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  1. Seattle blew a late lead to Texas so the Jays will gain on at least 2 teams (assuming both the Red Sox and Rays find a way to both win the same game)
  2. Pacific Northwest cred checks out
  3. I agree it should've been addressed 2 months ago, but I doubt many of the pitchers were available 2 months ago. That's where Berrios being here for next year is big (and hopefully beyond...if this ends up being for only 14 months I'll be a little disappointed).
  4. I like it. By the time Woods Richardson would be contributing in the Majors, team control of Guerrero and Bichette would be slipping away. The Jays need quality arms in a big way and this addresses that.
  5. So one more year. This is fine. Gives the team a long time to sign an extension. Jays need this type of arm so badly.
  6. I'm okay with this price. This is exactly the type of guy they need with their current young core. By all accounts, there are a few quality arms in the system but by the time they mature, our current core could be a already past its peak. I'm not sure on the specifics, but at 27, he must have a few years of team control left. Price may be high (but not stupid high), but this is EXACTLY what this team needed.
  7. I'd like a very solid number 3 starter. Ray and Ryu are good. Manoah is good too, but not sure it's fair to count too much on him. I've got no problem with Matz as a 4/5. Stripling is best as a 6. I just feel right now, if Ryu or Ray don't win their start the Jays are in for a long week. Hand trade is fine too, but I fear it may be a case of too late. I hope I'm wrong but I just don't like how this team plays against the good teams.
  8. Nah, they won't win the lottery. They traded away Taylor Hall. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure there will be AHL teams with better tandems.
  9. Sportsnet has a big read on Kirk and the story behind discovering him (spoiler: they went there looking at a different catcher) https://www.sportsnet.ca/mlb/longform/never-know-whos-looking-blue-jays-found-alejandro-kirk/
  10. Taxes? That would be horrifying. You walk in and everyone's financial information all exposed.
  11. Agree. I think the trades that Benning has made, in isolation, all make sense. On top of that, I can't think of anything that Benning has given up that has blown up in his face (think Granlund, Vey trades etc). Benning has stated on numerous occasions that he plans to recoup picks but he never has. I don't think it's though lack of trying, but because he's never had anything tradeable to get picks (well, that wouldn't create a gaping hole in the roster). I put this on the pro scouting.department The Canucks have a frustrating ability to sell low on too many assets. I'm sure Gaudette and
  12. Nothing against Buffalo, but they can't get to TO soon enough. I'm sick of games like today where there are more of the others teams fans at your home ball park.
  13. That was fun to watch today. Here's hoping they can take it to the Red Sox too.
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