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  1. Real Time With Bill Maher,some intelligent programing for a change.Sometimes the truth hurts,but Bill has been doing it for years,and in a humorous way.
  2. As I am watching and reading media of all types because I'm safe at home,I am really surprised at the amount of meat processing plants in the states as well as here in Canada that have had outbreaks of this nasty virus. I will expect prices to increase as a result, as us consumers have always got that extra money to spend considering how much our wages have increased in the last 45 years. It is not surprising to continue to see the greed of the billionaires who own such manufactoring and have been already bailed out with our tax dollars. It would honestly be great to have a wage increase or a pension increase to help us cope with these hard times considering the honest hard working people and front liners who have kept chaos and anarchy away from our greedy and corrupt peoples doors.
  3. I see where some people are comparing Canadas reponse to Swedens about the covid 19 virus,talk about apples to oranges. Just how many flights from mainland China land in Sweden. Vancouver is a major destination for these flights.We are huge in size and spread out to all corners of our massive country,so please try not to judge different countries responses. However a few weeks ago I mentioned that the USA is in a world of hurt and they are only starting to deal with this pandemic.With a buffoon in the white house telling people to ingest or inject dissinfectants into themselves ,LIKE TRUMP HASN'T KILLED ENOUGH PEOPLE ALREADY, WITHOUT GIVING THEM DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO DO IT. I am truly sorry for the people of our southern neighbor because they are a long ways away from any type of normal life and many more people will die because Trump wants to make a buck off this pandemic and doesn't have a Empathetic bone in his body as you can tell by the amount of times he has comforted his citizens.
  4. Maybe it is Darwins way of thinning out the population STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.Americans now have to actually be told not to drink or inject bleach or lysol type products,wow incredible. These FLU-KLUX-KLAN types are not only putting their lives on the line but countless other innocent people, this is the problem ,stupid doesn't seem to get through to that problem. America will be just stupid enough to vote TRUMP back into office and let his CRIME SPREE really be unleashed,drink bleach HA!
  5. Personally I would love to see Katie Porter get a hold of Steve Mnuchin and ask him to live for 10 weeks on 1200 dollars or at the very least explain how to. The US treasury is making sure that their workers are forced to go back to work and without a doubt causing more deaths due to a little thing like a global pandemic. This is another example of a politician being so far out of reality of what hard working, tax paying citizens are trying their best to deal with. Lets see if these rich folks come out of their mansions to show how to get the economy up and running again and be in harms way like regular citizens.
  6. To me it is amazing to see day after day of Mr. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBITY,lying to his citizens and has anyone seen any form of empathy from this disgrace of a man. The USA has a total buffoon in charge of their country and this A-HOLE only cares about the economy and not the plain facts that he has been the main reason so many needless deaths have occured. When you hear of the shady stuff this administration is pulling during this pandemic it shows that their system of government is beyond broken.
  7. i was 13 before organized baseball came our way. before that it was all sandlot baseball. i can't believe how long we could play ball and not get tired of it.  sometimes if it was really hot, we'ld stop once in awhile and sit under a tree.