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  1. Once again Miller is the highest mover up the all-time Canuck scoring list with another assist. Now into 73rd. 72. Petr Nedved C 222 63 61 124 73. J.T. Miller LW 127 43 81 124 74. Wayne Maki LW 180 50 73 123
  2. It's crazy talking to students at my school. The ones that don't want to get vaccinated think their online research is thorough and all think the vaccine is more dangerous than Covid. That the vaccine doesn't work and that the government is using this as some sort of population cull because the world has too many people living on it .Needless to say, we've been discussing critical thinking skills and the importance of reputable sources.
  3. JT Miller moved into 74th in all-time Canuck scoring with his assist tonight. 73. Wayne Maki LW 180 50 73 123 74. J.T. Miller LW 126 43 80 123 75. Ivan Hlinka C 137 42 81 123 76. Rich Sutter RW 291 61 61 122
  4. Good teams don't lose 2 in a row to Buffalo and Detroit. That is all.
  5. With only the one goal Garland was the highest mover up the all-time Canuck scoring list into 421st. T421. Stephane Morin LW 6 1 2 3 T421. Connor Garland LW/RW 3 1 2 3 437. Glen Hanlon G 136 0 3 3
  6. Petterson's 2 pts tonight jumps past a legendary stache into 57th in all-time Canuck scoring. 56. John Gould RW 218 82 76 158 57. Elias Pettersson C 167 66 89 155 58. Dave Babych D 409 23 131 154
  7. It's going to be weird for a bit, for the first time in forever there is no current Canuck in the top 19 of all-time scoring (that's what I see when I'm at the top of the spread sheet)...that is until Horvat gets 14 more points then he'll be in the top 19.
  8. Hogalnder was the highest mover up the all-time Canuck scoring list tonight with his 2 assists. Leaps into 219th all-time. 218. Raffi Torres LW 80 14 15 29 219. Nils Hoglander RW 57 13 16 29 220. David Roberts LW 71 11 18 29 221. Greg Hawgood D 95 7 22 29
  9. The only place I've had it scanned is Original Joe's in Langley. One time I showed just my phone and 2 other times phone and ID. I guess it's just the 4 times I have been to places where they've been needed.
  10. Pretty much agree with all this. Until the Canucks can prove it (bubble hockey wasn't enough), they're not going to get much respect around the league.
  11. Corradogate 2.0. If Gadjovich does get claimed, I'd think it'll have about the same impact ultimately.
  12. Oh, as much as I dislike the Red Sox.....I never grow tired of waving bye to the Yankees in a season. Is it just me, or do they seem like the most entitled team in the league under Boone?
  13. Oh God, the thought of the Jays turning Ray's career around a sharp 180 only to get paid a dump truck load of money to wear Yankee pinstripes makes me want to vomit, yell, and rage quit MLB fandom all at the same time. I really hope Rogers is willing to pay for Ray. I agree that Semien is as good as gone, but getting an impact bat at 2nd or 3rd isn't a monumental task. All that said, if the bullpen isn't taken seriously it'll be all for naught.
  14. Bullpen arms. If they can bring back Ray, I don't see huge holes in the starting rotation. But they need more than just Mayza, Cimber, Romano, and Stewart as reliable bullpen arms.
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