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  1. fine, than ask that dwight k schrute guy. pm him and ask him what a tranny is

  2. it doesnt mean anything, just ask stealth and it will be all good


  3. alright so its either tranny, n00balicious or pusilips?

  4. i got exams soon.. provincials

  5. just ask, pm tim and say "hey tim, i was just wondering... what is a tranny?". whys that so bad?

  6. damit taterballs than ask tim

  7. send a pm to stealthnuck, he'l know

  8. tranny boy

    search it up

  9. ahahahah, ask stephhhh14 or whatever the hell it is

  10. donr worry your not a tranny

  11. dance the dance of life

  12. hey, dont worry im just jk of course


  13. do you even know what it mean?


  14. well u gonna do it or not. ya tranny

  15. arnt u gone yet?

  16. change ur name to either "babaganoosh" or "tranny"

  17. i dont mind them

  18. no body likes texas

  19. so texas eh

    hows it goin there cowboy

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