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  1. Mike is a brick wall for Ottawa... too bad the games are not on TV, be awesome to see some future Canuck goalie action
  2. Dipietro should be making more noise in this thread, man 12-0 going into the championships, as someone above said earlier, he is a brick wall when he has to be... Can't wait to see him go to Utica next year, kid is a keeper
  3. does anyone know who Dipietro will be competing with for starters duties at the upcoming WJC's? it should be his with his valuable experience from the Worlds but just wondering..
  4. Representing at the WJCs in his new backyard!! The kid plays good under pressure too with his .934 save percentage during the playoffs
  5. Exactly! One more year in juniors and he will be ready to take over for Demko in the AHL!!
  6. Gaudette as the 1st line C, one can only dream..... He is going to be a helluva player for us, but I think in a couple years time, it will more likely be Bo, Elias, and Gaudette as our C's down the middle. Unless you slot Elias on the LW with Bo and Boeser and throw in Gaudette on the 2nd line between Kane and JV, now that would be a line to be reckoned with.
  7. No no it doesn't does it, that's a pretty solid 3 centres for the Canucks future.
  8. grew 2 inches extra since his draft year, that's awesome, now standing at 6'3'', great size for a defenceman!! Might the same thing happen with Makar? Eligible for Utica next year, he might get a taste with an injury call-up. Going to be some good depth on the farm soon.
  9. Aww my picture was so unique for a while..

    1. Sugar baby watermelon

      Sugar baby watermelon

      LOL sorry, I couldn't resist

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