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  1. 4 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

    it mentioned many times that he would fly to the league offices and get a better schedule , there would be times they would play LA, have on day off and then have back to back with the rangers and panthers

    Squam.... Why doesn't Gillis have a job in the NHL?.... I mean wow... It's been 8 years, since his unfair firing.  The guy was a stand up, ahead of his time kinda GM.  Big balls Gillis right?!  Tellin' Gary "hey Bettman... You better make it easier on us cause it's not fair!"  Ever since Gary's been very nice to us canucks (except rhat littlw Luongo penalty thingy)  Yah I miss Gillis to Squam.  Why don't other NHL heads and nhlpa people like... make him a president, because I think you're on to somethin' here. :ph34r:

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  2. 2 minutes ago, 204CanucksFan said:

    I wonder if this playoff performance makes Craig Button rethink where he had Podkolzin ranked in his prospect rankings. Considering Pod has more points than his linemate Morozov, ranked 28 by Button, and he just tied Kravtsov, ranked 16 by Button, as the best U20 KHL playoff scorer in single season history.

    I think Button has some pretty good takes on prospects.... Much of his predictions turn out to be true.... Unfortunately more recently he's been drinking the 'van media coolaid' and and as a result, temporary lost his damn mind.   

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  3. I've understood past signing... Especially when we didn't have the high end pieces we currently have to attract FA's and re-signings but man... This is one year too long and at least 800 k to much!  Not happy... This is shown to be a chronic problem with this management.  I'm really disappointed that Aqualinni signed off on this!

  4. He's a slam dunk core piece for sure... Been saying that from when we drafted him.  He's hasn't disappointed and I don't think his character or effort ever will. 

    The only concern I have with Podz is his health.  He's taken a beating this year... Especially during these playoffs.  Just how he plays and opposition targeting him because of his effectiveness.  He needs to protect himself better... I just hope he's getting the right treatments and medical care post game.

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  5. Really... The make up calls don't bother me as much... I realize it's an extremely difficult sport (even more so now with the speed).  However... When the refs decide to change how they ref in game.  To much influence... It's just leaves players coaches, management and fans with a sense of confusion, frustration and resentment.  The reffing regulatory framework has needed a overhaul for a long time.  They can do better if they're open to change.  The players are changing in so many ways.... so should the system they play within.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Googlie said:

    He wears #19 when representing Russia, but ofc he can't wear that here.  #19 was already taken when he made St Pete's, and Linden Vey had taken the reverse, #91, so Podz went with #92.  My guess is that he will stick with #92 when he comes here.  No canuck has ever worn 92, so he would be starting a new tradition

    Ahhh okay, didn't know he'd worn #91 as well.  Thanks for info.

  7. 1 hour ago, Petey_BOI said:

    if reasoning isn't worth very much, unrealistic expectations are worth even less.


    there was more things wrong with this play than just the goalie's performance. In the NHL 9/10 that turnover doesn't materialize into a goal in the nhl.The defender jumped into the forecheck, and didn't come up with the puck. what makes that play so bad was that there was already 3 blue behind the puck when he decides to jump in. the forward that comes back to help's big defensive play was  a stick lift (what was the point of it?), that left him flat footed as the last man back. 


    like I said Podz did everything great, but he got gifted that perfect oppurtunity. still doesn't impress me


    You have some valid points but hey... The KHL is only the next tier down from the NHL.  So with your rational, do any of the goals scored in the lesser leagues impress you?  I mean, lets face it, at least 90% of the goalies outside of the NHL are in fact not NHL calibre.  So what goals scored in lesser leagues would impress you?

    I believe what matters is... Regardless on how the puck went into the net, the impressive part and NHL calibre quality, is the strength, determination and second effort he displays on that goal.  THAT was impressive NHL or otherwise.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Herberts Vasiljevs said:

    I was doing my best desiboy impersonation. He was no BureToMogilny, though... probably the greatest troll in the history of CDC.

    Herb... I've read your posts long enough, that I should have recognised obvious enough sarcasm... I was just under the influence and a little 'dull'.  

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Herberts Vasiljevs said:

    I said it before and I'll say it again....... we should have taken Peyton Kreps with the 10th pick! All the cheerleads on this board can go on and on all day about how great that Podkolzin, but he;s looking like a bust is gonna be, but at least Kreps can manage to score at a point a game pace in the WHL... Benning and Weisbrad should be fired immediately for at least not bringing Podz over to play in the WHL - but then again, I still think he'd only manage to score there at a half a point per game pace. Podz and Desjardins are better off in the VHL.

    You mean Krebs?  Are you being sarcastic?  I mean... Krebs/Newhook were my two choices at #10 oa but when I saw Podkolzin was available, I was more than happy we got him.  Now that some time has passed, I'm even more content with this choice.  I believe all three of these guys will have great careers but when all is said and done, I believe Podz will end up being the best (overall/complete) player at 10 oa.  I'd even go as far as to say that he'll end up being top three best players from that draft.  (I also think Newhook will be one of those in the top three as well).

    If in fact you're serious, I'm looking forward to seeing you eat some crow....

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  10. 53 minutes ago, Rob_Zepp said:

    Said it when he was drafted, said it when first saw him play and will say it again - this kid is a bonafide NHL talent with potential to be a top 6 fixture for ANY team in the league.    He plays like Horvat but with better hands and more speed.     He will be a fan favourite out of the gate and drive a lot of other teams nuts with his aggressive and relentless play.   He plays clean and hard versus dick moves that some guys in league seem to think necessary to be considered "tough".    Looking forward to seeing him in the smaller NHL rinks where his game will go to another level.   He is also an insanely natural passer who at same age reminds me of how Draisaitl moved the puck around those who simply had no idea how to take the pass.   

    I think he's more relentless in puck pursuit (more like Motte) than Horvat but the way he takes the puck to the net may end up being similar.  Not sure if his hands will or are better than Bo's... For a winger he'll be a above average puck distributor (more like Höglander).   

    Overall, I keep seeing Pavelski in his game.

  11. 4 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

    I don't think it's wrong that I like this.


    100% approve this penalty.

    Or did he rough up the player balled up on the ice away from the scrum?  Regardless, at the very least, he's going to be soooo effective in the NHL on the physical side of things as soon as he steps on the ice.

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