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  1. I think it's time yah... The next step needs to be with a GM with a new perspective. I've been a benning supporter all the way along. But just like when Gillis took over from the Burke/Nonis era to complete the puzzle, I think we need someone else to take this great young core and fill in the holes with the right pieces.
  2. Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment.
  3. No dude... It's not funny. Nothing to do with being soft. I'm 48 years old. I've grown up in a much less politically correct time. In the past I probably would have laughed at your 'joke' but it doesn't mean it was okay. It was accepted as the norm maybe but doesn't make it right. I look back on a lot of things I said, or heard to get a laugh and know now, that wasn't cool at all... Then or now. Gotta change man. Being more sensitive and compassionate isn't soft. Nor is being insensitive, ignorant and flippant a cool or stoic thing either. Take it or leave it. Adapt or die on your
  4. I think there's room and probably should be at least two if these types of players on the bottom 6. All of Highmore, Motte and/or Lockwood could complete a very effective bottom 6.
  5. It is interesting to see where Bennings focus is these days. Prioritizing speed, grit, high compete level with above average hockey IQ. Seems size and skill are a little lower priority. We'll see what Gadjovick's got to offer and if big Mack continues improving, then we have the size too. I could also assume this is due to managements focus on the bottom 6. I like it so far. If this continues, this team will have enough free up cash to upgrade out right D and 3rd line center.
  6. I was excited when we drafted him. At the time, he was the first Benning pick that had quickness, some skill, lots of effort and grit. His development was slowed due to a couple shoulder dislocations. As a result, he has to change his game a little to save his body which included getting bigger and stronger. I see another Motte in Lockwood.
  7. In poor taste man. Bad joke. Subjects such as rape etc should never be used in a 'joke' period. Just sayin'
  8. That's what I thought... Well good for you for giving it a go. As you've experienced today with all the well wishers, there is lots of positivity towards you and your return.
  9. Alf... First of all welcome back. Your sense of humor and overall lighthearted nature (eating cats yhe exception lol!) were very much missed. A lot of posters hace been at eachother during this trying time for us all and challenging nucks season. I'm curious.... How was it over at hfboards? I mean, I think it's way more negative towards our team. Did you find the same thing there as well?
  10. Not a bad logo... Why not call them the Abbotsford Aviators? Kind of a nod to the Abbotsford airshow.
  11. All the power to you. But I like watching quality hockey. League wide (covid hockey) is not that... Not to mention this team. It sucks to watch, when you know it could be a lot better. But hey, enjoy watching the nails on a chalk board hot mess, slow train wreck, covid decimated team that is the current edition of vancouver canucks.... And I'll watch the 10 min highlights and wait for Rathbone and Gadjovick to play before I commit to 2.5 hrs of my time.
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