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  1. I wonder if Gadjovich can't crack their roster, they'll have to send him down. In which case, he'd be exposed to waivers. So, in theory, we could claim him back. I wonder where we are in relation to claim order? I'm not fully convinced Gadjovich is ready for a full time nhl roster spot... Not even the Sharks. Though I'm bummed by this and wish he'd made it through waivers... He was close to making the team.
  2. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! Exactly what I wanna see for all four lines. That 4th line would be fun to watch!
  3. I'd go to battle with a guy like that any day.... Because I know he'll jave my back... Period. He's speaking his mind. If there has been some shady, potentially harmful actions done by your employer, are you one to just put your head down and stay silent? Not a judgment if that's your personality, but don't judge those that wish to speak up and fight for what they deem is right. Its not a professional environment if there is some unprofessional actions being taken by our employer period. So it makes some uncomfortable... Oh well, standing up and exposing wrongdoing isn't a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. I commend him... Especially because he's still in the league and willing to stand for his beliefs even if it threatens his career... Some would call this dumb... I call it showing how to be a role model.
  4. He's an intense young man. Has that 'it' factor to his personality. He won't be stopped unless his anger/frustration gets the better if him. I like that JT has been mentoring him... Same kind if mentality. I see some Tarasenko (his attitude)... We'll see if he can score like him in his prime. I look at the mental makeup of the best teams... You need a mix of different attitudes, personality traits for a successful 'team'. We need more guys with that bite. Klim is a perfect addition. He'll be another part of this core soon enough... Pumped for this year!!!!
  5. Not sure about the rest of the lines but if Podz could go over to the left side I think he would compliment Petey very similarly to Miller. This of course means that Petey's fo% gets over 50 and Podz is ready for top minutes and build great chemistry with Petey and Boeser. The forward lines look really strong and should be a high octane offence this year. The only areas of weakness would be Petey's fo abilities and our left wing is a little lacking in skill (if Miller went to center). Lots of options for Green though. So: Podz- Petey-Boes Pearson-Horvat-Garland Dickenson-Miller-Högs Motte-Sutter-Highmore Balanced skill, grit, enough size, defensive acumen and speed on all lines.
  6. Thanks BigBad! Best indepth interview I've every heard in relation to goaltending. Demko is the man! He has a great work ethic, loves to be challenged by Clark, loves to learn new technics, always looking to increase his mobility. Has a psychology major so takes pride in his mental game. Awesome disposition. He's got it all. I say he'll be top 3 by year end. In the running for the vezina.
  7. Calgary won't be an easy win as far as physicality is concerned.... BUT I don't see how they will move the puck out of their own end consistently. Not a lot mobility outside of Valimaki? Couple of their d have a good first pass.... Well Tanev does anyway. I'm cautiously optimistic that they are going to suck this year.
  8. First canucks jersey here I come!!!!
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself Locke! The best point being the bolded. Podz, Dickerson and to a lesser degree Garland will help change the narrative of the Nucks being easy the play against.
  10. If habs end up drawing a lottery pick, it will be protected and they'll send the Canes pick to Arizona. However, if Montreal just misses the draft... Say end up picking 17oa, then they'll have to give that pick to Arizona and only have the Canes 1st to draft with. This should be the year the habs tank and get a good draft pick rather than just missing playoffs.
  11. I'll need verification on this... I was so close to jumping the gun and getting his jersey with #92. #82 is... bit I'll get used to it if that's his choice. I'll soon have my first canucks jersey!
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