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  1. These coaches, Desjardins, Green and Cull among many others are all fine coaches and can get guys going and win games. The thing that I feel makes all the difference for us at this point in our rebuild is the fine line between good and great. Do we really still want to be ok or good - or is it time for high gear? I’m okay with Green, he seems like a nice guy to have around. But is nice and okay what we really need when we are finishing 26th or 27th again?
  2. Yay. No way anyone here is dumb enough to start saying we are collecting CHI leftovers or something similar to the stuff that was said about our TOR pickups earlier... That would not be fair.
  3. Could be, but Gaudette didn't seem to fit in too well on C so maybe he wasn't in their future plans anyways going forward.
  4. More news like this and I fear the Canadian provinces will back away from letting teams play games. Hope everyone is safe there!
  5. I’m fine with the named divisions. The stickers on the helmest make me sad. Gotta say I actually initially thought the Caps ”Capital One” helmet looked good and stylish. Didn’t bother me at all. Now when I scrolled through all the ones that are there - oh my...! I definitely understand and get that this is needed at this time to keep the business side rolling. And if it stays for good, ok. But only on the lids please!
  6. Seems like a character guy and fits the mold we seem to be looking for in guys. Leaders, hard workers, big time team players.
  7. He's already played in the KHL, and has two more years to develop. Not a bad choice, but he'll probably take his good time to adjust to NA hockey when he arrives...
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