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  1. Didn't feel anything on the basement floor of a 2 story house in Nanaimo... My house must have been in the squat position.
  2. kraftdinner


    Thanks for the link. I have a video of my friends playing tennis and will be editing in her grunts when they hit the ball.
  4. Probably likes men

  5. You mean your playing on the glacier?
  6. In Nanaimmo it is snowing hard and a lot...
  7. Everybody needs to calm down and join the inevitable orgy which will be taking place in the gym in the next hour or so
  8. You guys don't impress me. I've been drunk and had to walk UP the mountain before at 1:30 in the morning because it was snowing and the bus was having troubles. Mind you, it was much safer because there were a lot of us doing it. But it was easily contridicted by our intoxicated state. Anyways, I'm rambling...
  9. It's just another day for those people who are in west mall all night every night...
  10. Umm the WOman's centre has beds (if your a girl) ANd you can get a dorm room for 30 bucks a night in REZ with guest accomodations if you are stuck over night...
  11. I lived at SFU for 4 years... It's kind of funny seeing other people have to deal withi t for a change.
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