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  1. If that's the case, I will accept being a dumb idiot (I always suspected). I also commend his commitment to the joke. He played it off as a legit report on the air.
  2. I don't know man, Dhaliwal was reporting it on the morning show on 650. I think it might actually be legit. Either that, or I'm a dumb idiot. Could be both!
  3. Edit: Link didn't work the first time around.
  4. I'm with you. Seems like a perfect opportunity to get him some more NHL experience.
  5. Rathbone looked good tonight. His skating is superb. His edgework by the boards in the offensive zone made a few players look silly.
  6. Gotcha. I have a very hard time telling sarcasm on the internet. I appreciate the clarification.
  7. I'm not trying to say anything bad about him. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to gauge his status by asking others on this board.
  8. Not at all. I'm pretty high on Rathbone. I'm just curious as to how people will judge his abilities based on his unique status. Why do you assume the worst when I made no negative statement? Edit: Apparently you were being sarcastic. I apologize if that was the case.
  9. I'm curious, how do we judge him next season. He will be in his D+2 year, but only his freshman year in collage. In contrast, We'll be looking at Tkachuck in his D+1 year as a sophomore. So do we judge based on his Draft year or his status in the NCAA? These situations always frustrate me.
  10. Tryamkin has the potential to be what you've described. He's not there yet, so you won't be able to find clips supporting it, but what he did at his age was very promising. Hopefully he comes back and reaches those expectations.
  11. I remember seeing a lot of conflicting reports. Some saying weak, and some saying that it wasn't weak as a whole, but just not as top heavy as the previous drafts. Either way, I'm loving the draft for us.
  12. For sure, and I love his humility, but I believe that he will for sure be at WJC training camp, and as a result, that quote made me laugh.
  13. 2 things. 1. <3 Bo 2. "Hopefully World Junior Camp". Lol
  14. DiPietro had a pretty lengthy interview on 31 thoughts with Freidman. Interview starts at 49:30. https://www.sportsnet.ca/590/31-thoughts-podcast/
  15. I think he'll get a look next year but I don't expect him to be a regular yet. I like Brisebois, but with the current landscape of defense on this team, I don't see a spot for him. This can change of course with off season moves, but for now, I expect most of his season to be in the A next year.
  16. I think he has to play 1 more season in junior before he can suit up professionally for anyone but the Canucks.
  17. I know this is the Gaudette thread, and I'm super stoked on the guy, but being 4th in AHL SV% as a sophomore and 21 year old is pretty freaking great. I can't wait to see Demko's development over the next few seasons.
  18. Do these points count towards his season totals or is the Bean Pot a seperate affair?
  19. Looks like he's got good vision on the ice as well. There are a couple of quick passing plays under pressure at the point that he handles very well.
  20. I like to think that would be comparable to a 2011 line of Torres-Kesler-Hansen. Gadjovich as Torres with a scoring touch and an edge but more composed. Gaudette who's already been compared to Kesler in play style (let's hope he meets that potential) and Virtanen as a bigger Hansen who skates fast, is a hound on the puck and a strong wrist shot. This is of course assuming that these guys all pan out very well. If they do, it's pretty enticing.
  21. I think the added structure of a professional league might really help him thrive. A pairing of him and Subban could be fun.
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