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  1. I think the death numbers being limited has a lot to do with the elderly in care homes being largely vaccinated. Those were most of the deaths. But yeah, the rise in the hospitals is worrying.
  2. Jordie Benn's tenure as a Canuck leaves him in 281st in all-time Canuck scoring. 274. Bryan Helmer D 62 7 9 16 ... 279. Mario Marois D 50 4 12 16 280. Keith Ballard D 148 3 13 16 281. Jordie Benn D 65 2 14 16 ...
  3. Gaudette exits the organization 150th in all-time team scoring. 148. Brent Peterson C 146 15 38 53 149. Kyle Wellwood C 149 32 20 52 150. Adam Gaudette C 153 21 31 52
  4. Roark is getting moved to the bullpen https://www.sportsnet.ca/mlb/article/blue-jays-moving-roark-bullpen-ray-start-monday-vs-yankees/
  5. Tellez has started the year 0 for 21. I'm thinking the only thing that's saving him from not getting regular at bats is the fact that he's a lefty. That'll last only so long though as the only redeeming quality he's got right now is being tall at first base and that ain't enough. Oof, as I'm typing this that was a nasty beanball by the Yankees. Apparently that's the third time they hit the Rays this series. You know if they get beaned back they'll cry like babies.
  6. I wonder what the record for runs scored without hitting a home run is. Edit: It was 27 by Cleveland in 1923
  7. Him, Merryweather, and Matz are the 3 that seem to have turned a corner and have a shot at maintaining it (I hope)
  8. I don't see Aquilini spending extra money he doesn't have to this year.
  9. Honestly, I don't think Covid has changed their trade deadline approach. I'm sure Benning would've liked to have made the team better but we're pretty capped out. Pearson was resigned. They were never going to trade Motte, Hamonic and Edler were doubtful to waive, and there's a large group of players that have negative trade value. So Covid issues may have prevented a Benn flip. That's about it.
  10. Ugh, really snowbirds. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canadian-snowbirds-hotel-quarantine-land-border-travel-1.5980913 The gist, instead of flying in a facing the hotel quarantine, snowbirds are landing close to the border in the US and taking taxis over. From the article:
  11. I'm going to pretend that the rioter is trying to make a point that those with minor drug offences shouldn't be in jail.
  12. You may see schools close in communities where infections are worst (say Surrey), otherwise, I agree, highly doubt we see province wide closures unless hospital numbers get way worse.
  13. I'd be surprised if there's a lockdown. I forget when exactly, but it was before Christmas and we were advised to get into the habit of taking our computers home just in case we had to do the whole online school thing again. Haven't heard peep about that as we head into a 3rd wave.
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