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    Besides the obvious fact that I'm a Canucks fan since 1992, I happen to like bikes, crossfit, snowboarding, international ice hockey, Formula 1 and cars in general as it is my occupation to know them and sell them.

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  1. Not bad at all. If the Avs had a #1 goalie I’d say they would be my bet to win the cup next year.
  2. I think we must. If not, he is definitely in the wrong line of business.
  3. The Great One, The Magnificent One, The Next One, The Special One… and the Future… consideration.
  4. GMJB got out GM’d by… what do I know. We could easily have agreed to give up a first for all we know
  5. Future considerations is a beauty of the NHL today (again). We definitely need some depth on that front so thumbs up all the way.
  6. Totally close to being off-topic but when someone says that I always think of Bure-Odjick. Mismatch in every way possible but closer than any of us can imagine.
  7. Figures as Detroit is so deep into a rebuild. Could probably have had a 5-6 year deal as well if he really wanted.
  8. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nick-ritchie-vie-top-six-role-maple-leafs/ True I feel a bit sore @ my behind from all the nonsense on SN and TSN about how we were so bad on day 1 and how tough it will be with OEL etc. D+ was like the best review we got. But THEN SN says Ritchie is a top-6 candidate on the Leafs like he is Connor McDavid or something. I know the Leafs are the crown jewel but c’mon I can’t take it!
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/nick-ritchie-toronto-maple-leafs-1.1676011
  10. The guy has some potential still. Hope he has a healthy and productive year this time.
  11. I could see OEL - Myers taking on the heavies duties and toughest opponents. Hughes and Hamonic the next wave on tougher opposition. Schenn, Juolevi and Rathbone maybe a bit easier tasks. At least to start the year.
  12. This thread is proving that the time for my summer hiatus from CDC is closing in. All relevant discussion has by the looks of it been finalized and what’s left is insult after another on fellow fans. You reading this - don’t take it personally. It has been like this here for over 15 years but it feels just as silly every year. It starts 2-3 days after UFA begins and stays that eay until camp.
  13. I think this was Arizona’s best trade / move in many years. Absolute steal and a pure hockeydeal, which we don’t see in AZ too often.
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