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  1. The thing about trading first round picks is the team that acquires the immediate asset almost always wins the trade in the short run, however the full impact of the deal can’t be properly judged for years. I’m sure New Jersey was thrilled the first couple years they acquired Cory Schneider. Now how does that trade look?
  2. This trade was a result of Benning trying to redeem his previous blunders. if he would have resigned Toffoli he wouldn’t have needed to trade those picks to get Garland.
  3. Fire Jim please. These last two moves should erase any doubt what needs to be done
  4. They did exactly that, problem is they signed him for two years.
  5. If Zack got a point for every time he says ‘you know’ in an interview he’d be leading the league.
  6. Yep. Green said it again. ‘That’s a good hockey team over there’
  7. Sure would have been nice to draft ahead of Winnipeg when they took Ehlers. Oh wait....
  8. If this scoreboard holds up we’re only six points off the division lead!
  9. As long as Benning doesn’t call him a foundational player and resigns him to a five year 20 million dollar contract.
  10. Much rather see Hogs or even Virtanen in overtime instead of Pearson.
  11. Sens and Wings with victories tonight. Working our way closer to the overall bottom of the league.
  12. We better go all out to win in regulation cause we’re doomed if it gets to OT
  13. Brandon Sutter. 5 years 22 million. Tyler Toffoli. 4 years 17 million. Nice work Dimbo.
  14. Once we lose this game we will have the exact same record as the Leafs. How pathetic is that.
  15. Can we make the playoffs once before we start talking about our powerhouse team. Benning owes his job to Pettersson, can you imagine our team with Glass instead of him?
  16. This is why I get a kick out of everyone praising the J T Miller trade. It still has the potential to turn out badly for the Canucks. I’m sure Jersey fans were elated the first couple years after the Schneider trade, but there’s little doubt now who won this trade from a long term perspective.
  17. What’s with all the too many men on the ice penalties? Even bantam league players know better.
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