seattle Kraken coming in - Olympics issues - Monteal drafting saga - Kaprizov to KHL rumors and Minny buyouts in general - Hughes/Pettersson still unsigned - Tkatchuk and his brother in the mix - Mr & Mrs Kane - Weber, Price, Hoffman and many others failing medicals - Tarasenko rumors - Jack Eichel drama - Vaccine protocols and issues around it - Malkin, Crosby, Bäckström and many other out and this is just a part of stuff that feels off vs. a normal start to a season. It feela like every team has so many unfinished things that should have been / could have been resolved during the summer.
  10. Even I am getting frustrated already. Get this done and get the guys to camp. We need a good camp and a strong start to the season. If we start polrly it will definitely reflect on morale and we’ll be chasing all year long. This needs to happen now!
  11. Well then you are disliking his comments (and him for the wrong reasons). He never said he would play elsewehere or leave. He was asked about his future and he stated he wants to be here and the upcoming season is exciting with the new additions. To the second question about his contract he said dunno what will happen after his contract is up, he just wants to play for a team that can win - and even the he was kinda lured into saying something and he just couldn’t express himself all that well.
  12. Probably a good thing for him to get away from it all. Likely not his first choice, but most likely the only serious option (KHL) at this point. I hope to see him back in the NHL 1-2 years from now. If not, I doubt he’ll be back at all.
  13. I hope we have the full squad ready for camp. After the last few years and struggles we’ve had it would be a serious blow to our chances of starting out well enough. We need to be a playoff team. We need that, even Jim needs that. We need everyone ready when it’s time for game one. Not having everyone at camp will be a big negative.
  14. Devastating. Really, really sad. This news made me instantly want to take both my boys and hug them really tight. You never know what can happen.
  15. Even if the NHL and the team both would like to relocate the Coyotes, I highly doubt they can get it done in a year. Even if they try and focus on it full-time. And they don’t even have a full year to work on it.
  16. Nice deal both ways. They have goaltending under control even with Pekka moving on. Preds probably had the most stable goaltending in the league over the last decade.
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