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  1. HAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAAAHAAAHAAAAAA!!! You could park a car through that 5 hole tonight!
  2. Fantastic. Lucky for the leaf fans the gates were closed. Woulda been rockin at the end!
  3. I have no problem moving on from Gaudette. However, I would of rather had Gaudette than Pearson, and would have liked a better looking/sounding/more proven return than Highmoor - I get it that there's some good stuff we're hearing about this addition... further could be stated about AG's development/potential so far into his career and he's a tad younger.... stomach issue... was unawares.... covid toss by aqua/managment coulda been anyone so i doubt that as well. Hope Highmoor's awesome... cap savings are like 200k for a year... so it's not l
  4. Just poor asset management. Seen enough of this. Watch AG light it up in CHI.
  5. damn milan. wheres craig coxe...
  6. I really enjoyed and appreciated his work with TSN and our CFL. He will be missed for sure.
  7. Imagine leaf fans in our building tonight. See the positives of covid. - brutal. Suspecting the leafs win by 5+ .... hope I'm wrong and we keep it close.
  8. r/wsb had RKT listed last night. Up 37% right now. Damn.
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