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  1. As previously stated you're in for such a rude awaking it's not even funny. Here's a news flash for you, we're in a recession. 5 years ago I could quit my job today and find a job tomorrow. Now it'll take me a week (and trust me I can network like no other). You want to know what your degree means? It means you might be better than the person without a degree and no experience. That other guy sitting next to you though, yeah the guy with no degree and 5 years of experience, he just used your degree as toilet paper. Welcome to the real world. Accept the job that gives you an opp
  2. After watching the finale (I don't get to watch the show until thursday so I can watch it with my wife) I have to say it was very disappointing. There just wasn't the big cliffhanger that show have occurred. I mean if thats the events they wanted to end with why not just end with the Red Wedding? That leaves more for people to talk about. Also, why state that it was Ramsay Snow torturing Theon? I preferred how in the books you didn't even know WHO Reek was until later. The least they could do is allow viewers to guess about it all until next season. Overall I was a bit disappointed wi
  3. Seriously I want the book series to be finished more than the TV series. There is far too much left unanswered!
  4. Banned for appearing to be contemplating smoking his mustache.
  5. Is embarrassed by his love for another man.
  6. Thanks. VC would be the person who made my sig. He's just another poster on CDC

  7. nice sig, who is vc?

  8. Pretty much every other rail line in the world is able to do it without such a big issue I don't see why it would be for Vancouver.
  9. What about the games Naslund stole on his own? At one time he was the best player in the league, any time he was on the ice he was a threat.
  10. Yeah no kidding a real leader would hide away from all the media crying while letting the Sedins do all the talking. Yep best captain in the NHL right there! Edit: It amazes me how much people turn a blind eye to Luongo because he's Canadian yet has never shown anything that he is a good leader or even shown a true commitment to the team while bash Naslund because he's European yet he would face the media regardless how ruthless they were and always stated how commited he was.
  11. what did you name your username after?

  12. Thanks for the profile view. :)

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