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[Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread


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Something I've been trying to get straight about all these extra tournaments and such:

The way I understand it, qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions League through MLS is available only for US teams, while the Canadian teams qualify through a seperate Canadian Championship tournament, and only the winner gets in. There's also a few more teams that can qualify for Superliga, but they can't play in both the Champions and Superliga in the same year.

So, hypothetical situation from the far-flung future:

Whitecaps win the MLS Cup against the Montreal Impact. TFC is the worst team in MLS, except earlier in the season, TFC got some good luck and good play and manage to win the Nutrilite.

So, in this situation:

1) Neither Whitecaps nor Montreal qualify for the Champions League even though they were the playoff winner and runner up.

2) TFC is in the Champions League with a far inferior team

3) Both Whitecaps and Montreal qualify for Superliga.

4) Two or more Canadian teams can't qualify for the Champions League but they can qualify for Superliga.

Under the current system in that situation, would all this be correct?

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Do we have a WhitecapsHD guy or something? I donno... a soccer version of CanucksHD. It'd be pretty cool. (And plus the Whitecaps only play once a week- it'd be a little easier for the person)

I'm sure everything will be on Youtube and eventually someone like CanucksHD will emerge (maybe even him)?

In other news, hassli and Chiumiento were named to the Team of the Week. Definitely well deserved. Chiumiento only played one half too.


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I wonder if they have plans to make apps for the Whitecaps (sorta like the Canucks app).

That would be so cool.

I wish they had a jersey with a large Whitecap logo on the front instead of BELL.

Then I'd buy it.

That would be nice, but it wouldn't be "official". I want to get a jersey too, just not sure if I want a white one to take part in the white out or not. I much prefer the look of the blue one.

I find it odd that the scarves have the addidas logo on them and Bell is no where to be found. I'd figure Bell would want their logo on everything Whitecaps.

I use these 2 apps to keep up on the 'caps.



There's also this one that I haven't downloaded yet, apparently it doesn't cover MLS (yet)


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Anyone here go to the last game? I'm going next week and was wondering what the beer prices are. Is it closer to BC Place prices or GM Place? :P

Given those options, I'd have to say BC Place ;) It's likely the same prices that they charged for the Lions last season which I believe was $8.

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I just went to champs today and the whitecaps jersey without a name is $110 bucks :huh:

I thought they'd be cheaper too, but it looks like they're the same price around the whole league. The non-authentic version is apparently $70.

I'm going to the next home game, and I can't decide what I should buy... a scarf and a shirt or just the jersey. DECISIONS!

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I wonder if there will be any Martin Nash jerseys for sale. I'd still like to get his, seeing as he's been with the organization so long.

But yes I wish Bell's name wasn't on the front either. I took a look at a few in Lougheed and it made me feel like a billboard. However I'm sure they wouldn't be willing to sponsor our team if their logo wasn't plastered in plain view <_<

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