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  1. So I guess he can retire as a canuck...
  2. It's auto correct. Didn't proof read it.. was excited to have a first post. But mods welcome to close the thread and open up a thank you thread I guess. I don't know how to fix. As this was and only thread I'll be making...
  3. If he can help potz be Calder winner heck yeah the alian can be the highest paid player!!! I'll even register for a go fund me for the Canucks..
  4. Does that mean more cap space for us? https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/canucks-micheal-ferland-essentially-retired/
  5. halak gonna take us to the promise land "quote me on it" if we sign petey and hughes sure why not. if they dont sign here then its gonna be a long 5 year rebuild?!!!
  6. glad he learned from LE and not sign a 6x6 and play on the 4th line
  7. They won't its a business.. they are beta fishes in a fish tank... imagine if pettersson plays with beagel or Roussel do you think he will rack up all those points and or goals? If he does then he would be worth over 15 million per year... look at ovi he established himself to make 10m a year. I think agents are way over evaluating players. By the time petey or Hughes are in there 40s they should be making 20 million a year? Nhl is a joke, agents are a joke. Fire all agents keep the money instead of paying them a percentage...
  8. Show this pic to petey.. we made your wish came true....
  9. If he wants ovi kinda money I'd take 5 first round and call it a day
  10. Sign petey and Hughes first before rsn out of time Benning starts to cry or someone else offer sheets him and we have to match anywayz. Kinda of a stupid formula for success. If Benning match any offer then why not just sign him to a long term contract and bridge Hughes
  11. Maker signed a 6 year 9 million!! Hughes might be 7.5 m for 6 years
  12. I guess canes got the inside scope on Jesper Wallstedt falling to them at 27th cause they gonna overpay him to say no to all the other teams
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