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  1. Looking to revamp Saad, Hornqvist, Dumoulin, Reimer, Palat, Pageau (and others) available
  2. @canuck2xtreme when you have a moment, can we assign Conor Zary and Gerald Mayhew to the minors. Recall Nils Lundqvist to 7D, as a new D will slide in the #4 spot
  3. Will specific players be assigned to certain agents? Or do we send to one agent and then once offers are in, we will get referred to a specific agent for said player? Just want to make sure I know the process
  4. Looking to add a D or two before the UFA
  5. Only mad cause you took one of my targets before I got him
  6. Arizona selects D Adam Wilsby
  7. If your list is run out, looking to move a 2022 4th for a pick this round
  8. Arizona selects D Antonni Honka
  9. Guaranteed (another) cup for Detroit now
  10. That’s Ryan Murphy. And I dislike your selection.
  11. Yeah, would be helpful to know haha
  12. Assign Connor Zary and Gerald Mayhew (When you can @canuck2xtreme)
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