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  1. 4 hours ago, goalie13 said:

    He should not.


    Most titles were granted as part of a brilliant thread many years ago.  To cave and start changing people's titles based on this weak thread simply lessens the legacy of the original thread.

    hey bro I was there


    don't forget me, ever :)

  2. 1 hour ago, Qwags said:

    Yo @Master 112, you okay buddy? Nothing like getting 13 notifications that you have posted in 5 different threads.



    of course I'm okay


    I still have all my fingers and toes


    never had a ring nor piercing nor tattoo


    scars only, but more so blisters with time


    call me legend, call me titan, call me good for it


    I take my inspiration from Trevor Linden who screamed like hell through his pains and then walked into the dressing room like nothing happened


    that's who* I look up to


    because he gave me his rookie card



  3. On 2/13/2020 at 3:17 AM, canuktravella said:

      benning is gonna makes moves at deadline especially if tryamkin is finished yr i khl  sign him 3 yrs jimbo   he was a beast when i wat hed him play against ducks  getzlaf and perry and kesler were scared to  go into canucks zone by end of the game. 

    id love seeing what juolevi, rafferty and lind and gaz can do in bigs before playoffs.

    Hopefully benning unloads some of our vets at deadline  this team might ge getting wins but being outshot constantly isnt a good thing. In my eyes   4 of 7of  this group  (Schaller, Tanev, Sutter, Stecher, Fantenberg, Leivo, Baertchi) should be traded as cap dumps or in package deals for upgrades.  Eriksson needs to retire next yr or permanently play his contract out in ahl.


    miller petey virtanen

    pearson horvat boeser

    ferland  gaudette macewen 

    roussel  beagle motte 

    gravovac, bailey, lind, goldobin  


    edler myers

    hughes tryamkin 

    juolevi benn

    rafferty, brisbois 

    you're missing my boi, jack rathbone

  4. I gave my last vape away because it stopped working for me. Someone can salvage it, I'm sure.


    It was quality, but everyone LOVES to mess with my vapes and stuff.


    I don't mind just putting something down and finding new because that's what the true Champions do.

  5. 3 minutes ago, luckylager said:

    I do look forward to my next head rush.


    The vape got me off butts and I slowly weened myself off nicotine completely. Then got myself off the vape.


    That said, I have a cigar here and there. Not frequently, but I definitely look forward to my next one.


    Think I'll have one on my bday

    Yeah. I'm getting a vape, but I'm switching to cigars.