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  1. At 14 most kids actions can be questionable and regretful in some cases. However.... It's a parents job to help guide their child during these times and help them in developing their 'moral compass'. Obviously his parents didn't. Though ultimately, the responsibility for his actions are in him, his parents share much of the blame. I'm glade the coyotes (forced or not) took this course of action and setting a precedence going forward. If no one had drafted him or if he was drafted in say the 7th round.... This story may not have come to light.
  2. +1 Ferland was a risk from the start.... I'm glad JB took a chance on him but really bummed it didn't work out. I just hope he gets his health back.
  3. Looks like Ferland being put on LTIR is probably going to happen now. Probably send Baertschi down again. Maybe LE as well? How much cap would that leave us?
  4. And that's all folks!!!! I'll take this canucks team tight up against the cap over the fLames 'team' with a few million dollars extra for one more potential impactful roster player... If they're lucky. Even with Markstrom canucks are better than cowtown now and for years to come.
  5. Did they on defence? Brodie out Tanev in... Definitely in goal but I think their defence is weaker.
  6. Buy out Sutter and send LE to Utica IF he doesn't win a spot in the roster... Which he won't.
  7. AV... Aren't you in Philly? Plenty of work to be done there... Don't worry about us fans here. When JB is let go, we'll call yah. Then you can go in about our new 'crappy' GM. Lol! In all seriousness, from my view, there are only two GM's in the league that have a recent proven track record better than JB. Sakic and Yzerman. The rest... Haven't necessarily shown more overall compared to JB. But whatever keep shouting on your soapbox...
  8. I agree with this response more than your earlier take (more level headed). Yah absolutely, he needs more strength period. However my point is, he has the right attitude and mindset that I'm not concerned with his commitment to getting better. He's elite when it comes to his compete level. I expect him to come into camp 3 to 5 lbs heavier with real muscle mass not just gym mass. I'm excited to see how he looks/handles himself come start of next season.
  9. Where is this coming from? How do you know he's not putting the time into his off-season training? Stirring the pot cause you're board me thinks... I have no doubt that Gauds comes to camp in the best shape of his life. He's had a season and playoffs to learn what it will take for him to be more effective. I'm sure that's the number one focus every day.
  10. The NHL community is small. That sends the wrong message out there. Let him earn a spot... If he gets beat out, so be it. That sends the right message all around.
  11. I think like Quinn, his skill sets will really be highlighted being put in a better roll with better players. He'll really do well in Van. Can't wait!
  12. PhillipBlunt, appolo, oldnews... Nice to hear you three bickering like old farts blaming each other for misplacing the t.v. remote. Lol! But seriously glad you're all still here and gnawing on each other with your dentures! Should probably include Kingofsurry and DeNiro as well. You posters have earned your b!ching/complaining 'stripes'. None of you are 'chicken littles' ... I appreciate that!