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  1. AE (confirmed by Lewt) and SD (pushed SS the entire gsme, mafia wouldn’t do they to the KP) Are the two for sure towns Thats my two cents.
  2. Lewt MVP Vote BW I’ll check in late tomorrow if there’s a change for town vote..
  3. I appreciate you. I really do. But I do think you’ve played a very good KP game. Early you A) Focused on slankers (I stupidly thought it was NIK) B ) asked to be investigated Both play as a mafia KP You also saved me when BJ sus’d me early, saying something like I was the most towny. This post follow later up on your earlier set up potentially ? Mafia hasn’t killed me so taking my side could be a good play (I can be vocal, see defending Lewt) Since then you hoped on and off voting for me. Where as it should’ve been one side or another really since the blue jay defense.
  4. There’s no sheep herd. The mafia wasn’t even active enough to kill yesterday
  5. Someone who gets I’m a bitch for the right reasons <3 unvote vote SS They’ve agreed with me a few times. They saved me from Blue jay voting for me early, when I already had multiple people guaranteeing I was mafia. If I’ve learned anything, trusting me is rare, so a mafia knowing I’m town and trusting me could make a lot of sense. But I do thing BW is the 2nd mafia.
  6. I’m the only one who called him out with a vote and he lost his mind lol Im not going to post here again until about 6 Pm
  7. I didn’t say insecure to you. That’s a you thing, bringing up personal stuff that I was mocking referencing myself. I said big boy alpha. Describing how you’ve been posting trying to take little jabs at personal stuff
  8. Am I the only one who will see this as too much is the question. Or is this just an accepted way to talk on CDC mafia? This sums up how you talk when frustrated. Then trying to defend that it isn’t rude? This speaks so much volumes. You can’t come up with anything new and are frustrated so youve lashed out and try to give little jabs like these ones. Again, this isn’t what a game of mafia should be, outside of the game is outside. You and NIK pulled these passive aggressive comments all last game and I took it because I was trying to win. Fun fact I had multiple people check in and ask me if I was ok with how I was being talked to. Now I’m perfectly happy exposing how some people act on this site and see if maybe other can step up and call out people who yes “bully” These attempts and constant small comments are not without intent behind them. Im proud I stayed up and stood up for myself! Aladeen sorry I broke a rule I wasn’t really sure I even broke until DM posted something from his game. I apologize a ton already and am accepting being town killed as it’s the fairest result. The cheating comment is by you. I said you did a dirty move(saving it for after save because rude boys don’t get what they want when they want it) Good night this was a lot
  9. I’m just having fun exposing how you talk to people. But don’t see anything wrong with it. When explain (with grace) Im quoting you big scary alpha man. Showing how it comes off as to little insecure me.
  10. Yawn. Why don’t you go back to talking about how sorry you feel for me my insecurities and how sad I must be. Those topics will make you feel more alpha and me more pathetic. Its more entertaining then you only being able to talk about a mistake I’ve apologized for multiple times and explained my headspace.
  11. Again overly dramatic resorting to little jabs to feel like you’re making good points. Winning streak comment was sarcasm.
  12. Don’t feel sad for me! I’m on a winning streak and about to have fun watching your SK game blow up. Outside of the game I’ve come across people who lack empathy. So this is nothing new. Seeing you posting these multiple little attempted jabs at my insecurities is much more telling of you and how you treat people.
  13. Would you say it’s picked up a bit and gotten more personal?
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