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  1. I hate to break it to you but I don't think you're going to be able to land that goalie scout job any time soon...
  2. I've heard JB mention guys like Sautner and McEneny more often in the last year too. Glad to see these guys who are quietly turning into solid d men getting some recognition in the system.
  3. I seriously doubt it. Why would Dipietro leapfrog Demko? Sounds like a hot take from someone who doesn't follow the team.
  4. He deserves it with the season he's had. And I think JB and team have it figured out when it comes to signing their kids. A couple hundred grand and an easy, friendly negotiation at the start of a kid's career is worth a ton of goodwill. It likely ends up saving the team far more when the kids recontract and/or decide to stay rather than looking elsewhere.
  5. Tkachuk skates like he's in pudding which might also be what's between his ears. He'll be getting walked at the line by Juolevi for a long time to come. Back to Brisebois, he really is showing how far he's come in a year. Lots of confidence, consistently makes intelligent plays but also is demonstrating real skill. It's also great to see a d-man who is so good offensively that he can play on either half wall (!) during the powerplay. Know who else did that? Ben Hutton.
  6. That's what they said about Corrado Very happy for Brisebois nonetheless but let's not get carried away.
  7. We haven't even had Weber playing much of the start of this season. We've got more offense on the back end at the NHL level
  8. Thanks for the add! :)