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  1. Yes.... I recall there were some questions with his relationships with his teammates but Benning chalked that up as being just young and immature. Also, Benning hadn't come around or open to picking smaller players (in early rounds). Jake was a big swing and miss but all the drafts since have shown he learned from that.
  2. That I'll agree with.... But I'd also say that StevieY is > the rest of the GM's in the league as well... He's the man.
  3. Sweet! You're out!!!! This is a great day!!! First Loui now you!!! 2 big anchors gone... All the best with the kraken... Can't say I'll miss yah. Combover you next?!
  4. Not here... It was well know in the industry that Gillis was not popular within the GM circle. Much of that was due to his shrewd negotiator that went to the wall for his clients. His rep preceded him as he was transitioning to the GM position. It's an old boys club and his forward innovated way thinking and past dealing with his peers made for limited opportunities to do business with. Case and point.... He hasn't gotten a GM job since.... And he came 1 game from winning it all.
  5. Sure do! Especially after he stole Erhoff off of the sharks. He was not liked amongst his peers.... He had to win trades and that rubbed the other GM's the wrong way. He just had an aire about him that came off as arrogant. Sometimes spoke in a condescending tone. He made some great trades when other GM's worked with him for sure. He had some good innovative ideas too. Just the worst draft GM in canucks history!!!
  6. Yes and no. He will have some trade to announce but it won't be anything to do with Louie. Have faith DeNiro!
  7. You make me numb.... Is this normal for fans of a team? I mean wow... I swear canuck 'fans' like you just can't get past your bias. No objectivity at all. Not everything is good or bad nor is any GM all great or all horrible. Is your life all about black and white? Another Eor.
  8. Still hoping for Svechkov but will be okay with Johnson. This could turn out like the 2018 draft in that Hughes (high skill, creativity and skating) fell to us, and I wanted Dobson but was happy Hughes was available. Here I see that Johnson could very well be chosen earlier were as Svechkov is graded later than 10 by most mock drafts. Of course I'm assuming Mctavish and all top 4 d will be gone by #9.
  9. I believe Svechkov has committed to SKA for two years just like Podz. I guess SKA bought out his contract from his previous team to get him in the their system. This is considered unusual, as they don't usually chase after prospects. SKA traditionally has a stacked team with a big budget to attract the best players. Anyway, it looks as if Svechkov is taking the exact same path in the khl as Podz. Hopefully better deployment then Podz though!
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