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  1. mcmilllllaaannn

  2. yo did u get banned

  3. best name on cdc

  4. yes!

    you did it, you are the man


  6. so what r u.. 8 yrs old now?

  7. so what r u saying than? u think u own the place or something

  8. obviously cool beans can, what are you insane?

  9. could iLinden make a burito so hot, that no even he, iLinden could eat it! :o

  10. well hurry up than

  11. whos tim?

    so taternuts or cowpoke?

  12. wtf u said ud change ur username

  13. meh, i wanted to spice it up a little

  14. ok i changed mine to cool beans now you have to change yours to either tater nuts or cowpoke

  15. "coolbeans" or "cool beans"

  16. iLinden change ur username to taternuts

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