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  1. Ohhhhhhhh big boy has her blood boiling? Outta here fool. Luongo owes you nothing and although you post 100x’s a day neither does anyone else. Get a hobby besides posting here 24x7. Luongo is the greatest goalie we ever had and no matter how many shyte posts you make in every GDT or which ever thread you find, it will not change that fact. You are a bitter chump. Quit being a bitter girlfriend.
  2. Luongo is the best goalie we ever had and was the best player on that cup running team. end of story. night and so long
  3. These guys are both clowns who know Ish all about hockey or the Canucks. They just spew BS in a semi we-like-y’all-in-Vancouver kinda BS. Absolute morons.
  4. Noted. Cheers. Like I said, this is a Luongo retirement thread. Have some respect. Sorry for my disrespect in regards to that one post. Create another Tanev thread then mate.
  5. No problem sir. We are all Canucks or maybe some of us just began following. All the best. Pick your own players, but don’t discredit greats in a retirement thread.
  6. “Only Tanev remains to be seen” - $&!# man I would not have even responded if I read through your entire dribble.
  7. Unfortunately, time has let you down. Luongo, unfortunately, did not show his true character while he was here in Vancouver. If you saw Strombone1. You would know his true character. There is no reason that he always had to show it for the parasites here in the Vancouver media. He finally showed his character when he left. He performed his hardest while he was here. **oh and best we ever had means - best goaltender ever (didn’t think it needed to be clarified). Burrows and Hanson? LMFAO. Love their compete level, but although they are in a 1a and 1c level, I love them too don’t hate me too much (debloves)? Forget the name.... Luongo changed the entire swag of this team. Question that.
  8. Haven’t been here in a long time. Haven’t bought a piece of Canucks merchandise since Luongo was traded. (mulitiple jerseys/games/playoff games - when we made it). I was actually out of the country when he got f**ked out the Heritage Classic and eventually was traded. Worst decision ever. Made a pact with myself to never buy anything from this franchise ever again. As a EPL football fan we never turn on a player that obviously is giving their all everyday. i have finally come across a lil with our new management and hope we are going in the right direction. Still haven’t paid any money to the team (others have paid for tix and amenities). Luongo did everything for this city and exceeded. He was the Kwhai (still gotta google the spelling) guy who was as loyal as &^@# to city. Greatest goalie ever. Love you Lu and will try to get a championship in my own Mikey mouse league for you my idol. Bobby Lou, you are the best we have ever seen. Thank you, I love you. I cried tears of sadness and happiness today. i wish you the best in retirement sir.
  9. I am not a fear seeking individual, but I have been thinking of something hitting us hard really soon these days. I hope I am wrong.
  10. There was: An earthquake struck off the west side of Vancouver Island early Thursday morning, the second temblor to hit the area in less than a week. However, the U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 4.0 quake was unlikely to do any damage and there are no reports of the earthquake being felt. "This is likely an aftershock of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake of Friday, Sept. 9. There are no reports of damage, and none would be expected," said a statement from the USGS. The quake struck at 4:02 a.m. ET, 91 kilometres west-southwest of Gold River, B.C. at a depth of 25 kilometres beneath the Earth's crust. It was one of six quakes that struck between midnight and just after 4 a.m. along the Pacific Coast, from Baja, Mexico up to Alaska. On Sept. 9, a more powerful magnitude 6.3 quake struck in the same location off Vancouver Island. That temblor was felt across southwest B.C. and Vancouver Island, in the city of Vancouver and as far away as Kelowna. It spawned more than 100 aftershocks, ranging from magnitude 4.9 down to as low as magnitude 1. That quake was the most powerful to hit the area since Nov. 2, 2004 when a magnitude 6.6 quake occurred. http://montreal.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110915/quake-bc-earthquake-vancouver-island-110915/20110915/?hub=MontrealHome
  11. I watch the games. Watch the MLS. Watch the Caps. Majority of the time I watch players who cannot make a basic 1-2. Yes, you are right about the diving which any fan would agree with you about, but the "quality" (which u stated u don't care about) is not even close to almost any other league. Openings arrive because players are out of position. End of story. If you could care less about the "quality" of then game. That being said, I am sorry to come across as a know it all who's cannot be challenged. My basic thought was just I would like more opinionated people as yourself come into threads like this for healthy discussion. That is not happening here. Just to make it clear, although it may have come across thatyeah, by no means do I think I am a bigger/better fan than you. Each to their own.
  12. Oh and BTW lets go Caps! Haven't been able to make a match yet but do intend to and will be supporting my club all the way! Haven't won many games but that is something to be expected in your first year. That being said, they have been extremely exciting to watch!
  13. Do you watch the EPL? The MLS is faster pace? Oh yeah... You could "care less about the quality of the game?" ?????
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