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  1. Just looking at Tom Wilsons transition since he entered the NHL, in his age 22 year he had 7g/12a over a full season. He had already been in the league prior for 3 seasons w/similar results w/the exception of his 2nd year where he spent 2 games in the AHL and had an injury w/missed time. Jake is 22yrs old and had 15g/10a in 70 games played. Wilson started being more productive at age 23 two seasons ago with 14g/21a followed by 22g/18a this last season. Wilson has been in the league for 6 years now and no one is really questioning him on the ice except his dirty hits lol. I am hoping we ho
  2. I agree totally, don't want him to get this big this summer though, got to put in some hard work and keep flying around the ice out there
  3. As long as he can still skate like the wind, throw big checks, and shoot a few inches lower than the cross bar, I will be ok with it... next year hope to see 20 goal floor and 25 goal ceiling, if he can stay consistent
  4. not sure, I just saw it pop up on twitter the other day and I surf twitter all the time for canucks related issues... (haven't seen it before what I meant to say)
  5. Went back about 3 pages to see if anyone had posted this or not and man is there a few heated debates going on about Shotgun here... Wonder what Jakes summer time training routine is this year?
  6. Mike is a brick wall for Ottawa... too bad the games are not on TV, be awesome to see some future Canuck goalie action
  7. ok well then 7th, I would assume because he takes no shi_ from anyone and has that fear factor other players are afraid of and your opinion?
  8. Let's just say he comes over and plays RHD, who does he play with? Edler or Hutton.. I am assuming Green and Benning would want to keep Schenn chained to Hughes hip for the season for protection. You think that Hughes-Schenn can become the no.2 d pairing and a pair of Hutton/Juolevi-Tryamkin would work?
  9. Dipietro should be making more noise in this thread, man 12-0 going into the championships, as someone above said earlier, he is a brick wall when he has to be... Can't wait to see him go to Utica next year, kid is a keeper
  10. I read somewhere back spasms, so he should be good to go tomorrow? Tomorrow can't come fast enough, looking forward to some big timely hits, takeaways, and new and improved skills learned in the off-season from Jake
  11. I think he should be used on the PP, most likely the 2nd unit due to his high entry zone %, but who knows what Green wants... giving him more minutes where he can use this to his advantage should also include 4 vs 4 and on the PK as well. If he did get more minutes on the PK, it would raise his defensive game which he has already improved last year, as it stands, it looks like he played 55 minutes on the PK last season so it is a pretty good start for him.
  12. Jake should be used on the PK this season, give him some more responsibilities. His speed and takeaway ability could cause fits for the opposition and add another dimension to his burgeoning game.
  13. Would also be nice to see Jake up his hits to above 200 too, last year was around 150 or so, just straight up body hits and not head hunting
  14. 18-25 goals if he learns how to convert on his power moves and doesn't keep shooting straight at the crest, makes his shots a little more deceptive a la Brock
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