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  1. Anyone hear Bob Mckenzie refer to Kole as a defenseman on his tsn 1040 interview today? http://www.tsn.ca/radio/audio/mckenzie-easy-to-love-dipietro-as-a-goalie-prospect-1.790316
  2. Sven started off well, but otherwise he looked pretty timid out there. He's certainly no Kenins. Unless he starts producing and fast I don't see this current stint lasting too much longer.
  3. Chiiiiillll Winston. Every team tosses away 2nd rounders every now and again. Our 2nd could be the next PK Subban. It could also be the next Taylor Ellington. I for one am a little excited about this gamble. And after a short stint in Utica we will get to see him with the big boys next year.
  4. Not many people have been discussing his waiver eligibility. Does this mean it's big club or bust for this guy next season?
  5. He's probably better off in the KHL than in jr. From the brief highlight video on youtube he did not look out of place against canada's top jrs.
  6. i love the new sig! First time anyone on canucks dot com has ever listened to me.

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