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  1. Does anyone know of a source to watch the 2nd round tomorrow?
  2. I just went on The Wells Fargo Center website and it is starting at 7:00 pm est.
  3. Does anyone know what time the draft starts on the 27th. I have tried looking for info but can`t find a time.
  4. I am sure I will get flamed for taking anything seriously that Craig Button says but I find it very interesting that he is from Calgary and would see the Hitmen play all the time yet he has Virtanen ranked 41.
  5. I'm really loving Fidlars debut reminds me of The Black Lips. I really think the new Foxygen album is awesome as well Maybe it is just me but does the chrous not sound a little like Suspicious Minds? Do anyone here watch The Needle Drop? I don't always agree with his opinion but he is one of the best at reviewing music.
  6. Red Light Racicot but yes you are correct
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