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  1. Sweet baby jesus, we round to milestone numbers all the time. It is not some sinister plot to raise fears. When someone says "nearly 300K" we all assume that it's not exactly that and get the exact number when we read the article. Newspaper headlines are always made to grab the readers attention, that's what they're made for. You can't convey the entire message in the headline, that's what the article is for. 285 to 300 isn't some gross exaggeration. Yeesh.
  2. It's kinda like the Barrie situation. Pettersson plays the same spot as Hoffman on the power play, so he'd be a little redundant. Especially considering he doesn't much else.
  3. Going off of this article: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/best-nhl-unrestricted-free-agents-ufas-of-2021/ Looks like the cream of the crop is....Dougie Hamilton also possibly available Niklas Hjalmarsson, Adam Larsson, Ryan Murray, Alec Martinez, and Jamie Oleksiak. I guess there are some possibilities there. But I'm thinking improving from within will have to happen.
  4. Lol, this is funny.  Not everything that comes outta Calgary is bad.


    1. goalie13


      Reminds me of Dude Chilling Park.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      there is only one tree on the island of kodiak alaska. besides the tree is a sign that says, you are now entering and leaving kodiak national forest. i’m related to david thompson, through marriage. 

  5. Lin-Manuel Miranda does know how to write a catchy tune.
  6. $10 Trump then had to look up what the website the Onion is....and the word satirical.
  7. Don't get your hopes up. Isn't maternity leave in the US 6 weeks? Plus he's so uncommitted to his children "committed" to his job, I doubt he could stay away even that long.
  8. He'll actually be 33 (practically 34...July b-day) when the contract expires in 5 seasons.
  9. I'd be surprised if they add another defensive bottom D. Imo, it's time to start seeing what we have in Juolevi, Rafferty, Brisebois, and Chatfield at the NHL level. Let them start duking it out for the number 6 and 7 spots in camp and then for the injury replacement spots after the season starts. We need to start seeing what they can do in the NHL. (Let Rathbone play the year in the AHL unless he absolutely blows the doors off)
  10. Well, I'm sure they were happy to unload the contract as they had to get rid of something before making the Pietrangelo signing official. Seriously though, Schmidt isn't crumbs and I doubt this would've been the first contract Vegas would have like to have traded away especially for such a little return. But, that's what happens when all the NHL teams know you need to shed cap. Not going to shed a tear for them.
  11. He'll still be 33 when the contract is done (if I did the math correctly looking at Capfriendly). Most people liked the Edler signing at 6 million and he'll be 35 once his contract expires
  12. I think Schmidt has a 10 team NTC, that may have played a role too. Specifically, I'm wondering if that's where the Florida rumours fell apart.
  13. Here's the chance for other GMs to hold Vegas over the barrel. DO NOT let them shed cap cheaply. That being said, I know some GM somewhere will cave and Vegas will make away like bandits.