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  1. The midget layed him out pretty good!!!!! Fan fav definitely!
  2. Garland is nice... love the fiesty fire he has. Hope it doesn't dies
  3. That my friend is messed up. Hogs not even in the goalie crease! Canucks should save it on there I pads and complain next time that happens... especially when we can challenge now.
  4. Time to bring up women refs.. non bias reffing.. time to fire all those refs that control the outcome of a game.... BTW canucks power play still sucks! Not taking those opportunities. Plus we hit a hot goalie so onwards and upwards.... https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/ahl-ten-female-officials-upcoming-season-1.6207570
  5. They all got there retirement funds,! Why try and play when contracts are guaranteed... if they can't score on a 40 year old how can we win the cup.
  6. Yes but Bo is our leader and cap! Home town discount at 7m for 8 years?
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