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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. You should ask him out before it is too late

  2. I dunno then. Maybe he likes you? lol

  3. OH I dunno then. I still don't get what is so bad about staring at someone

  4. What were you doing when he was staring at you? It isn't like you were bending over or anything lol

  5. What's so bad about that? lol he was pobably just looking at the birds or something.

  6. You wern't nood by any chance when he saw you? That would be a bad sign that yo have a stalker.

  7. maybe he or she is just lonely?

  8. Ok, that is kinda creppy =| have you ever talked to the guy before? maybe ask him why he follows you and stuff? lol

  9. Do they come to your house and peek on you? Do they follow you in real life? Didn't think so ;)

  10. Don't flatter yourself, I creep on everyone.

  11. fire? I only found a riddle that sounded like this one haha

  12. I gotta run to the library again for this one <_<

  13. Ok, so I went to my public library today and looked through their big book of riddles and found this exact one in it. The answer is memories.

  14. your breath?

  15. Hey today is your birthday too? lol I find it cool that the last comment on here was the birthday wishes I sent you on this very date a year ago :)

    Happy Birthday

  16. You wanna go me?

  17. toothbrush? lol this one is a tough one.

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