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Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection


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If you were to be reborn who would you want to be born as?

I don't know, someone who's going to make it big in the NHL? I can't see the future so I don't know what future child will do what. :emot-parrot:

Edit: actually, I'd like to be reborn as kate upton's future child.

Why did you spell your name wrong in the title?

I Didn't, it's a direct quote.

Should avelanch create a thread, "Ask Avelanche Anything?"

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how long were you staring at Barney Stinson's Sig/Avatar?

i wasted a good 5 minutes

in total? or in just a single session?

I spent quite a while trying to get his sig small enough to upload to tinypic, though i see he's not using that one anymore :P

so suffice to say, it's been at least 30 min.

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Do you think Im pointless on these forums?

I didn't see you score any goals or assist on any goals on these forums, so if the scoresheet say's your without points, then you would be pointless. but Keep swingin'. Maybe you'll give them a cold.


Do you think I'm useful on these forums?

everyone's useful in their own way. I feel better about myself every-time I see you post :emot-parrot:

if you could trade lives for 24 hours with one nhl player that is not a canuck player,who would it be?

Sydney Crosby. in the 24 hours I'd open a special fund, deposit a couple million dollars into it, and send the information on how to access it to my wife :D

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