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  1. Crazy canucks now are the least amount played team now!!!!!! 10 game winning streak we will be in the playoffs
  2. Sorry off topic... wrestlemania 37..... live audience of 25k fans... hopefully we can be back to normal next year......
  3. jb rushed a signing he jumped on the first offer that TP wanted so JB JUMPED ON IT!
  4. we are only re-tooling not rebuilding.... if we were rebuilding we would of got 3 first round picks....if we are not No 1. then we are neither ...
  5. Nhl did demko a favor by giving him another day's worth of rest so he can Saveur his new contract
  6. Didn't realize us and the lames have the exact same record...
  7. Yes petey will sign for a home town discount because of all the missed games
  8. No aquaaman did the signing by tweeting it verbal contract
  9. Yes true we have 11 and Toronto has 10. It's time to sign ian clark 2×5
  10. All GM's Should put there foot down.. enough is enough, they should sign all players to 2 million per year... then once they hit there performance bonus it kicks in, so they can make up the difference... no lazy contract long term deal...
  11. should of sign JV league minimum per year till he grows up
  12. then he will turn into a Cam Neely..... should of put that in the contract " IF JV Turns into a impact player this trade is nullified" put that in very very small writing in the corner somewhere
  13. should of signed him for 6x2 or till sedins last contract.... done deal!
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