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  1. Nice to get a shot at another cheap 18 jersey.... thanks btw bernier. Can't wait to move on, another draft horror for us as fans. See him running Hughes in the future.... hope my clairvoyance is wrong again.
  2. I hear Montreal is pretty forgiving.
  3. yes. bet eagle gets resigned too somehow, our team takes care of vets right type of thing.... well see... oel and edler together.... team sweden? hogs bo podz pls.
  4. Terrible, sickening action from a misguided youth. Heart goes out to the communities involved, poor kid could rise like a phoenix through this kinda bull.... Todays accessibility to data will help us understand the why and how, so we can then in turn ensure our future youth is guided correctly. That way our future AI can disrupt this on going process within humanity. Personally I hope its PPV, bets on Johnny 5.
  5. Hope theres the usual go draft the best center and l. hughes falls. o/w trade and drop down for further draft picks.
  6. HAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAAAHAAAHAAAAAA!!! You could park a car through that 5 hole tonight!
  7. Fantastic. Lucky for the leaf fans the gates were closed. Woulda been rockin at the end!
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