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  1. as of late, yes. he's only been getting better as the year's gone on.
  2. Stefan Virtanen ‏@virtanen27 48m48 minutes ago Good luck to the little brother @Jake_Virtanen as he makes his AHL debut tonight #comets
  3. anyone with a stream, make sure you grab copious amounts of screenshots of his facial expressions and body language and draw conclusions on how he feels based on them. because that's how you evaluate a prospect's talent...
  4. that's a hell of a game to make your debut, chance to move on to the finals on the line, at home, in front of one of the best crowds in hockey.
  5. man, he must have been pissed...
  6. i'd love to know the story. i love stories.
  7. yeah, that post screams of someone who's attempt at friendship with Jake was rejected and he got a serious case of butthurt over it.
  8. well virt shot it through the net on his first shot at practice today... a-la-weber... soo...
  9. Tyson Giuriato ‏@TysonGiuriato 7m7 minutes ago Just spoke with Travis Green, who says Jake Virtanen's first shot in practice today went through the net. Tyson Giuriato ‏@TysonGiuriato 6m6 minutes ago Green says "there is a lot to be excited about" with both Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann. Wants to get a better look at both. Tyson Giuriato ‏@TysonGiuriato 6m6 minutes ago Green on Virtanen: "Big, powerful kid. Great release and a strong skater. Looks like your prototypical power forward." Tyson Giuriato ‏@TysonGiuriato 2m2 minutes ago Green doesn’t rule out possibility McCann/Virtanen
  10. the game was out of hand, tempers were escalating on both side, and everything was coming to a boiling point. This was fairly mild, to be honest.
  11. absolutely not, but I don't control the league.
  12. some of stevens' hits were absolutely vicious and head hunting, and people didn't bat an eye because we didn't fully understand the full ramifications of those actions as well as we do now. he ended a couple careers with those hits, and he'd be suspended for nearly the entire season had he been playing in today's league the way he did back then. this hit by jake, however, wasn't a headhunting hit, and he made contact with the head accidentally, as he's still a kid and learning. hell seasoned vets sometimes make the same mistake as he did (timing just a little off makes a clean play no
  13. the last thing i want is virt dropping the gloves and risking injury.
  14. Sent down http://www.uticacomets.com/baertschi-returned-to-the-comets/
  15. where do you live and what cable provider do you have? I don't see the eeri game at all.
  16. here in abby, it's at 5:30 pacific, on SHAW (channel 4)
  17. Hitmen vs Wheat kings game one is tonight at 5:30 on SHAW.
  18. 4 straight? is it a best of 9 series or something?
  19. kenins was great all game until the final shift of the game when they got caught in their end for 50 seconds and he was completely gassed and failed to make a play at the point to get it out and change. basing his entire game on a single shift is ludacris. the horvat line was basically in the other teams zone all game long up until that point. OrrFour is so out to lunch on this, he's out to dinner
  20. but can you see it on his face or in his body language? seriously though, i agree. The coach should probably know what lines work by now, he had an entire freaking season plus a first round of playoff to figure this crap out already.
  21. i'd rather cheezer play on the second and kenins stick with Horvat.
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